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The current status!

Upgraded my musical equipment quite a bit with purchases of Cubase 6, Reason 5 and muthafucken Symphobia 2. Also got myself Superior Drums for the demos I do at home, so this is really upping the quality by a ton again. It will take a little while before I have driven myself completely into all this new stuff, but I have a lot of stuff to work with still that I haven’t made whole songs out of yet. But as mentioned, with me moving with my new house and all in some 3 weeks, and all this new fantastic gear – the song writing is put on a hold for now.

A few more dollars have come in to the TPH Donation Experiment as well, making us coming closer to the next 200 dollar level. Absolutely awesome. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out, and spread the word about the experiment, coz this album will be something else.

Life is not good – it’s fucken phenomenal.

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Fast as a shark…

That’s this update. Just wanted to let you know that there’s a pause in the song writing for the next album. This is due to quite a few reasons. I am moving to my new house in a month and got my hands full with that. When I am settled there the writing will continue, but we are taking our time with this, as mentioned before. I have just invested in the latest Cubase, Symphobia 2 and Reason 5 along with some other new software that I need to dive into completely to be able to bring out the absolute finest Domination I can deliver. I absolutely love it and combined with my old tools of the trade – this album will be something else. We have planned to record this monster next year all along, but we are in no hurry. We are also depending on the donations as you most likely know. Click this link for more information and spread the word about this, please. If it continues like it has so far, the TPH Donation Experiment will actually work. Time will tell. Also, say “congratulations” to Ruby. The kid’s birthday is at this very day.

Stay tuned for updates as we go along with this beautiful process of creating music for our next album, as well as how the donations are coming along.

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Yet another donations update!

I seriously do not know what to say except for thank you so much, Haters. This is truly amazing. Still a long way to go, but 1400 dollars donated… Just… wow. You guys are fucken phenoms to the core. Keep on spreading the word and make this album a reality. We will thank you by giving you the best damned music we can muster. And that says quite a bit.

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Donation update!

Again, we thank you so much.

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1/5 of the goal now completed!

The TPH Donation Experiment just reached one fifth of its goal thanx to you guys. We just now broke the 1000 dollar donation barrier since some incredible hero just decided to hand over a hundred fucken dollars. That is just insane and we can’t explain how thankful we are for this. Still, a long way to go before we have reached the goal, if we do. Keep it up, spread the word, help out to revolutionize the scene in some ways. In case you don’t just wanna donate, buy a shirt or the new CD (a few copies left of each) – that money goes straight into the recording for the next album.

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