Do you want to pre-order the digital versions of “ABOMINATIONS OF THE AGELESS”?

By now you know that the 7th TPH Donation Experiment is a success, right? I get asked every now and then if it’s possible to pre-order this coming album even though you missed out on the Experiment.

Of course you can.

150 SEK will give you all the digital formats on release day. Just throw your cash to through PayPal and I’ll write down your order.

Simple as that.

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So, let’s do the 15th TPH album, shall we?

Yesterday we were at $9200 of the $10000 budget. That was $800 short of target.

Today The Experiment has reached its goal.

I. Am. Fucking. Speechless.

This Wednesday, May 17th of 2023, I got a second PayPal donation from this particular hero. And it was for…


With a note stating nothing but “It’s time”.

Again… I. Am. Fucking. Speechless.

You know who you are, good sir, and you also know the extent of my gratitude.


That’s the amount of people who have taken part in the 7th TPH Donation Experiment. Exactly 190 of you have raised $10000. That is completely batshit insane! I’m having a hard time fathoming this, that so “few” of you believe so much in what I create with my beloved cohorts that you make it possible time and time again.

Coz fuck knows I have very much doubted, more than ever before, that this would work out a 7th time, for obvious reasons considering the state of the world and all the other shit that goes on right now.

I have told you this numerous times, but it must be repeated; I will never, ever take this for granted. It’s a downright privilege to be able to create TPH today as you know it by now, coz it just can’t be done without YOU people. And for this, you have my sincerest gratitude. It’s fucking mind boggling, this is.

But you did it. You 190 people did it! There will be a 15th goddamn TPH album in 2023! Unless the world goes down in Nuclear Armageddon before the year’s over.

As promised, it’s time for you to know the title of this coming 79+ minute behemoth (pretend you didn’t already see the picture in this post, ok?):


Yep, that’s the title of our 15th album. I wish I could show you the cover art but since I haven’t seen it just yet that will have to wait a little longer. I’m promised it will be completed in June so as soon as I have it I will reveal it.

A day or 2 ago I made a massive rant about everything; where we are at recording wise and so on. I suggest you read through that post coz all that info is still extremely relevant and it details the plans I have as far as mixing and whatnot goes. Just click this link.

Now when the monetary target is reached all I can do is to wait for everyone’s material to be sent to me so I can start arranging everything for the mix with Dan Swanö of Unisound. In the meantime I will be tweaking some details within the music like I always do before the BIG work goes down. I will keep you posted on everything that I consider being of value when we begin this last part of the process.

But for now and up until I start getting the final vocals from Ms. Asp, the drums from Dirk Verbeuren and the cover art from Seiya Ogino of, there’s not much to report. Let’s just all fucken raise our glasses to all of you who once again made The TPH Donation Experiment a success! You people push me to levels I never thought I was capable of reaching.

As I have said before; you are all TPH.


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Update Tuesday morning, May 16th, 2023: Since I wrote this post on our Facebook page we have actually just reached $9200 of the $10000 goal! Now keep reading.


It’s time for another massive and incredibly well-spoken rant, courtesy of Your King. The reason is simple; there’s a ton to report and we’re getting closer and closer, week by week, to the $10000 budget that we need to be able to finalize our 15th album.

So, sit back, crack open a cold one, read everything and then make sure to spread the word to your friends and/or enemies on Facebook or whatever platform you spend your precious time on. This last stretch quite possibly need all the help it can get, ok?

Here we go; a thorough heads-up on all kinds of stuff regarding the 15th album, the 7th TPH Donation Experiment and quite possibly some other awesome news.



As I have said before, this 7th version of the Experiment sure is on its way to be the longest running and hardest one to complete yet, but I’m not surprised considering the state of the world. With that in mind, though, the fact that we have come this far is humbling. Even if it’s very stressful to deal with, it looks like you’ll make it possible once again for me to financially summon my fave musicians and create yet another TPH milestone.

But, we’re not there just yet…

If you follow our Instagram page you know that we just reached $8700, which is absolutely fantastic! I thought I might as well update with every $100 level accomplished from now on to keep you all in the loop. But those “small” updates will just be posted on our Instagram. When we reach $9000 and $10000, you’ll know about it over at our Facebook thing, and quite possibly here at the official website, just like you’re accustomed to by now.

Here is the link to all the info you could ever need when it comes to The 7th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT if you feel like helping out.

Shove that one down the throat of your buddies and tell them they are lesser humans/prime synthesizers if they don’t support the cause. That should do it, goddamnit!



– You already know that Mr. Sandström finished up his vocals a while back, right? If you don’t know, now you know.

Ms. Asp has delivered incredible demos for all of the tunes and are now beginning the massive work of putting down The Real Thing. She has guaranteed she will have everything delivered to me before June is over.

– Drummer phenom Dirk Verbeuren will wrap up all of his magic and have it delivered to me before June is done as well. Still absolutely crazy that Dirk finds the time to do TPH again in the midst of his duties with Megadeth. I am forever thankful, Dirk!

– Lead guitarist extraordinaire Lasse Johansson (of Candlemass fame, duh!) has once again visited me inside The Dungeon, and while he did that he also managed to put down a buuuuunch (close to 20!) of insane solos. As always it’s mind blowing to record this gentleman over my music. He absolutely crushed it, as he always does. Thank you, Lasse! I’m beyond honored.

– Regarding artwork and so on… Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design has also promised to deliver this in June. Seiya has never disappointed me in the past with the work he’s done for TPH, so I really look forward to see what he puts together with the album title in mind (said title and artwork will of course be revealed as soon as possible after reaching the budget).

– My final work with details and whatnot within the songs is saved for the mix, but my work as a whole is done since way back. And I have never, ever, spent this much time with anything I have created as far as guitars, bass, orchestras and whatever else go. And believe you me; it shows.



I have spoken to Dan about starting to mix in July. I suspect this will be quite the process, coz it always is considering the amount of work a TPH mix demands.


All of this of course depends on if we reach the $10000 target in time or not… In the event of that not happening, everything will simply have to be pushed forward when it comes to the mix and mastering. This is out of my hands obviously, hence why any help with spreading the word about The Experiment is truly appreciated. But if everything goes well, I hope we can finalize this 15th album during July and August (Dan also needs his well deserved summer vacation, you know) and have it released to all of you who have helped us making this as soon as humanly possible when it’s completed.

But as said, it all depends on the budget being reached in time or not. We’ll see what happens and I’ll keep you informed as always.

Either way, I am so looking forward to start this journey with Dan once again whenever it’s time, coz this is the part where my musical vision truly is perfected. And it’s glorious to work with Mr. Swanö.



I have told you numerous times that I live for this shit; creating music in general and TPH in particular. So…


“- What the shit is ABSURDEITY?! Also, isn’t that spelled wrong!?”

Of course that spelling is very intentional. And it’s also genius. I thank myself.

So what is this about then?

Well, during the course of working with this new TPH album (which takes more time than any sane person would ever freely invest) I decided to do this new thing called… yes, ABSURDEITY.

It’s death metal.

Actually, it’s quite some fantastic death metal with some thrashier stuff thrown in here and there for good measure. Becoz Exodus and Slayer are awesome. But most of all, it’s death metal. My eternal love for bands like Bolt Thrower is not a secret, now is it?

ABSURDEITY is simply my outlet for creating 1-5 minute tracks that blast, kill and thrash all over the goddamn place. Initially I didn’t even think about releasing it in any shape, way or form. I just need it to get some music out of my system, you know, and have something fantastic to listen to whenever nothing else impresses me. Which happens all too often in today’s music climate.
At one point (I might have been amazingly drunk) I thought about doing vocals for it myself, which wouldn’t have been my best idea ever considering I can’t really do vocals properly. But it wouldn’t have mattered coz, as mentioned, I didn’t create it for it to be heard by anyone but myself (and poor Mrs. K, whether she approved or not).

I did these 11 tracks (some 30-35 furious minutes of playing time) with the plan of having it being considered an “album” for me personally. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then it dawned on me…

Since Mr. Sandström had wrapped up his vocals for TPH, maybe it would seem like a great idea to him to sing some more on… hmm, let’s see… 11 tracks?! Without any pay whatsoever. Yeah, that seemed reasonable.

So I asked him.

I said, “- We share 50/50 of the 5 dollars we’ll get through, like, Bandcamp, coz with you on there it will sound as I want it to sound, and then I can let other people hear it!”

He said yes.

And here we are.

A week or 2 ago he spent a few hours putting down vocals for 3 of the tracks. And this absolutely shreds, people! There’s 8 left to do before I’ll hand this thing out to you all through some digital service of sorts.

Note: ABSURDEITY is not a band. It has no members. Except for… eh… me, I guess.

Mr. Sandström does vocals for this one, for which I couldn’t be happier since he’s the best out there. But if he doesn’t feel like earning another $2.5 with the next album (of which I have already written half, by the way), somebody else will have to do the grunts. Maybe YOU? I’ll deal with that when/if the time comes. But if I get to decide, Mr. Sandström is my only choice. I always write with him in mind vocal wise anyway, haha…

I am mixing this myself. It will have programmed drums (thanx, Toontrack!) and it will not have Andy Sneap qualities to said mix. But it’ll sound fine and you will dig it, unless your fave band is Pet Shop Boys.

Considering TPH is such a mammoth of a “job” to me when it comes to creating everything, ABSURDEITY is a musical place where I can just… play and slay. It’s ferocious. It’s groovy. It sounds absolutely killer.

Trust me.

Told ya… I live for this.



At this point there’s nothing more to say. All relevant info up to this point is in this post. Now, all of you… keep your fingers crossed we reach the budget rather sooner than later and that everyone completes their stuff as promised without any hiccups along the way, so the plans I have made will work out.

Coz I can’t wait to let you hear this 15th album.

I am so satisfied with what it’s becoming even at this stage; an absolute behemoth.

Thanx for the invaluable support you show me, time and time again.

Be well, my friends.

/ Your King

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A call to… whatever the fuck.

All rise! Your King is speaking!

The reason for this update is simple; you all need to be informed where we are at with the recording of our 15th planned album, but more importantly; what the status of The 7th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT is. Coz, you know, I can’t finish this goddamn beast of a platter until I reach the $10000 budget so everyone helping me out can be paid in full for their services.

I know, I know… You hear this shit all the time. Lucky bastards.

But anyways, it’s clear that this round of the Experiment might just be the longest and hardest one yet. I’m not completely surprised considering the state of the world, but I am worried this might take way longer than I initially feared.

We just passed $7300 of the $10000 target.

This means we’re roughly $2700 short of being home free. So, if you ever planned to help us out but haven’t done so yet… Well, please do. The faster we get to $10000, the faster I can wrap everything up and start planning the mix and release.

The pace we’re at right now is pretty much one 200 SEK ($20) donation a week. If that keeps up we’ll reach the goal in ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE WEEKS!

Goddamnit. That would be the longest between 2 TPH albums ever to put it mildly. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that, but if that’s the way shit goes down… well. So be it. At this point I just have to bide my time, haha…

Let me tell you one thing though; the fact that we have reached $7300 is actually downright insane. Why? Becoz “only” 163 of you Haters have actually donated to make this happen (together with a couple of physical digipak sales of “Spewing” and some $100 from Bandcamp since the 7th Experiment was launched back in January). Completely batshit crazy. And, as always, I can NEVER thank you enough.

So, spread the word wherever you see fit, ok? All the info as for how to support The 7th Donation Experiment is found by clicking this link.

That’s what’s up. This DIY thing is overrated. Trust me.

Let’s move over to the recording process and some other things that comes with it:

I initially planned to start mixing by the end of April, which is right now, but since I noticed quite some time ago that the budget certainly wasn’t going to be reached by this time I now hope for us to be able to start mixing when May has passed, earliest. In the meantime, this is where we are at:

– All my work is done since some time back. Guitars, bass, electronics, orchestras, bla bla bla… Done. Finished. Perfected. Sounds glorious. And then some.

– All of Jörgen Sandström’s grunts are completed, as previously reported. He, of course, absolutely destroys any and all competition.

Ellinor Asp’s vocals have been demoed for all songs but 1 and she is putting down her “real” vocals during May. The demos alone sound insane as always, so I know the end result will be absolutely beyond spectacular.

Dirk Verbeuren had put down 4 songs (out of 6) a month or so ago when I last spoke to him, so I expect his stuff to arrive any day now if nothing in his insanely busy schedule delays his progress.

Lasse Johansson will record his solos for all tracks shortly.

– The album art and so on is under construction, once again made by the extremely talented Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design.

– All 6 song titles (total playing time close to 80 minutes) have been revealed on Facebook and Instagram. But here they are in case you hate social media:


And of course, whenever we reach $10000, album art and title will be yours to feast upon.

There you go. Now you know exactly where we are at in this quest of trying to complete the 15th album in our discography.

Once again, massive thanx to you 163 who have raised $7300! You are downright fucken amaze-balls! We’ll talk again when there’s something of value to report.

Be well. Be safe. Belial.

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Lots of things are happening!

You know that we fired up the 7th TPH Donation Experiment a few months back in a quest to raise funds once again for a new album. If you wanna help us out with a donation you’ll find all the information you need in this link right here as for how to do so. I strongly advice you to keep an eye on our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook respectively), simply becoz that’s where continuous updates on everything regarding the recording as well as the donation process happen. This, our official website, is primarily used for “bigger” updates, ok? So, bookmark the mentioned social media stuff to stay informed about the activities in the Hate Camp.

With that said, I strongly recommend you enter our Facebook page right away coz there’s a lot of info posted as of late that is of absolute relevance.

Until next time, be safe!

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