Bulldozer inbound!I wanna thank the ever-so-awesome Magnus Olsson at Crafton Musik AB as well as the magnificent staff at 4SOUND Örebro for providing me with the absolutely astonishing IBANEZ SR705-BI. I have never played a better bass in my life and the sound is just flawless. To use this bass from now on within everything I create will be pure joy, and I simply can’t praise the Ibanez products enough.

My arsenal of Xiphoses together with my Ibanez 7-string and this latest bass addition will surely push myself even further musically from this day forward.

Greatness must be conquered. And it will be.

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Infinity… some new merch is happening, or another album is being worked on, expect few-to-none updates at this site since there’s absolutely nothing to report.

You can always keep an eye on our Facebook if you feel like it. Chances are there will be more (but hardly many) updates there while the universe is anxiously waiting for our next move since the release of our absolutely perfect masterpiece entitled “THERE IS NO EARTH I WILL LEAVE UNSCORCHED”.

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Our official YouTube location…

… can be found at this place. Bookmark it and go there every once in a while, you never know what it’ll bring.

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As the picture says…

Sold out

Huge cheers to all the Haters who made it happen by purchasing it. You now own a piece of perfect music history.

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Do what’s right.

Support artistry

As mentioned earlier, as soon as some asshole decided that it was about time to put our album on the ‘net for every other asshole to illegally download – the orders for “There is no Earth I will leave unscorched” came to a definite stop. One week after its release. One. Week.

Not only does this apply to OUR latest album, but I suspect it applies to ANY band’s album that’s being released in these times of Internet thievery and illegal downloading.

Support the bands whose work you’re stealing.
Support the eventual labels who release it.
Support music by purchasing what you’re listening to.

As long as the Internet’s around and the punishment for being a thief here are non-existent, nothing will change. But maybe, just maybe, if enough artists speak up it will make one or two of these disgusting little rats change their mind the next time they’re about to steal something. It’s better than nothing. We’ll just continue hoping for a swift death of the remaining ones.

Do what’s right. Pay for the art you’re consuming and show some goddamn respect.

Or, you know… the time when your fave bands and artists stop creating might come sooner than you think.

Is it worth it?

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