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Update January 4th, 2017: The text below is the statement made the very day you, The Haters, made us reach the recording goal of 9000$, so a lot of the information and babbling might be kinda outdated by the time you read this. But if you haven’t seen it before, I suggest you go through it since it explains a bunch of things surrounding “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”.

Also, if you just got here for the first time and want to order the new TPH masterpiece (released on January 4th, 2017), scroll down until you see the RED text. That’s where all the ordering information is at, ok? Now, back to the original post.

So, Haters… Grab a beer or something, coz this will take a while…

After realizing yesterday that you insane muthafuckers actually got us to the 9000$ goal on February 20th, 2016, I went out to town and spent every cent on blow and hookers.

Actually, I didn’t.

What I did, though, was reflecting on the fact that something I didn’t think was going to work out a third time… actually… fucking worked out. YOU guys did this, remember that at all times. YOU are the one and only reason I can hire the people I have hired for this coming masterpiece. YOU are the reason I can give it a killer mix courtesy of Dan Swanö in his Unisound facility. YOU are the reason the people who put their skills into TPH can actually get paid accordingly and do their magic for my vision.

I can never fucking ever explain fully how grateful I am to all of you, but what I CAN and WILL do is to work my goddamn arse off to create another perfect display of absolute insanity, devilry and beauty with this album. It will not be finished until I feel it’s absolutely flawless in every aspect. My plan was always to have it ready in mid-to-late 2016, and those plans are intact – becoz of you. Now I know it can be finished and presented in the way I want and need to present it. You should all feel proud of yourselves, coz I certainly am proud to say that there’s an unmatched camaraderie between you Haters, and the support you show me when it comes to TPH is mind boggling. I am absolutely floored by the genuine acts of you all, acts that made us reach 9000$ in something like 4 months.

Actually, in exactly 128 days.

At times during these 128 days I was very close to give up the whole third TPH Donation Experiment thing and donate the money that had come in to the local cat shelter in Örebro, Sweden. Just as I initially stated when I fired up this monetary journey. It seriously didn’t look like it was going to work out, and that felt kind of rough considering I had the material ready to be recorded, knowing how amazing it all sounded… Then something happened and the donations picked up again. I also got quite a bit of e-mails from Haters letting me know that this would all work out, I needed not to worry.

I absolutely fucking worried though.

But you were right, obviously. It all worked out and during all of this I have been putting my heart and soul into this coming beast, coz a beast it will be. There is no other option. I owe it to myself to once again step it up a notch. That’s how I work.

Every. Fucking. Time.

When we completed “There is no earth I will leave unscorched” I had never felt so satisfied with something I had created with my cronies and friends. That album is perfect. In every sense. Where the FUCK do you go from there?

Well, you make perfect again.

And we’re doing that. Trust me on this. The 6 songs on this piece of TPH history are… perfect. The people I get to work with, who take my vision to levels I could never imagine… Thank you. Jörgen, Ellinor, Dirk, Lasse, Swanö and the guests involved: THANK YOU. And again, it can only be done this way becoz of you, Haters.

I’m sure you wanna know how many people actually donated to make it to 9000$?


That’s about 40$ per donation.

Most people who donated have given the amount asked (150 SEK, roughly 17$), quite a few have given 25-50$ and a few selected, absolutely batshit insane heroes, have donated anything from a 100$ to fucking 500$!

Mind boggling, as mentioned.

But no matter what, no matter the size of your donation – I thank all of you so fucking much. Pat yourselves on the shoulder and realize you make this happen.

So, if you didn’t initially participate in the Experiment this time around but still want the album when it’s finished – feel free to buy it (THIS is the money I will spend on hookers, blow and musical equipment, haha) from me. Now or later, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this album is happening. Anything else is just a bonus for me.

If you wanna do the right thing and order it: throw 150 SEK (or the equivalent in euros or dollars) over PayPal to

It’ll be your best spent 150 SEK ever.

And yes, as always you’ll get 3 digital versions of the album:

  • CD Mix
  • Full Dynamic Mix
  • Full Dynamic Mix (Instrumental)

And here’s some porn for you audiophiles who get off on these things:

  • CD Mix (DR6 – 8.0 dB RMS)
  • Full Dynamic Mix (DR15 -18.4 dB RMS)
  • Full Dynamic Mix (Instrumental) (DR16 -18.4 dB RMS)

Dynamic measurements based on the 16 bit WAV master files.

Of course it all comes with a complete digital booklet and the usual bla bla bla. People have asked about digipaks… There will be digipaks at some point after the digital release, a strictly limited edition. You’ll be informed both here and on all our social media platforms when pre-orders are being taken.

Anyways, you already know that this album will be everything TPH can be, you just don’t know at what level…

But I do.

And take my word for it – it will be absolutely fucking glorious.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook/Instagram pages. You already know I will keep you updated as soon as something of importance happens.

Again, thank you all so much. It’s your support that makes this possible.

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Monetary target reached!


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8500$ reached!

Timeline donations

And there we fucken go! Thanx to this particular guy (who’s donated before even.. and not a small sum either) I just got not one, but two donations to make sure we crossed the 8500$ mark! I don’t even know what the fuck to say. 175 goddamn Euros is not exactly peanuts…

Holy shit.

With that, and thanx to the other Haters who have donated since the 8000$ level, we’re now officially just FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS SHORT OF THE GOAL! As said, I don’t know what the fuck to say, really. I’ll just save the praise I have for you until we’re there, I guess, coz this shit is blowing my mind. You ARE making this album happen.

Just… wow.

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8000$ reached, Haters!


Thanx to 3 Haters this last night I had the pleasure of waking up to the fact that we just CRUSHED the 8000$ level with the margin of 4,22 dollars! We’re officially entering the very last stretch of actually making the budget for the next album. I am fucken floored.

Now, spread the word, and this link, more than ever and let’s get this shit done!

Thank you. All of you who are making this possible.

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7500$ reached, goddamnit!


A very kind Hater chipped in another 50 Euros today, making us go past the incredible 7500$ mark together with the insane amount of donations as of late. I am very humble for this, so thank you – all of you fucken heroes. We’re only 1500$ short of reaching the goddamn goal now! Absolutely incredible and I really believe this will be done now, something I wasn’t always very sure of, to put it mildly. The album can obviously be realized the way I envisioned it, and it sure puts a smile on my face. I am beyond determined to create another absolute masterpiece in TPH‘s history of masterpieces, and trust me when I say that I am working my ass off on this on a daily basis.

So, help out by sharing this link to everyone you know and make us reach the 9000$ goal rather sooner than later.

You guys are downright amazing. Thank you so much, again, for the tremendous support you have shown me over the years, and continue to show me in 2016. It’s you people who make the TPH Experiments work who make this possible.

Remember that always.

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