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More work completed…

Over the last few days I have added almost all of the extra orchestral parts I have made notes for, leaving me with just a couple of sections left to work on before I move on to the additional electronic stuff and effects and whatnot. Things are really, really shaping up now. I am also writing lyrics on a daily basis and will work them all into the songs as soon as humanly possible. Ruby’s been sending over more vocal parts and it sounds absolutely astonishing. Some of the stuff will definitely surprise you, you’ll see… Dirk is currently devouring the songs and is getting ready to blow you all away when the time comes for him to record. Can’t wait for that.

We are moving forward in a steady pace and everything feels fantastic. Now I am off for a few days to enter the stage with Torture Division, so TPH will have itself a little, well-deserved break for the remainder of the week. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Morning glory…

Woke up at fucken 4 this morning and really got some work done during some 3 and a half hours this Saturday. 2 songs are now completely done with the additional orchestral parts I have made notes for (see picture to the right – pen and paper is so fucken old-school). This feels great, to say the least. The next tune just holds one part where I need to work something out, so that one should be completed quite fast. The 4th one holds a bunch of parts, so that one I will need to work with for a while I think. The fifth got a bunch as well, but the sixth and last one just needs some stuff that shouldn’t take too long to complete.

It sounds absolutely majestic.

I also got another part from Ruby, and she is absolutely on fire on all accounts. Amazing stuff, this…

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Working, working, working…

Spending shitloads of time this weekend on the coming album. Mainly working on the remaining orchestras before moving on to the additional electronic stuff. But there’s still quite some work left for the mentioned orchestras. I got all the parts written down as for where I feel I need to add some of that, now it’s just a matter of finding the correct sounds and arrangements for them. I am definitely moving along so well it’s insane. We sure will take our sweet time with this. You guys are worth it.

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