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The only way to exit…

… is going piece by piece. That means J just finished up the vocals for the second tune. That’s how you do it; get into the studio, do the fucken work, and leave. No bullshit. I know how well Jonas and J work together, so it comes as no surprise that they deliver on all accounts, every single time. You wanna know how everything looks at this point (actually, I know you wanna hear how everything sounds, but that will have to wait a little longer)? Here’s the deal:

1. J has decided to nail one song per studio session, meaning it’s quality over quantity. With the pace he’s currently setting, his stuff should be wrapped up in a month or so, if everything goes as planned.

2. Ruby is currently on vacation and will pick up her work in a week or 2.

3. Drummer extra-ordinaire Dirk’s got 2 songs left to put down, but since he’s super busy with all kinds of stuff, he’ll resume work in the middle/end of September. In his own words: “- I tried to squeeze another song in last week, but I don’t wanna do an half-assed job”. I don’t think this guy could do an half-assed job if his life depended on it, though.

4. Still waiting on the word on guitar hero Mike Wead’s status. He’s been busy doing King Diamond shows and whatnot, but he assures me he will deliver. I do not doubt that for a millisecond.

5. I have gotten to the point where I really am starting to feel my work is pretty much done as far as the songs and my playing go. There are so many layers, so many details, so many hours put into this, I believe I have nailed it. It’s even gotten to the point where I am now writing music for other things since I can let my mind go off this a bit and let the other guys do their magic and complete my vision. That’s a nice feeling.

6. Statik Majik (website) has shown me some more of the booklet and the graphics that will be used for this album, and as always it looks amazing.

As you can see, things are moving forward and everything is coming together now. You interested in hearing this beautiful piece of music eventually? Then you need to click me and get to work.

Stay tuned for more information and keep an eye on these two important topics over at our forums.

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J’s first tune is done and I just got to hear it…

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to this fucken guy. Song after song, album after album he outdoes himself. I literally got goosebumps hearing the stuff he’s pulled off for this first track, and to hear him and Ruby battle it out is so fucken rewarding it’s not even funny. There’s no one, absolutely no one, in this world who can do these kind of vocals that J pulls off. Just complete and utter insanity. Once again I am blessed to be able to work with the cream of the crop in this field of music, and I can never thank them enough for it. Now the stuff is really coming together, and trust me when I say we are creating something that is beyond what we have ever done before, even though it’s still exactly the same. It’s just on a completely new level. You will see. You will understand when you hear it.

Next vocal session for J is on Monday. I can’t wait…

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J just spent an hour in here…

And with that said – J‘s first track is now completed! Awesome work. Now I will wait for the files of tonight’s session and then get to work. Ruby is on holiday for a couple of weeks and will resume her work as soon as she gets home. Things are definitely moving forward. There’s a small chance some videos might surface from this first session of J’s visit to the studio… We’ll see about that. Also, do not forget to support the cause.

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So, J is about to unleash the TPH beast once again…

That’s right, the day has come for J to start recording his vocals. The first 2 days in A.R.T. Studios with Joppe Åhlén (who’s been recording J’s vocals for TPH and Torture Division for as long as we can remember) have been booked and tomorrow is when it starts. If nothing fucks up, that and next Monday are the 2 first planned sessions (of how many, you never know) for Mr. Sandström. This is something I have looked forward to for quite some time, coz when J starts putting his trademark grunts – shit explodes and everything comes together. Ruby is hard at work down in the studio in Portugal with her stuff, so the plans are working as we wanted them to all along. Let’s just hope it continues this painless. But it never does, so fuck it. A little pain never hurt no one.

J has also been instructed to shoot some videos while he’s doing his magic, and if he’s got the time for it – you’ll get some of that as we go along. It will look exactly like this and this except for a few things; the music will be new, the lyrics will be new, the studio has been relocated and everything will be better than anything you have ever heard before in your life. Besides those things – it’s all the same. This also means superhero Lasse Johansson of Candlemass fame will bring the exact guitar he used on “Nightfall” (as reported before, but this can’t be told enough times) and accompany J as soon as the time comes, for some guest work. Be sure I’ll get that on tape for my personal collection of historic moments.

In related news, I am working on the material day after day after day, making sure it’s all perfect in the end. What I have poured into this album as far as determination, blood, sweat and tears is just insane. And it shows. You will see what I mean when you guys, who have helped us record this monster, get to hear it. You didn’t help out with The TPH Donation Experiment? It’s not too late for you to find out what you need to do to get it anyways. There’s an updated information thing for ya right at this location, and I suggest you take your time to read it, honor it and respect it. And while you’re at it, spread the word.

Don’t forget the signs. Don’t forget to follow the process. Don’t forget to support this cause.

Now I’ll go back to working on this masterpiece… Completion is in sight even if it’s quite some work left… And it’s all pure bliss.

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J is gearing up! And another sign of what’s to come…

Does this mean he’s about to enter the studio? Today? Tomorrow? Was already there? Yes, it means something, that’s for sure…

And besides that, the signs are coming together now…

Brace yourselves.

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