The art of mixing is upon you!

Mr. Dan Swanö of famed Unisound has been working his ass off creating a fucken phenomenal production and I am working the tiny details to make it perfect according to my vision.

You’ll still have to wait a bit until you get to hear the masterpiece that is “Purgatory”, coz rushing this last crucial part would make zero sense, you know. I couldn’t be happier with how this is unfolding.

Also, all shirts and hoodies have been sent out as announced earlier. Have any of you heroes received yours yet? Lemme know.

Have a great weekend, Haters. I need to get back to work here.


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Mr. Swanö of Unisound just sent over the first track and I wish I could tell you how floored I am right now when it comes to the production. God fucken damn! Obviously Mr. Swanö knows me quite well by now coz this is the fist time, I believe, I had exactly zero things I want to change. He fucken nailed it!

And that bass sound… That muthafucken bass sound. It will put hair on your balls.

Again, I’m floored. Fucken fantastic.

The last part is now happening and in a while “Purgatory” will be yours.

You can now now take a bow to Your King.

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Shirts and hoodies now printed!

So the hoodies and shirts are now printed and about to be sent to Your King! Here’s a few pictures for ya to feast on. It’s doubtful that the Swedish postal service will be able to deliver everything before the weekend, so packing and shipping will commence next week. I’ll let you know when everything goes down.

Thanx as always to the excellent Orsa Tröjtryck for the work with getting these made, and huge thanx to you guys who pre-ordered them so I could make them happen.

Last off… we’re only a few days away from starting the mixing process of “Purgatory”, which feels amazing. I’m so looking forward to once again work closely together with the mighty Dan Swanö of Unisound fame.

More news as we go along.

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Yep, that’s it. Pre-orders are now stopped and the hoodies and shirts will be sent out in a couple of weeks as soon as I get them from the printing company. I will keep you updated on this as always, so keep an eye on our social media platforms.

I wanna thank you people who wanted to be a part of this and who ordered a shirt or a hoodie (or both for that matter). Just enough orders came in to make the hoodies a reality (unsurprisingly since they are quite expensive, which is exactly why I have refrained from printing these in the past), but it will probably be the last time I do it becoz of the cost in both printing and shipping.

Either way, thanks!

Now we wait for these to arrive and we also wait for the process of completing album 13 come March. It will all be majestic.


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The mixing of “Purgatory” begins in March!

Heads up! Due to busy schedules, vacations and whatnot the mixing and completion of “Purgatory” will take place in March and not February as initially planned. Mr. Swanö is already sorting the sound for it but the real work starts in a few weeks, just so you know. I also wanna take this opportunity and raise my beer to the bunch of people who have pre-ordered the limited edition merch celebrating our coming 13th album. Very much appreciated.

And last off, if you wanna get the new album as soon as it’s completed, throw a mere 150 SEK through PayPal to and multiple digital versions will come to your inbox as it’s ready.

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