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Shirts and hoodies now printed!

So the hoodies and shirts are now printed and about to be sent to Your King! Here’s a few pictures for ya to feast on. It’s doubtful that the Swedish postal service will be able to deliver everything before the weekend, so packing and shipping will commence next week. I’ll let you know when everything goes down.

Thanx as always to the excellent Orsa Tröjtryck for the work with getting these made, and huge thanx to you guys who pre-ordered them so I could make them happen.

Last off… we’re only a few days away from starting the mixing process of “Purgatory”, which feels amazing. I’m so looking forward to once again work closely together with the mighty Dan Swanö of Unisound fame.

More news as we go along.

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Yep, that’s it. Pre-orders are now stopped and the hoodies and shirts will be sent out in a couple of weeks as soon as I get them from the printing company. I will keep you updated on this as always, so keep an eye on our social media platforms.

I wanna thank you people who wanted to be a part of this and who ordered a shirt or a hoodie (or both for that matter). Just enough orders came in to make the hoodies a reality (unsurprisingly since they are quite expensive, which is exactly why I have refrained from printing these in the past), but it will probably be the last time I do it becoz of the cost in both printing and shipping.

Either way, thanks!

Now we wait for these to arrive and we also wait for the process of completing album 13 come March. It will all be majestic.


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The mixing of “Purgatory” begins in March!

Heads up! Due to busy schedules, vacations and whatnot the mixing and completion of “Purgatory” will take place in March and not February as initially planned. Mr. Swanö is already sorting the sound for it but the real work starts in a few weeks, just so you know. I also wanna take this opportunity and raise my beer to the bunch of people who have pre-ordered the limited edition merch celebrating our coming 13th album. Very much appreciated.

And last off, if you wanna get the new album as soon as it’s completed, throw a mere 150 SEK through PayPal to and multiple digital versions will come to your inbox as it’s ready.

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Limited edition “PURGATORY” shirts and hoodies available for pre-ordering!

It’s been quite a while since I had any merch available so to celebrate our coming 13th album “Purgatory” there will be a limited edition run of shirts and hoodies honoring said recording. A few disclaimers first to start things off, though. Make sure to read and understand all of them, ok?

First: I’ll take pre-orders until February 17th which means, if nothing fucks up, that they’ll be sent out in the beginning of March. So, you have 2 weeks to grab a shirt and/or a hoodie and then it’s off to the printers.

Second: I told you the hoodies would be quite expensive. Trust me, they are not cheap to print and the postage of shipping them is fucken downright ridiculous. I only decided to make these becoz a few of you have asked for it. Simple as that.

Third: If you’re in a country where your postal service is shady and unreliable… I strongly recommend that you pay for insured delivery on top of everything. Especially if you order one of these hoodies. Coz after I have shipped your stuff I take no responsibility for lost/stolen packages and I will not do any refunds or send out a new item. If you pay for insured and registered mail, you can claim your money back from the postal service itself should your order be stolen/lost. If you want to do this, you simply have to contact me before placing the order so I can check out the fees for your parcel, coz naturally it depends on the weight of it. And when it’s posted you’ll have a receipt with all the info you need. If you choose not to, there is simply no way for you to know where your package is and all you can do is hope it arrives eventually.

Fourth: The size of the print and the colors displayed in the mock up pictures might not be a 100% accurate in real life due to the nature of printing, but we always aim to make it as close to it as possible.

So, with that out of the way…  I have told you this before but a reminder might be in place. The reason I do this pre-order thing is simple; I don’t make much money off of TPH which prevents me to print a huge batch of shirts in various sizes just to have them laying around unsold at the end of the day. By pre-ordering you make it possible for me to see how many shirts I can order from the manufacturing company without worrying about eventual bankruptcy. Sure, this always makes for some delay in the deliveries between payment and actual shipping of the shirts, but I simply can’t work it any other way. I know it’s not ideal, but I’m sure you understand. Click the images to enhance them.

Shirt: Price is 220 SEK/shirt. Brand is Gildan Soft Style and payment is made thru PayPal.

Hoodie: Swedish residents. Price is 620 SEK. Brand is Fruit Of The Loom Classic Sweat and payment is made thru PayPal.

Hoodie: Rest of the world. Price is 720 SEK. Brand is Fruit Of The Loom Classic Sweat and payment is made thru PayPal.

The prices includes PayPal’s fees as well as postage and packing. If you’re in Sweden and want to pay in some other way (Swish/bank transfer), you e-mail me at and we’ll work out the details. You can pay in USD or Euros if you prefer to do so, but make sure to use an online converter so the sum matches the ones listed, ok? Then again, PayPal will make the conversion to SEK easily, so… try to go with that, ok?

Sizes: S-5XL. If you are up at 4XL or 5XL, the brand of your shirt/hoodie might be different to what’s mentioned. Don’t worry though, it will still be a shirt/hoodie of killer quality.


Throw your hard earned cash over PayPal to and make sure you write your name and address as well as size with the payment. Your note should look like one of these 3 options, naturally depending on what you order:

Send to: *name,address, country*

Send to: *name,address, country*

Send to: *name,address, country*

Last off, I always confirm your order. Always. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – something is fucked. Contact me immediately thru if so, ok?

There we go. Spread the word about these items if you feel like it and we’ll talk soon again.


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All shirts sent out!

Boom! All shirt parcels have been posted. Now the Swedish postal system will use the 2 vehicles they have at their disposal to bring your stuff to you. Or they’ll at least get it out of this country and let your postal system work wonders for that last part. Again, thanx for buying the Anniversary shirt, making us breach the $5000 level for the 5th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT by doing so.

Wanna help us get to $10000 so our 13th album can be a real fucken thing? Information as for how to do so in this link.

Keep your eyes glued to our social media shit in case you wanna get one of the spare shirts that I will put up for grabs asap, ok? When those are gone, there are absolutely zero shirts left.


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