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Mixing process – Part 13.

There we go. All the tunes are checked for the third round and a few more corrections need to be made before this is album is completed. Dan’s really put his heart and soul into this coz now there’s only like 2-4 things per song to fix, and it’s not anything that will demand major work from his part. I can imagine he’ll have to spend an hour or 2 on fixing them. Then I will hand the material over to Tobben so he can check his drums for eventual faulty triggers (as said before, I hear nothing of the kind) and give his “fuck yeah, you have my GO!”. I don’t know how busy Dan is today but hopefully he’ll be able to sort this last shit and I can go thru everything again later this very Sunday.

Now it’s getting real close.

On another note, fucken Marko’s been completing the booklet and whatnot for the album and it looks really amazing, as always. He had this great fucken idea for how to do the lyrics and so forth within the booklet, and you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s awesome when you see it. Just astonishing work by brother Marko. And that cover… So dark and so twisted – just a perfect piece to fit the overall darkness which album holds. I take a bow to Marko. You are a true fucken genius, man.

Stay tuned for more information as we go along. I’ll be back when I have gone thru the next round with these possibly final corrections.

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Mixing process – Part 12.

Just went thru the stereo-round (meaning listening thru the regular stereo speakers) of the last 3 tracks and Dan’s really fixed 95% of the corrections. Tomorrow morning I’ll do the headphones-round (I think you know what that means) and check the corrections again. After that I will send Dan the remaining stuff to be fixed for the third complete round of corrections.

When those corrections have been made (this include all the songs now) we will be very, very close to wrapping up the mix of this amazing album. Holy shit, this is going so well. Still got fucken 2 weeks left of our deadline even. We’ll use all the time we need though, but when it’s completed – it’s completed.

It’s close now…

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Mixing process – Part 11.

Dan Swanö continued to work on the remaining 3 tracks last night and will continue to do so today, meaning I should have the last 3 for the second check late tonight. If all those corrections that I have for those tunes have been nailed, there’s only very few adjustments to be made for the second round. After that the album will be fucken finished. Still, some work left – but everything is going according to plan.

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Mixing process – Part 10.

I am expecting the last 3 songs sometime before this week is over and will check the first round of corrections when I do. The first 3 songs had but a few, very small details left to sort before those are completely finished, which feels fantastic. Still almost 3 weeks left of our deadline which is incredible. I never thought things would go this well though it was naturally what I was hoping when we set those deadlines up.

I listened thru these first 3 songs a few times yesterday and I think it’s safe to say that we have never had a better production in our career.  Dan’s really managed to create a great-sounding piece of art.

Stay tuned.

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Mixing process – Part 9.

I think I have a good idea who’s the biggest fucken work-a-holic in this country. Mr. Dan Swanö. I just woke up, clock is 5 in the morning here and had a mail from Dan sent at 00:30 today. Included was a link to the first 3 (not 1, three) songs with corrections made according to my notes. Completely insane. I didn’t think I would get these second round of versions until later this week – Dan thought otherwise.

I will now spend some hours going thru these 3 tunes and check my notes closely to see that all is satisfactory.

What a lovely way to start off the day, to say the least.

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