The digipaks are sold out!

sold out

There we go! Huge thanx to all of you who gave a shit and bought the digipak. Your support is mind boggling.  As always, quite a few people have claimed a copy but haven’t paid for it just yet, meaning after I have sent out everything the coming week I will list the eventual spares I have in my possession.

Thanx so much, Haters. You made this happen and therefore I salute you.

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Order the digipak right now, Haters!



First off, I wanna thank all of you goddamn loyal Haters for the invaluable feedback you have given me regarding the post about the digipaks I made yesterday. Obviously it looks like roughly a hundred or so supporters of TPH are willing to buy this limited edition version of the masterpiece known as “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” if I print it – meaning I will do exactly that in the coming month. This only happens becoz of you guys and your pre-ordering, coz fuck knows illegal downloading isn’t exactly making sure I get the funds for it on my own.

There, nice to rub that into the faces of the thieving cunts once again. Not that it matters or will change those fools way of thinking, but hey… It’s the thought that counts.

I never thought I was going to make these digipaks so close after the album’s release, I mean – “TCRA” took a year for it to happen, but it looks like you guys really want your physical copy of this one (even if you already have all the files needed to make your own physical version, as it came with the digital download) so obviously I might as well do it right now.

There will be 200 digipak copies of “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED”, and that’s that. Unless the demand for this beast sky rockets and needs to be printed in millions, which is very unlikely to happen, I guess. So, if you wanna be the proud owner of this 80 minute display of musical perfection in digipak format, put your order in right now. The sooner enough orders come in, the sooner I can make this shit happen.

Prices are (including postage and packaging to anywhere in the world):

200 SEK
24 U.S. Dollars
21 Euros

That’s a small price to pay for the best music ever created, no? Especially when it’s delivered in a digipak, no?


PayPal is the preferred method of payment, and you should send your hard earned cash to If you wanna use bank transfer, you contact me through the very same email address and we’ll sort it, ok?

Make sure to send me a note with your order (once again to Even if PayPal sends the orders to me I wanna double-check everything so nothing fucks up along the way) where you state your name and address and the quantity of digipaks you have ordered, ok?).

I ALWAYS reply to each and every mail I get as soon as I see it, so if you hear nothing from me in 24 hours or so – email me again, coz then something definitely fucked up. But let 24 hours pass first, I do work a full time job and I also sleep from time to time, so I can’t access my computer 24/7. But as mentioned, I reply as soon as I see your order.

I will keep you informed here at all times as soon as I have something to report about the manufacturing of the discs and whatnot, so stay tuned to this page at all times. 200 digpaks of the best fucken album ever recorded. Can you seriously lead your life without being the owner of one of those copies? Fuck no, you can’t. You shouldn’t.

Thanx so much for the support, Haters. You guys are fucken phenoms, all of you. I will keep you informed as for how many copies are left every now and then out of these 200. Click this link and head over to our Facebook page for continuous information on this matter.

Last off: a few of you heroes have been asking for me to destroy the beautiful cover with a signature… If this is something you really want me to do, make sure to let me know about it in your email and I’ll be happy to do that for ya if that’s what you want.


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Do what’s right.

Support artistry

As mentioned earlier, as soon as some asshole decided that it was about time to put our album on the ‘net for every other asshole to illegally download – the orders for “There is no Earth I will leave unscorched” came to a definite stop. One week after its release. One. Week.

Not only does this apply to OUR latest album, but I suspect it applies to ANY band’s album that’s being released in these times of Internet thievery and illegal downloading.

Support the bands whose work you’re stealing.
Support the eventual labels who release it.
Support music by purchasing what you’re listening to.

As long as the Internet’s around and the punishment for being a thief here are non-existent, nothing will change. But maybe, just maybe, if enough artists speak up it will make one or two of these disgusting little rats change their mind the next time they’re about to steal something. It’s better than nothing. We’ll just continue hoping for a swift death of the remaining ones.

Do what’s right. Pay for the art you’re consuming and show some goddamn respect.

Or, you know… the time when your fave bands and artists stop creating might come sooner than you think.

Is it worth it?

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It never fucken changes… You can’t teach stupid to do the right thing.

Piracy kills music2 years of pretty much daily work is invested in this album. Everyone worked their asses off to make it perfect, me more than anyone. 3 different versions digitally available at our site; a High Quality MP3 version, a HD FLAC version for the audiophiles and a High Quality MP3 instrumental version as a nice bonus. Complete with a PDF booklet for your printing pleasures and whatnot… All this for 150 SEK/17 Euros or 24 US dollars.

It was possible to fund this recording and make it as magnificent as it is thanx to the loyal Haters who donated to the cause of bringing it to life in these digital forms. No one else but these people who donated or later purchased it after it was completed got this piece of TPH history sent to them. No magazines, no Internet websites, no radio stations… no media whatsoever.

One would think that if you actually pay for something you would want other people to do the same instead of stabbing all these Haters and TPH in our backs by illegally uploading what you bought to the Internet, for everyone to steal as they see fit.

One would think anyways…

99% of you guys who made this beast come alive – “There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched” was meant for you and no one else. Keep that in mind at all times.

Then we have this 1% of absolute scum who think it’s within their rights to illegally upload this album to the Internet after they bought it. I hope you’re real fucken proud of yourselves for doing this. I hope you understand that you’re killing the bands you think you’re supporting. I sincerely hope you suffer becoz of it. Preferably today, but tomorrow is fine too. Go fuck yourself, traitor.

Something that truly is putting a smile on my face is that I get a few mails saying “I read that your new album has been leaked, but I will do what’s right and buy it from you. Money has been transferred”. It impresses me that there are people like that around, and I truly thank them for doing what’s right.

The little money I do make off of sales after the budget for the recording and paying everyone involved was met is money that I also put back into the music by buying new software and everything else that comes with creating what I am creating with TPH and anything else I compose for. To see torrent sites where there are hundreds of seeders/leechers for this new album is not exactly motivating. Those are all people who obviously want what we are doing, but there’s no way in fucken hell that they will pay for it coz, you know… “sharing is caring”.

Isn’t it absolutely amazing?

This is the ugly side of the Internet. The side that will slowly kill off band by band, which is extremely sad.

There will always be these idiots claiming “if you wanna make money you should go on tour!”. When the fuck did it become a bad thing for someone who records and releases music to actually expect people to BUY it if they want it? It’s not about making thousands and thousands of dollars, I’m not delusional – I DO know what we’re doing is hardly ever making me wealthy (and that’s not the point), it’s about RESPECTING THE ARTIST who’s put in more hours to his/her work than you’ll ever understand. And all you’d need to do to make it right is to pay 150 SEK/17 Euros or 24 US dollars and keep the album to yourself. That’s like 4 beers at your local bar… For 2 years of insane work.

I don’t even know why I, once again, type all this for… I did it with our last album after it leaked without it changing anything. This will not change anything either when it comes to these disrespectful cunts uploading one’s music illegally, but I just had to get it off my chest. Maybe it makes at least one of these imbeciles think twice when it comes to any other artist they are about to stab in the back. The damage for us is already done. If you’re one of these people who have illegally downloaded our latest offering, feel free to redeem yourself and order the whole thing thru

And this bears repeating: if you’re one of these awesome keyboard ninjas who feel like coming to our Facebook page to share your incredibly intelligent comments on how terrible the music of TPH is and how everyone’s effort, past or present, absolutely sucks, the price is too high, you have no money bla bla bla – not only are you full of shit, but rest assured you will be blocked and your comments will be deleted, without discussion. My patience ran out long ago when it comes to this particular generation of Internet users. If you have nothing of value to say, or can’t speak with common decency – then say nothing at all.


That’s all. I have nothing more to say on the matter except “thanx” to you guys who are doing the right thing.

It’s invaluable to me and to The Hate.

Be a man and BUY the music you want:


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We end 2014 in perfect style.

The horns2014 is coming to an end and we’re one year closer to our deaths. I’m proud to say that “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” ended 2014 in the most glorious way possible, restoring faith in music at the same time. How wonderful. Once again, thank you so much to everyone who made this masterpiece of an album come alive and to everyone involved in recording it. This would not have happened without you, and you know this by now. The result is in your hands.

Also, huge cheers to all of you who give a fuck and actually buys it from me now when it’s released as well, showing me that some people actually do care about paying for art instead of stealing it off the ‘net. 150 SEK is literally nothing for what we have accomplished. You know this too. What we have created on this masterpiece is unmatched on all accounts, no one’s been capable of creating something of this magnitude until now, and it’s a recording that will be with you forever to enjoy, treasure and find new details in. Look closely or you’ll be missing out. If you’re one of the unlucky people who haven’t experienced this behemoth just yet, go look to the right and order your copy by clicking the “HOW CAN I GET THE NEW ALBUM?” picture. Your life is empty without it. You should feel proud of yourselves for helping me make this monster a reality through your donations and amazing support, just like I am for creating it with my friends and heroes.

It. Is. Perfection.

I also wanna thank everyone who’s posted comments about the new album on our Facebook page, as well as all of you who have e-mailed me. And thanx to you who will post/mail in the future. You guys already know my stance on everything that this album is: which is absolute perfection in audio form. I might not reply to each and everyone who post here, but know it’s appreciated that you give a shit. If you for some reason want a personal reply from me, feel free to send an email at and I’ll answer your eventual questions if I can.

Last off a word to all the wonderful trolls out there: if you’re one of these awesome keyboard ninjas of the world who feel like coming to our Facebook to share your incredibly intelligent comments on how terrible the music of TPH is and how everyone’s effort, past or present is – absolutely sucks – not only are you full of shit, but rest assured you will be blocked and your comments will be deleted, without discussion. My patience ran out long ago when it comes to this particular generation of Internet users. If you have nothing of value to say, or can’t speak with common decency – then say nothing at all. Understand.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations, Haters. I raise the horns in your honor. And with “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED” in your filthy, godforsaken hands I hope you’ll have a great 2015.


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