Yeah, you saw the picture and for a second there you thought it was an obituary, now didn’t you?

2019, Haters… TPH has been around for 20 goddamn years! We obviously started “for real” in 1999 even though the only TPH demo ever made was recorded in November 1998, but TPH as a concept started in 1999 and during these 20 years we have released 12 albums of the best music ever to hit humanity in its nutsack.

Goddamn that feels fucken good and I’m so proud of this.

I brought this beast to life when I was 26 years old. Basically a toddler when you think about it. I had this idea of creating something that didn’t really exist, with the means I had at hand at the time (which weren’t many). A guitar, a drum machine, a sequencer and a keyboard. Old school as fuuuuuck! On top of that I had an urge within me so strong it could move mountains (actually, that shit is impossible but you get the point), an urge to create something absolutely spectacular and unique.

That urge is now known as The Project Hate MCMXCIX.

A lot of things have changed since then but that urge never once started to fade, not even in the slightest. If anything, it has only grown more intense inside me with each and every album over the years. This is what I am in music form. It’s something I have to do and something I feel destined to do. It’s my calling.

As if you didn’t know that by now.

To be honest, TPH is a message obviously not heard by many… but it is appreciated to an amazing extent by those who have embraced it, it seems. Or else it wouldn’t be here after 20 years considering how it’s being conceived today as I decided to walk away from the record label industry some 8 years ago and started to do this all by myself. Either way, thanx to Massacre Records, Threeman Recordings, StormVox and Season Of Mist for releasing some of our previous albums many moons ago. Sure, you all failed in getting TPH the recognition it deserves, but I guess you somewhat tried… so thanx!

And you know what? TPH couldn’t have been done this way over the years without all the fantastic people that I have been working with for 2 decades and counting; everyone who’s played a part in getting us to this point in one way or the other:

Mia Ståhl – vocals (1999–2002), Jo Enckell – vocals (2002–2010), Ruby Roque – vocals (2010–2013), Petter S. Freed – guitar (2002–2008), Anders Bertilsson – guitar (2009–2011), Michael Håkansson – bass (2005–2010), Daniel Moilanen – drums (2006–2007), Thomas Ohlsson – drums (2009–2010) and Tobben Gustafsson – drums (2010–2013).

Not to forget the billion of guests who have participated on the recordings… I truly can never thank you enough either, but I raise my glass to ya! All of you have helped me in reaching 2 decades of TPH music. Be proud of yourselves, coz you should be. It’s not a birth right to be a part of something truly unique, but you will always be just that. Keep that in mind.

Not to forget, for the last 8 years it definitely wouldn’t have been possible to do TPH without the monetary support from you Haters when it comes to The TPH Donation Experiments, the very foundation that has funded the recordings of the finest albums in our “career”. I can never thank you guys enough, but thank you so fucken much!

And as far as myself being able to upgrade the home studio equipment, buy better software etc and by that be able to push myself further and further playing- and composing wise… It’s becoz of you people who buy limited edition merchandise; be it shirts, beanies or digipaks. It would have been absolutely impossible as well if it weren’t for you heroes. Well, that and the fact I do fucken work a regular day job. Either way, I wouldn’t be where I am today musically if you fucken bastards wouldn’t have joined in for this ride of devilry at some point in time, that’s for fucken sure.

It is humbling. Then again, I’m an extremely humble guy, you know. Even though I am King of all kinds of shit.

Anyways… to be able to realize my musical insanity with the people I do it with today; Jörgen Sandström (since day one!), Ellinor Asp, Lasse Johansson, Dirk Verbeuren and mixtering guru Dan Swanö (also since day one in some shape, way or form) is downright unfathomable to me. I truly feel (un)blessed. You people are absolutely amazing. It takes one to know one, you know. You have my deepest respect and gratitude.

So as far as obituaries go… well, fuck that noise! There’s plenty of things to reveal at this very special point in time, so continue to bare with me for a while here…

You ready?

To celebrate this 20 year anniversary of TPH there will be some new limited edition merchandise coming soon, created by the masterful Seiya Ogino of And as always I will do pre-orders coz that’s how I have to run this small entity known as TPH. Keep an eye on this page for the announcement when this stuff will be available, ok?

So… with all that praise, modesty and shit out of the way I can also announce that our latest masterpiece, “Death Ritual Covenant”, is now (or very soon) available at all streaming platforms thanx to CD Baby. Go find it! You can also buy “Death Ritual Covenant” (and a few other albums of ours) over at CD Baby if you feel like it.

But if you wanna support my work directly with no middle hands, and get instrumental versions and whatnot in the process by doing so, you can purchase the digital downloads of “Death Ritual Covenant” right here:

And you know what? I never thought we’d see a digipak version of said recording, but you guys made it possible and the 300 printed copies are now sold out (or very close to be) so you need not ask about it. You should have bought it when you had the chance, goddamnit! Cheers to all of you awesome people who made this happen, it truly means a lot to me.

Last off I have to say that I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 2 decades of Hate than to spend 2019 (at least, it all comes down to the other people’s schedules and when I can pay them of course) recording the 13th album in our discography, what do you think?

When I said I’m pretty much getting the fuck off Facebook and Instagram to rather invest all of my time into creating music… it’s exactly what I meant. And that’s why there is already a 13th album’s worth of material being worked on daily, eagerly anticipating its eventual birth later on just some 6 months after our latest beast “Death Ritual Covenant” was released.

By now you all know what this means…

The 5th TPH Donation Experiment is here, just waiting to be a success so this 13th album can happen. You think you will make it work a 5th time? Judging from past experiments I’m hopeful, but I surely don’t take anything for granted. Ever. If it should fail, all the money donated will go straight into my local cat shelter in Örebro, Sweden, as always. So either way, it’s well invested money.

Wanna help me in making our 13th album?

A donation of 150 SEK to through PayPal will get you the following shit when/if the the 5th TPH Experiment is a success and the album is a reality:

2. CD MIX (MP3)

Knowing that these experiments usually takes some 4-6 months to make a success, it feels like a smart move to fire it up right now so I can pay everyone involved to do their magic on the material as soon as they have the time to do so. But keep in mind that I plan to spend at least the remainder of 2019 with this album, meaning it will see the light of day in 2020. I’ll keep you informed on the process as always, and I’ll also make sure you’re informed when we reach every $1000 level on our way towards the goal of $10000 needed to make this coming album a real thing.

Do I need to mention that the 6 songs I have written for our 13th album is fucken spectacular? Nah, I didn’t think so. But to make sure you know what’s up; the material is fucken spectacular!

Thanx for the amazing support, people. You are all TPH.

So, shall we make this happen?

Spread the word!

Update: If you wanna see if and what levels we reach monetary wise you should keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages at all times.

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Remaining digipaks and some news…

Update: All digipaks are sold out! Now back to the original post.

Very few digipaks for “Death Ritual Covenant” left now! Yep, when these are sold out, this limited edition that you guys made possible is fucken gone. Our Facebook page has the exact amount of copies left so go there if you have a thing for stuff like that. Either way, click this link if you wanna get a copy.

You wanna order this new one and our 2017 album “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” as a package deal? PayPal 300 SEK to and say “package deal” on the receipt.

Or fuck all that noise and move over to the following rant:

As you know by now, I have pretty much zero interest in basic social media interactions (use if you have any questions about TPH) and will obviously just continue to use it for necessary information that I believe some of you might find interesting. Like things I have told you before that might need repeating:

I am creating the Devil‘s music each and every goddamn day. I am challenging myself to the maximum of my playing capabilities. I want to go further. I want everything to be more vicious. Darker. I want everything to be more beautiful. Lighter. I want absolute devilry. I want absolute divinity. I want perfection. Again. And again. And again.

And that’s what I am working for. All. The. Time.

Hopefully you will all get to hear it one of these days. Coz ultimately, it is all in your hands. As you also know; you people make TPH happen now after I decided to give fuck-all about the record label industry a bunch of years ago. I am forever grateful for the insane support you guys show me with the TPH Donation Experiments being successful time and time again.

A potential THIRTEENTH album… who would love to see that muthafucken beast come down and destroy the universe?

I certainly would, but I guess we’ll see when/if the time comes, huh?

Be well, Haters. We’ll talk eventually.

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There we go! You see those paper bags in the background? It took some goddamn 4 hours to pack everything but now it’s done; the “Death Ritual Covenant” digipaks have been shipped (that happened Thursday, January 31st) to all of you who bought one.

With blood, sweat and tears (and huge assistance from my wife) these beauties will now inherit the apartments and houses of Haters from all over the goddamn world. As you know, I can never thank you people enough for supporting my work by purchasing this limited edition (300 made) gem.

On a side note; I truly hope I managed to sign the digipaks that quite a few of you asked for, but if I fucked that up for some of you; sorry! I think I nailed it though, but I wouldn’t bet my car on it. Anyways, as you also can see in the picture there are digipaks left. Quite a bunch even. If you wanna help me get rid of the remaining 50-60 copies you can do so by throwing 210 SEK over PayPal to That includes postage and everything to any place in the world. Oh, guys and girls; please let me know when your package arrives so I know everything is ok. Just shoot me a mail at to do so.

Also, I raise my glass to the amazing people at Brotherson Media for the always impressive work with manufacturing these digipaks and for their insane professionalism. Can’t recommend these guys enough. Thank you, Andreas and staff! And while we’re at the subject of thanking people; here’s a huge “You da man!” to Mr. Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design for the new look of the very site you’re at right now. Without as much as a word about it it was just updated to my absolute delight. Cheers, buddy!

Last off, I’m definitely not going to be active on any social media platforms as explained in an earlier post a few months ago. I’ll just use it for important updates when needed coz I rather spend my time on creating music and enjoying everyday life in the real world.

Again, thank you all for the support and we’ll talk again eventually.

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And they have arrived!

The digipaks look absolutely amazing and now all the work starts with packing them so I can ship them asap this week. It sure takes its sweet time to fill out the goddamn custom notes and everything else that goes into getting these packages ready, but in the end it’s all worth it so you heroes can have your physical copy and enjoy “Death Ritual Covenant” as it should be enjoyed; on your couch with a beverage of your choice and the booklet in hand while it’s blasting full volume!

When me and the missus have got everything ready to be shipped you’ll be notified so you get an idea when it should arrive. In Sweden it takes a day or 2 for it to arrive. Europe should take something like 3-7 days while the rest of the world is anything between a week and a month (or 2) depending on your postal service.

I’d appreciate it if you let me know through when your shit arrives so I know it got there safe and sound.

There are still a bunch of digipaks (I’ll let you know when I am running out of copies.) left in case you wanna be the proud owner of this 300 copies limited edition thing. If so;

PayPal 210 SEK (that includes PP’s fee and postage/packing) to and make sure to include your address in the PayPal note, ok? I always confirm your order so contact me immediately if you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, coz then something fucked up along the way, ok?

Thanx to all of you who bought a copy so far. I appreciate it so much.

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Change of plans!

From our official Facebook page as of earlier today:

“- Not that I’m anywhere close to 200 sold copies (I’m always keeping a safety stock, apart from the copies for everyone involved in recording the album, just in case the postal service steals/loses packages as they always do; meaning there aren’t “really” 200 copies for sale anyways even though that’s the manufactured amount) but I have decided to take a chance and print 300 digipaks instead of the initially planned 200, meaning there are plenty of copies left now.

One reason for the change in quantity is that the great Close-Up Magazine is featuring TPH in their coming issue and will plug the digipak there, I was just informed of. Can’t thank them guys enough, really.

So, the post this morning about running out of digipaks has been removed since it’s not valid anymore. I will let you know if I am ever about to run out of them though, be sure of that. But for now there are copies available, obviously.

You wanna purchase a copy? This is how to do so:

Pay through PAYPAL: 210 SEK (including PayPal fee, postage and packing) to:

Please make sure your name and address is included in your payment. And if you haven’t received a confirmation from me within 24 hours of purchase – email me immediately so we can fix it! I always confirm your order. If you wanna pay in some other way (like over Swish here in Sweden), just email me and we’ll sort it out as well, ok?

And with all this said I can tell you that I am sending everything to the manufacturing company in a day or so coz there’s no need to wait until Monday now with the change of quantity.

Again, thanx to all of you (130 people or so) who have pre-ordered. I appreciate it so fucken much.

Please spread the word on these digipaks so I might not have to see a 150 goddamn copies gather dust in my house for the remainder of 2019 and onwards. Then again, it’s a chance I’m taking. Fuck it.

Cheers, you heroes!”

So, there you go, Haters. Keep an eye on Facebook for updates on the digipak process, ok?

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