“Death Ritual Covenant” recording update!

You who follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram already know about this, but here’s where we are at recording wise:

  • Mr. Sandström has nailed all of his vocal work.
  • Ms. Asp is currently putting her magic into the third tune (out of 6),
  • Mr. Johansson has fired up some incredible guitar leads for all the songs.
  • Mr. Verbeuren is currently recording his drums and is well under way with that.

And me, I am working on everything else for this album on a more or less daily basis to make sure it comes out spectacular when it’s time for it to be unleashed upon the world. Mr. Swanö is waiting in the wings to be able to sink his teeth into this beast and give it a killer production. There’s some ways to go before that happens though. The plan has always been to have “DRC” out in the first half of 2018, and so far that plan seems to hold up.

Also, huge thanx to all of you, Haters, who pre-ordered the new shirt and made it our best selling shirt ever. Very appreciated! No more pre-orders are being taken and these shirts should be sent out within the coming 3 weeks or so. Everything has been delivered to the printers at Hellloil already, so now all we do is wait for them to arrive so I can start packing them and ship them to you all.

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on all the minor updates I am handing out there as far as the new album goes, ok?

Until next time!

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Cover art for “Death Ritual Covenant” and new merch available for pre-ordering!

I know you have waited to see what will grace our 12th album art wise. The amazing Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design has fired up this incredible piece that you can see now. I can’t thank the guy enough for his insane professionalism and dedication towards the TPH vision. His creation perfectly displays everything I want said graphics wise with “DRC”. To put it mildly, if you’re in need of some help with websites, merchandise, album covers or whatnot – contact Seiya right away! Even though the cover is now designed by someone else than our longtime artist Marko Saarelainen, this doesn’t mean Marko’s not involved with this, not at all. Marko will take care of the rest of the packaging that comes with the album. It will be absolutely glorious, trust me on this.

And in celebration of revealing the cover, we also have shirts up for pre-ordering! This design is obviously a variation of the album cover and if I may say so – this is our best looking shirt yet! Once again Seiya’s done some killer work. Just check it out and then read on for all the pre-ordering information you might need.

The shirts then… there will be 4 different versions, as can be seen above (duh) and I’ll take pre-orders for these during the whole of February, meaning they will be printed and delivered during the first half of March if nothing fucks up in the process. I have told you this before, but the reason I do this pre-order thing is – I obviously don’t make much money off of TPH, which prevents me to print a huge batch of shirts in various sizes just to have them laying around unsold at the end of the day. By pre-ordering you make it possible for me to see how many shirts I can order from the manufacturing company without worrying about bankruptcy. Sure, this always makes for some delay in the deliveries between payment and actual shipping, but I simply can’t work it any other way. I’m sure you understand and are ok with this DIY crap I have to deal with. The downside of being a small-time band, I guess, haha…

Here are the technicalities for both the shirt and how to go about to order:
Shirt brand: Fruit Of The Loom (Super Premium). Make sure you are aware of what sizes are available with each color of the shirt. And these are the designs:
BLACK w/WHITE PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
WHITE w/BLACK PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
RED w/BLACK PRINT (available sizes S-3XL)
BLACK w/GREY PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
Price is 220 SEK/shirt and payment is made thru PayPal. I have raised the price from the usual 200 SEK since postage has gone up and people always forget/don’t give a fuck about PayPal’s fee when they pay. This way their fee is covered and you don’t have to think about it. If you’re in Sweden and want to pay in some other way, you e-mail me at
So, PayPal your money to: and make sure you write your name and address with the payment as well as making sure it says EXACTLY which version(s) of the shirt you want and what size, according to the descriptions above. Your note should look like this:
1 BLACK/WHITE (XL) AND 1 RED/BLACK (M). Send to *name and address*
Also, I ALWAYS confirm your order, so if you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – something is fucked. Contact me immediately if so, ok? A few more things about these shirts… the print might differ a little bit in size in real life compared to the pictures included here, but we always aim to print as large as possible. Also, the actual shirt colors might not look exactly as shown here, but you prolly already know this.
That should do it for now. Now excuse me, I have an album to complete!

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“Death Ritual Covenant” is coming! TPH Donation Experiment IV is a success!

You fucken guys made it happen again!

It feels like I have said this a million times during these Experiments, but I can’t really thank you fucken guys enough. The last money came in overnight, with another lunatic donating 500 bucks alone, making us breach the last level. But no matter how much you have donated, it has all helped us to reach the $10000 target to make ”Death Ritual Covenant” come to life. And as said, you’ll never know the extent of my gratitude for it.

For me to to be able to do TPH still to this day, 19 years has passed since its inception, means the world to me. It is my goddamn calling. And to be able to do it like this, and be able to hire the most phenomenal people around with your monetary support to fulfill my very egoistical vision, is a diabolical blessing.

It’s not like I can live off TPH and the enormous sums of money that it brings in on a regular basis. I, like most others, work a fucken day job and spend all the time I can with creating music outside of that. Which makes it even more fascinating to me how fast ”Death Ritual Covenant” came together material wise.

After the release of ”Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” I didn’t expect ”Death Ritual Covenant” to write itself like it did. And how I am working with this absolute beast of an album. It’s quite insane, really. When I’m not working I’m up at 4 in the morning accompanied by my headphones and a cup of coffee, dissecting every little detail within the music until I feel it’s perfect. Step by step there’s less and less to do for me, and eventually I come to that special feeling when I know I’ve done everything I can with the music and it’s now out of my hands. My work is completed.

When it comes to ”Death Ritual Covenant” I am almost there now after thousands and thousands of hours.

Now it’s time for Jörgen Sandström​ and Ellinor Asp​ to bring in their fantastic vocals. It’s also time for Mr. Dirk Verbeuren​ to put down his drums. The fact that I can still have Dirk play on my music is mind boggling. He’s now playing with one of the biggest metal bands in the world, Megadeth​, but STILL he takes the time to do TPH. I didn’t think that would happen, to be honest, after he joined the mighty Megadeth. As said… mind boggling. Candlemass‘​ lead virtuoso Lasse Johansson is expected to enter The Dungeon in February to put down his incredible solos. This is something that is also extremely weird when it happens, having my childhood guitar hero in my home studio, playing on MY music. Sure, he’s done that a couple of times now, and I have had the honor of helping Candlemass out on bass for a bunch of gigs, but it’s still surreal to have that gentleman here putting down his stuff.

I can’t promise anything since I can’t control people’s schedules, but the plan is to have everything completed during February/March. Nothing will be rushed though, as always. ”Death Ritual Covenant” will be finished when it’s finished. I can’t have it any other way. After that it’s time for Mr. Swanö to put it all together in Unisound AB​ and give it the proper mix and mastering. I won’t guess a release date, but I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated during the whole process so you know where we’re at.

A few more other things before I let you go this time…

We are currently putting together the album cover for ”Death Ritual Covenant” and it should be completed real soon for your viewing pleasure. The shirts I have mentioned will also be up for pre-orders real soon (as you have guessed from the blurry pictures this shirt has something to do with the actual cover, which is why I haven’t revealed the design yet). I wanna send a huge THANK YOU to Seiya Ogino​ of Ogino Design​ and the always amazing Marko Saarelainen​ for their collaboration on all of this. You guys are beasts!

When we did the 3rd Experiment I believe 211 people brought us to the monetary goal. This time it took 191 of you muthafuckers over a span of 86 days to get there!

I salute you all!

Oh, if you’re one of the people who couldn’t contribute to the 4th Experiment for various reasons but still wanna have the album when it’s completed – you can of course PayPal 150 SEK to for the digital versions. That will be MY payment for the time invested in ”Death Ritual Covenant”, so it’s for a noble cause, no?

With all of this said, keep an eye open for the coming shirts and also make sure to check out our Instagram page where I do smaller updates every now and then on the album progress and other things. I tend to keep the larger updates, such as this one, for this website and Facebook, just so you know. Last off, here’s how the donation process went:

Now it’s time for me to inform the other people involved with ”Death Ritual Covenant” that everything can begin.

Again, thank you so fucken much, you heroes!

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To you who don’t follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram!

Here’s an update for ya in case you have no idea how The TPH Donation Experiment 4 has been doing the last months. Sit down, relax and read on, ok?

It’s now been just over a month since we breached the $8000 level on our journey to the needed $10000 so we can record and reveal “Death Ritual Covenant” as it’s supposed to be revealed. Yeah, that’s the title of the planned beast in case you have missed out on that as well. $8000 reached is fantastic but things have definitely slowed down donation wise as of late, and I guess x-mas and shit is to blame for that. We’re on our way to $9000 but it’s still quite some ways to go before we’re there. After that, though, we’re just one thousand goddamn dollars short of reaching the monetary target so we can make our 12th album a reality!

I guess what is needed is the assistance from you guys to spread the word as much as you possibly can about The TPH Donation Experiment 4 so we can get this ball rolling on a serious level, coz fuck knows it will take a while to complete it once it’s begun for real, considering everyone involved’s schedules and so on. So please, tell your friends and enemies that this world will be even more utterly fucked if we don’t get to $10000, and we don’t want that, right?

A few other things while we’re at it… A bunch of you Haters have donated more than once for this round I’ve noticed… And some of you have donated insane amounts as well… I’ll never be able to thank you, and everyone else who have donated, as much as I should since you’re the ones still keeping The Hate alive in a way that wouldn’t be able without you. Cheers to that.

So far 176 people have chipped in to make us reach almost $8400 up to this point. I believe it was 211 people in total who made our last album reach its monetary target, so it’s pretty much in line with that this time around as well. The fact that so “few” people make something this big happen is absolutely mind blowing. Cheers to that as well.

We have two TPH auctions up and running. One ends Friday, January 5th and the other one ends Friday, January 12th. Head over to our Facebook to see what the fuss is about. Those auctions will help us further towards reaching the $10000 goal, which is great. Kudos to you crazy bastards for doing stuff like that. Selling your TPH shit in an attempt to make sure new TPH shit comes around, haha… Insanity.

Last off… I’m working on the details for this planned 12th (damn, really… 12th?! That is impressive even by my standards) TPH album on a more or less daily basis, making sure I put exactly everything into it while I’m waiting for everything else to fall into place, if it does. I say “if” coz I just can’t take anything for granted. I see some people and bands raising ridiculously amounts of cash for their causes these days, and we struggle with getting to 10 grand, so… nope, not taking anything for granted. What happens happens, simple as that.

Update January 15th, 2018. We just reached the goal! Here’s a pic of how the donations have been doing since I fired up the 4th Experiment, in case you’re interested in that:

There we go, not much else to report for now, so until next time – take good care, spread the word, support The Hate and horns up!

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The 4th installment of THE TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT is on!

Update December 11th, 2017: If you wanna follow the progress of how the 4th TPH Donation Experiment is going, tune in to our Facebook or Instagram since updates will be there continuously. Also, you wanna know what the planned 12th album will be entitled? Song titles? Go to those mentioned platforms. Now continue to the original post below.

Phew, the wait is over and here we go again… Time to walk down the quite frustrating path on this journey of seeing if this is possible a fourth time. Really, it’s something that’s been worth waiting for, right? Finally we can all just sit back calmly and see how the hell this is going to turn out. What a luxury.

Before I give you the details I’ll share a few words with ya. Probably more words than needed, but hey… fuck it. Some of you have heard it all before, and some of you haven’t, but to me it’s still some very important stuff. So, bare with me or just skip the next bunch of paragraphs (scroll down to the RED part of the text for the details) and get on with it.

The only reason there’s actually new TPH music coming out nowadays (I say “nowadays” as in “dating back to 2012 and our last 3 albums”) is becoz you people make it happen through your donations which fully finance the recordings. You make it possible for me to actually hire the services of my core crew Jörgen Sandström (male world champion of vocals), Ellinor Asp (female world champion of vocals), Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, world champion of drums), Lasse Johansson (Candlemass, world champion of guitar solos), Marko Saarelainen (world champion of artwork etc) and Dan Swanö (world champion of mixing and mastering). Bottom line, I couldn’t fucken do this if it weren’t for your monetary support and their willingness to contribute.
As said, 3 albums have been done this way up to this point, and it truly is remarkable. It’s three times more than I thought possible. Again, thank you.
Now we’ll see if a 4th album will be a reality.
I am always extremely skeptic when it comes to this, to be honest. It’s a pretty big chunk of cash that needs to be raised and I offer absolutely nothing but the music itself in return, presented in the best way I can possibly present it.
If we do not reach the monetary goal of 10000$ (that’s US dollars), I’ll give whatever money has come in to my local cat shelter – just as I said I would do last time. Or I’ll just wait until we actually reach the goal, even if that means the next album comes out in 2027? One of the two, for sure.
Quick math says that if something like 500 people donate nothing but the fixed sum of 150 SEK we’re home free. I don’t see that happening which makes it even more amazing that “just” 211 people made the last Experiment a success. You people always do way more than expected, obviously. And it’s mind boggling every fucken time.
Enough buttering. Let’s get down to blasphemy!
My wish is to have this recording completed as soon as possible in 2018. I can’t say when exactly, coz it’s out of my hands. My own work is done (except for the endless detail work I always do until the album is actually finished); the songs are completed, my guitars and bass have been recorded… Now I depend on the other people involved to do their magic as soon as they have the time for it. And you know perfection can’t be rushed as well as they have their own schedules to work with. But the truth is, the faster we move towards the 10000$ target, the sooner everyone can be compensated and get started tracking their magnificence when their schedules allow for them to do so.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the details:
1. You donate, via PayPal, the fixed sum of 150 SEK (or whatever sum above you think is reasonable, but 150 SEK (that is short for “150 Swedish Krona”, gets you the album when it’s completed, plain and simple) to Make the note say “DONATION”. Also, make sure you cover PayPal’s fee on top of it, please.
2. If you wanna pay in any other currency, use a reliable online converter and make sure it’s 150 SEK in the end that you’re donating. Again, don’t forget to cover PayPal’s fee.
3. By donating you’ll be getting 3 digital versions (of course a digital booklet etc is included too) to experience, and these are the formats;
– CD Mix as MP3
– Full Dynamic Mix as FLAC
– Full Dynamic Mix (instrumental version) as MP3
As always, this album will be mixed and mastered by the great Dan Swanö at Unisound and it will hold some astonishing 75-80 minutes of audio bliss. That means, for 150 SEK you get almost 4 hours of TPH Domination. What a bargain, no?
4. I always confirm your donation. Make sure you put in the email address you want the album link to be sent to as you donate. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – contact me immediately coz then something fucked up.
5. I will keep you updated on the progress of donations with every 1000$ level we reach, and I will also keep you informed when there’s anything of value to report progress wise.
So… the only question remaining is: will this work again?
We will see.
Thank you for your time and support, Haters!

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