Here’s a quick Hate update for ya!

OCACP1. My, quite possibly, final round of detail work for “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” is DONE!

2. Pre-order the album and support The Hate and the thousands and thousands of hours we have put into this coming masterpiece.

3. There might be new shirts in the making shortly referencing the album we’re working on. You interested in one? Let us know, either on Facebook with a comment or thru e-mail (

4. Keep an eye on TPH’s Instagram page at all times.

5. We’ll talk again as soon as there’s something of interest to reveal regarding “OCACP”, or anything else semi-important concerning TPH.

6. Yes, again: you can pre-order “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”. Do it right now.

Cheers, Haters, and thanx for your invaluable support.

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Yes, you can!


Every once in a while I get e-mails asking if it’s “too late to order OCACP?”. I have no idea where this confusion comes from so let me make everything clear to you… It seems like some might think that if you didn’t participate in the TPH Donation Experiment 3 you can’t get the album. That is wrong. OF COURSE you can purchase this coming masterpiece Do you want to buy the new album? Here is all the information you need as for how to get the digital versions (yes, versions – not version) as soon as it’s ready to be released in late 2016. If you rather want to wait until 2017 to get your hands on a copy of the limited edition digipak, you can do that too – BUT DO NOT ORDER A COPY OF THOSE UNTIL I MAKE IT CLEAR THEY ARE UP FOR PRE-ORDERING.

So – again then… Yes, you can order the digital versions, and I advice you to do so coz supporting true art is cool, you know.

In other “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” news, here’s a quick update for ya. Most of the stuff you prolly already know about if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, but hey – fuck it. Earlier this week it dawned on me… The work I have put into the coming audio display of TPH blasphemy, so far, easily surpasses anything and everything I have been involved with in my musical life up to this point. I have finally gone through what quite possibly is my final round of detail work after, literally, thousands of hours. This album is smack full with levels and layers, I’m not even sure you’ll ever discover all of it. But you’ll have quite the experience going through it, trust me. There are so many things to discover. The detail work is truly insane. You’ll see later in 2016.

But of course I’m not the only one who’s been working hard on “OCACP” even though I am the one doing the lion’s share of it.


Jörgen has once again delivered his stuff better than anyone else could, raising the bar for death metal vocals as he does with every album we do together. I have no idea how he does it…

Ellinor’s playfulness and mindblowing vocal range just kills everything once again. What a superstar she is… Damn. I never cease to be amazed when I hear what she comes up with for TPH, or anything else we do together music wise.

Lasse Johansson of Candlemass entered The Dungeon a while back and put down his trademark guitar playing, showing the world yet again that he truly is one of the best guitarists around. I’m so honored to have him on another TPH album.

Drummer phenom Dirk Verbeuren (@dirkverbeuren on Instagram by the way) hasn’t recorded his drums yet as the gig with Megadeth kinda came in the way of the original plans, but he should be starting out shortly as far as I know. It’ll be pure joy to get his work on this material since he’s absolutely my one fave drummer of all time.

All the guest vocalists have truly handed over some spectacular work on their accounts too, for which I am extremely grateful. It’s weird how I am able to work with all these personal heroes of mine on each and every TPH album.

And as you know, all of this was made possible thanx to you Haters who made us reach the monetary goal so I could hire everyone involved and make this album happen. I salute you!

If nothing fucks up, “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” will, as mentioned numerous times, be in your ears by the end of 2016. I can’t wait to start working on the mix and mastering with the legendary Dan Swanö as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more news as we go along, but always keep an eye on our Facebook first and foremost.

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You want this…

OCACPClick me for some pre-production clips from “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, our coming masterpiece to be released in late 2016.

You can also click the link to the right on this very page if you feel like supporting TPH and pre-order the digital release. All information you need is right there.

I thank you guys for your support. It is invaluable to me.

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Hear thy words!


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Solos done! And some more news…


If you’re not frequently visiting our Facebook and/or Instagram page, perhaps you missed out on this…

A few days ago I had the absolute honor of having Candlemass‘ gentleman Lasse Johansson inside The Dungeon. It took a mere 3 hours, including coffee and cigarette breaks, for him to put down all of the guitar solos for “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” (that’s the masterful title of the coming album in case you missed out on that too). To say that it’s quite amazing to sit beside one of my fave guitarists of all time, and to have the luxury of actually recording him for fucken TPH, would be an understatement. It’s at times like these one definitely understands why I never tried to be a lead guitarist. Lasse is just amazing. And on top of that the guy is fucken left-handed. I am at loss for words.

Another checkpoint crossed towards the goal of completing “OCACP”. While I am waiting for Mr. Verbeuren to track his drums, I am entering the final phase of my detail work for all of the tunes. As you know, this is an ongoing process (one I have been pretty goddamned occupied with for a long time) and to finally see the light in the tunnel on this specific journey feels so awesome.

We’re moving closer to getting all the outside components finished before I can start mixing this beast with the great Mr. Swanö in Unisound in a few months, and to hear how everything is shaping up at this point is… mind blowing.

Can’t wait to share this piece of audio blasphemy with you later this year. Trust me when I say that it’ll have been very well worth the wait.

Until there’s something of significance to report – take good care and thanx so much for your support, and for making this album happen.

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