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One out of six down!


As I said in the previous post, there won’t be many updates for ya during the process of completing this coming beast of an album. But you know I won’t keep you completely in the dark, that’s just not my style.

As you have seen with both Ms. Asp’s recording session and lately with Mr. Verbeuren’s, there’s obviously a tradition of showing you a finger or two (and so on) when a track is done…

Well, I guess you can figure out what this means, huh?

The opening track “Blood Design” is mixed and perfected!

Mr. Swanö at famed Unisound sure has cooked up an absolutely crushing production for this masterpiece, and I couldn’t be happier. More updates when there’s something of significance to report.


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Latest news on “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” and its planned release!

Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures

Haters, here’s a quick (except it’s not quick at all) rundown for ya about what’s going on in the Hate Camp, so grab a beer and enjoy!

You who have followed all of my updates know that at this very moment drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren’s got but one more song to nail and then his work is done for the album. Actually, he’s already pretty much nailed that song and is just now finding the time to do some small alterations according to my wishes so the tune is a hundred percent. The work he’s done on the material is completely insane, lemme tell you that.

You’ve heard it before from me, but to be able to work with my absolute fave drummer once again is such a fucken honor. The fact that Mr. Verbeuren even found the time to do this album with TPH in the midst of being the new drummer of metal legends Megadeth is beyond comprehension, really.

I actually told Dirk that it was completely understandable if this well deserved and major opportunity for him (to join Megadeth) would make it real hard to do TPH even though I already paid him (thanx to you Haters and The TPH Donation Experiment 3). I even told him to keep the money since he’s not been paid what he deserved over the course of our albums.

He would have none of that, which speaks volumes of how incredible this guy is. Not only as a drummer but as a human being. When I grow up I wanna be Dirk. All of you should wanna be Dirk.

Sure, the Megadeth thing postponed his recordings a bit but that didn’t matter to me coz it gave me plenty of more time to analyze everything even further as far as the album material goes. And for that I am extremely happy when I hear what we have cooked up this time around.

As plural Britney Spears’ would say: “Oops, we did it again!”

Our last album, “There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched” is still, without a doubt, my favorite TPH album, and it all really came full circle as far as my vision for TPH goes. It damn well took some years and a bunch of fantastic albums, but with that recording my personal goal was achieved: to make an album that is perfect – TO ME. Ms. Asp had tons to do with that, mark my words. 2 years after its release it STILL is perfect to me, so that’s a damn nice feeling, to put it mildly.

And now we have done it AGAIN?! Yes, that’s how I really feel, and when I get to work with musicians as the ones I get to work with it’s easy to take the perfect formula to another level once again, obviously. So, thank you – all of you who are involved on this coming masterpiece. You are all invaluable to me, and my gratitude is endless.

You know how I have been saying that the plans for releasing “OCACP” have always been mid-to-late 2016 unless something came in the way? There’s been a few things happening such as extremely busy schedules and whatnot on all fronts, meaning I am now looking to get it out early 2017, simply becoz I REFUSE to let go of this one until it’s perfect on all accounts and there’s no way I will hurry the mix and put any pressure on mixing guru Dan Swanö when he’s so kind as to fire up all kinds of final versions for me (you know, real mix, instrumental mix, etc…), something that he’s just doing becoz I have known and worked with him for ages. So, he’ll work on the album and deal with all of my details for as long as he needs to and has the time for it. And as I have revealed some time ago, me and Dan already kind of started mixing “OCACP”. We wanted to find what production we were looking for before the REAL work would start, and the real work starts NOW!

You won’t get too many in depth updates on the mixing process, simply becoz I wanna keep some things to myself and let them be revealed to all of you when you listen to the album for the very first time. Just let it be known that we are hard at work with completing this masterpiece now, and we will spend at least the whole of December doing so. There’s holidays and shit coming up too as you know, which takes away some time from mixing, but be sure that 2017 will start off in the most glorious way possible with the release of “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”!

And yes, quite a few of you have asked about this… there WILL be a limited edition digipak version of the album sometime next spring. You’ll know when the pre-orders are being taken for that one, so hang in there. If you want to get this piece of musical art before that, and don’t feel like illegally download it, you can order the digital downloads directly from me by clicking the appropriate link on the front page of this very site. You can’t miss it.

You have waited patiently and you have been updated regularly since I started composing for “OCACP”, and soon the wait is over! Soon this muthafucken 70+ minute behemoth is yours!

Now we enter the final stages, so once again – a huge “THANK YOU!!!” to Jörgen and Ellinor for the amazing vocals, Dirk of Megadeth for the best drums I have ever heard, Lawrence of F.K.Ü., Johan of Amon Amarth, Erik of Cut Up and Lars of Scar Symmetry for the killer guest vocals, Lars of Candlemass for yet another batch of mindblowing guitar solos and Dan of Unisound for what will be a fantastic mix. And I won’t forget Johan at 4Sound/Örebro, without whom I’d be fucked when it comes to recording/software related problems, the mighty Toontrack (if they weren’t so awesome as to endorse me I would, among other things, have shitty sounding home recordings to work with) and the amazing Marko Saarelainen who’s been doing websites and album layouts for TPH for too many fucken years without being paid a fraction of what he is worth. All of you guys make me wanna become a better musician each and every day.

And of course YOU, the Haters, who made this possible through your donations. TPH still exist thanx to you. Have that in mind and give yourselves a round of applause. You deserve it.

I feel so at peace with the beast we have created and to see everything align now in the mix and mastering phase is so rewarding.

I can’t fucken wait to share this one with you.

We’ll talk in a bit!


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Number 3 is down!

Dirk VerbeurenA couple of weeks ago Mr. Verbeuren wrapped up the third track for “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”. Meaning that’s 3 songs out of 6 down when it comes to the drums from the drum wizard! The tune “Reign” is hereby completed, and sounds more massive than ever with Dirk’s phenomenal input. Just incredible.

We are moving forward in a rapid pace with the final pieces of the puzzle in the process of completing this masterpiece. Dirk is delivering absolutely outstanding drums once again, further showing the world that he’s, without a doubt, one of the best drummers to ever walk this earth. How he at times interprets certain parts differently from how I originally envisioned them on my demos is very interesting as he ups the domination more than I thought was possible.

It’s such a privilege to be able to work with stellar musicians such as Dirk, and I have the honor of working with a bunch of them: thanx Dirk, Jörgen, Ellinor and Lars (plus all the guests, of course), you really bring this to yet another level. I can never state this enough.

December is the month when me and Mr. Swanö at Unisound will make this beast perfect mix and mastering wise, if nothing fucks up the plans, and when we’re a 100 percent satisfied it will be yours. Not a second earlier.

It will be a reward of unknown proportions. It will be the reward for your tremendous support, Haters.

Trust me.

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