Leaving the world in ashes…

And another step in the cause of completing the coming album is now taken. Mr. Marko Saarelainen has pretty much wrapped up his work for the booklet and everything else image wise for this coming beast in audio form, the very thing that will define everything that TPH is about. In his own words:

“- If someone would want me to describe the current artwork and compare the material I’ve done here to something I’ve done before… well, I’d say this is definitely a mix of the artworks of “In Hora Mortis Nostrae” and “Armageddon March Eternal”. Naturally spiced up with today’s flavour of course. Well, I’ve found my style some time ago and it’s not like it has changed dramatically during these last years anyways.”

On a related note: Mr. Verbeuren’s assured me that his final song will be delivered before September’s over, and I can’t explain how much I look forward to hear what he’s cooking up for the grand finale.

Besides that, J’s still got 4 tracks to do and then we can move on to the mix. Can’t wait for his grunts to complete the tunes.

The plans are still intact to have this album released before the end of 2014. Can’t wait to have you guys devour it and see the beauty and brutality of it all. It sure is something else…

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Always marching forward…

TPHQuick update to let you know the status of the new album’s journey to be completed. Now with Erik Rundqvist‘s guest vocals recorded and delivered to me, all guest spots have been filled. I wanna thank all of the included guys so much for their amazing work and for bringing this beast to yet another dimension.

Elli‘s nailed all of her stuff as of a few months back, delivering something beyond and above anything we have ever had for the female parts in the past. It’s on a completely different level, to put it mildly.

J has put down 2 songs out of 6, meaning there’s 4 more for him to do. Once again he proves that he is absolutely untouchable when it comes to growls and whatnot. Just incredible how he always steps up and dominates with each and every record we do.

Dirk is 3 songs down out of 6 (update September 13th – 5 down now), and the stuff this guy puts down is just insane. I have seriously never encountered a better all-around drummer in my life. He does absolutely everything I never thought was possible when it comes to bashing them skins.

My work with all the guitars, bass, loops, orchestras, effects and whatnot is a 100% done. There is absolutely nothing more for me to do in these areas. They have been perfected over a long period of time. Now I’m just waiting for the remaining vocals and drums and then it’s time for me and Swanö to complete this masterpiece with the mix and mastering. That part will be absolutely glorious.

Now you know what’s up. Don’t forget to always check our Facebook since we do updates there all the time.

Thanx for your invaluable support.

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Thank you so much to everyone who bought this magnificent shirt, designed by Christian at As mentioned, everything is delivered to the printers and I should be able to ship them to you within a month or so. I will keep you updated on everything, as always.

A few people have reserved shirts without paying for them, which means some of them might back out (has happened before). If this is the case I will list the available shirts left after I’ve sent everything out. But for now – this one is sold out.

You guys are amazing.

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Without this album your life will be empty.

666How’s that for a title, huh? Let’s get to it: I get e-mails on a weekly basis asking me if the coming masterpiece can be purchased even if the person in question didn’t help out with funding the whole thing when The TPH Donation Experiment 2 was running. The answer is: Yes, of course you can. I’ll try to give you some information here to avoid confusion with this issue, and yes – some of you have heard this before, but it needs repeating.

The only ones who will get this from me are You, the ones who donated/bought it/buys it from me. It will NOT be sent out to any media outlets whatsoever. It is not important to me anymore. I do not create music for the media, I do not care about reviews and I do not care about exposure that automatically comes with sending your material out to Internet websites and magazines. It is of no importance to me in any way, shape or form. I create this becoz I have to. You guys, through your donations, make it possible to present it in the best way possible.

So, if you want to experience this 75+ minute mammoth when it’s done – you do the right thing and purchase the digital download. Yes, digital only for the time being. And this digital download comes in two versions: one as it’s supposed to be and one that is instrumental, as a bonus. You’ll get it in high quality mp3’s and WAVs. You’ll also get a complete digital booklet as well as a separate file intended for burning the material to a CD if you wanna make your own disc. Perhaps I’ll be able to fire up a very limited edition of digipaks later on, just like we did for our last album since quite a few people asked for it, but I’m not really thinking about that right now. If there’s any interest for it as time passes by, I see no reason not to do it. But it’s a much later question. Now it’s all about completing the best goddamned music I have ever been able to compose, and hear, with the best people around helping me out.

By getting this album directly from me you’re not only supporting something that’s taken 2 years to complete by the time it’s done, you’re also showing that art deserves to be bought. Paying 25 dollars is a small sum for something this massive. Both versions combined, you have over 2 hours of music in front of you. And a lifetime of discovering everything that comes with this beast. You’ll have your work cut out for you, I guarantee it.

Here is what you need to do if you wanna support The Hate:

1. Pay the fixed sum of 150 SEK, 18 Euros or 25 US dollars through PayPal to

2. Bank transfer:

Account holder: K. Philipson
Account: 8164-6,4 234 547-0
IBAN: SE60 8000 0816 4600 4234 5470

Bank address:

Lekebergs Sparbank
Box 66
716 21 Fjugesta

3. E-mail us (just to be safe) at and let us know about your donation so we can put your e-mail address down as for where to send the download link when the album is completed.

Some quick info about this album: there are 6 songs, and they are titled as follows:


The album title is decided since way back, but I am holding on to it for a while longer. It will all be mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound facility in Germany, which obviously will result in a crushing production. Marko Saarelainen is, as always, responsible for the glorious packaging and album cover that will accompany the music. Apart from that, there are many people helping me out in the quest of completing this – my musical life’s work:

Jörgen Sandström (ex-Grave, Entombed etc): vocals
Ellinor Asp: vocals
Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork etc): drums
Erik Rundqvist (ex-Vomitory): guest vocals
Lawrence Mackrory (F.K.Ü. etc): guest vocals
Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided): guest vocals
Ross Dolan (Immolation): guest vocals
Lasse Johansson (Candlemass): guitar solos
Henrik Danhage (Death Destruction, ex-Evergrey): guitar solos
Mike Wead (King Diamong etc): guitar solo

And I can never stress this enough:  the ones who made all of this possible are the truly amazing individuals who have been donating towards the goal of reaching the needed budget for the album. All of you have my deepest “thank you”. We are not too far away from finishing this one up now. Hang in there. It’ll be worth it.

Last off: You should keep an eye on our Facebook (and our website, of course) where we announce things about this blasphemous piece of music on a regular basis.

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This is what’s happening right now…

666A semi-quick update for ya’ll so you know what’s up: I am just waiting for the remaining guys to finish up their stuff before we can move on to the mixing process this fall. Both J and Dirk’s got 4 songs each left to nail, and the plan is that it will be taken care of during August/September. Vacations and busy schedules is something we have to live with while being musicians, you know. I always said I wanted this album out in late 2014, and I am positive the plans will work out.

As far as completed stuff goes: All the guest parts are there now, all of E‘s vocals are done since a while back, my work is finished as well except for some tiny stuff that might change over the course of completing this beast. The great Marko Saarelainen has handed over the absolute astonishing cover, and once again I am completely floored! It is absolutely massive and my fave cover yet for TPH. The people I get to work with, it is mind-boggling…

Piece by piece everything will be revealed to you until it’s time to unleash this monumental creation. I will speak a lot more about everything that led up to this when the time comes, but for now – just know that this is something way beyond what we have ever created under the TPH banner in the past. It has all come full circle finally.

For now, I just wanna thank Ellinor Asp, Jörgen Sandström, Dirk Verbeuren, Lasse Johansson and Marko Saarelainen the most since they are the biggest part of this creation, music and art wise. And naturally – The Haters, who bring this to life thanx to you making sure we could reach the monetary target. It’s your best spent money ever. You’ll see. And all the other people involved… You are all a part of what’s to come. I thank you so much, and I will thank you many a time again.


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