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Spewing links into the eyes of deities!

You can buy and/or listen to “Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities” over at these locations;

Directly from me by clicking here! This will give you the following formats: CD MIX MP3, CD MIX FLAC, FULL DYNAMIC MIX FLAC, FULL DYNAMIC MIX INSTRUMENTAL and DIGITAL BOOKLET/ARTWORK.

All for a measly 150 SEK through PayPal to the This is obviously the best way to support my shit. No middle hands.

Or you can get it on Bandcamp! That was a link. Click it. 80 SEK will give you WAV versions of the songs and that’s that.

You fancy Spotify, huh? “Spewing” is now available there (as well as on a myriad of other streaming services) so here’s the link to make it easy for ya, you cheap bastard.

Oh, YouTube? Sure, I got your sorry ass covered.

If you feel like buying the actual physical digipak, there are a handful of copies left. Just go here for ordering information.

If you only have one single click left in your life, use it to start this gem:

You’re welcome.

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All “Spewing” shirts have been sent out!

Thanx to Helloil for the magnificent looking merch once again! They sure came out spectacular and Ogino Design’s artwork is still as stunning as when it first was revealed. Huge thanx to all of you who bought this piece of clothing as well, of course. You are not that many but you sure are devoted, which makes it all worthwhile.

If you didn’t pre-order this one, you’re fucked. There are no more shirts available.

Now I go back inside The Dungeon to work on our planned 15th album. If you wanna follow the process of that, stay glued to the same just mentioned social media platforms even though updates will be far and between. You’ll get important information when I deem it necessary. Just know that there’s an insane amount of work being done behind the scenes.

Be well, Haters!

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And… shirt orders are stopped!


Huge thanx to everyone who ordered this limited edition shirt! Orders are hereby stopped and the design will now be shipped to the printing company so these get made within a couple of weeks or so. I will keep you updated on the process, as always.

Stay safe, everyone!

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“Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities” shirts are to be made, becoz you asked for it! I’ll not bore you for too long (but long enough!), you know the drill by now.

This will be yet another limited edition and the quantity is by demand, meaning that the few extra shirts I print for safety reasons will be up for grabs when everything is sent out. And that’s that. So, to be sure you get one of these beauties, put in your pre-order now.

A few things first to start things off;

First: I’ll take pre-orders until August 18th, which is some 10 days, giving you plenty of time to decide if you wanna buy one or not. Then I’ll put in the order with the printing company and I should have them delivered to me some 2-3 weeks after that. This means I’ll be able to send everything out sometime in mid-September if nothing fucks up. I will of course keep you updated on the whole process, as always.

Second: If you’re in a country where your postal service is shady and unreliable… I strongly recommend that you pay for insured delivery on top of everything. Coz after I have shipped your stuff I take no responsibility for lost/stolen packages and I will not do any refunds or send out a new item. If you pay for insured and registered mail, you can claim your money back from the postal service itself. If you want to do this, you simply have to contact me before placing the order so I can check out the fees for your parcel, coz naturally it depends on the weight of it and where you live. And when it’s posted you’ll have a receipt with all the info you need. If you choose not to, there is simply no way for you to know where your package is and all you can do is hope it arrives eventually. Please, understand this.

Third: The size of the print and the colors displayed in the mock up pictures might not be a 100% accurate in real life due to the nature of printing, but we always aim to make it as close to it as possible.

With all that shit out of the way…  I have told you this before but a reminder is always necessary. The reason I do this pre-order thing is simple; I don’t make much money off of TPH which prevents me to print a huge batch of shirts in various sizes just to have them laying around unsold at the end of the day. By pre-ordering you make it possible for me to see how many shirts I can order from the manufacturing company without worrying about eventual bankruptcy on my behalf. Sure, this always makes for some delay in the deliveries between payment and actual shipping of the shirts, but I simply can’t work it any other way. I know it’s not ideal, but I’m sure you understand. Honestly, I do shirts ONLY becoz you ask for it. The profit is shit and the amount of work involved is fucken horrendous since I do this myself with occasional assistance from my wife. That alone should be reason for you to buy this goddamn thing, right? But hey, this DIY thing is special…


As I have told you before, the costs for everything have gone up. Be it postage, padded envelopes, shirt manufacturing etc.etc… So this edition will cost more than what I have charged in the past. It fucken sucks but I did inform you about it earlier, and you all seemed to be fine with it (hence why these shirts can even be made in the first place).

Price is 250 SEK/shirt. Brand is Gildan Soft Style (on sizes S-3XL. On 4XL-6XL its Gildan Heavy Cotton) and payment is made thru PayPal to

The prices includes PayPal’s fees as well as postage and packing. If you’re in Sweden and want to pay in some other way (Swish/bank transfer), you e-mail me at and we’ll work out the details. You can pay in USD or Euros if you prefer to do so, but make sure to use an online converter so the sum matches the ones listed, ok? Then again, PayPal will make the conversion to SEK easily, so… try to go with that, ok?


Make sure you write your name and address as well as desired size(s) with the payment. Your note should look like this:

Send to: *name, address, country*


I have a handful of digipaks for “Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities” left still, so I have decided to make a bundle available, one shirt and the digipak for 430 SEK. Mark your payment “BUNDLE” if you want this, ok? All other information applies.

Last off, I always confirm your order. Always. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – something is fucked. Contact me immediately thru if so, ok?

There we go. Spread the word if you give a shit and we’ll talk again.

Thanx for the support.


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Running out of copies!

These are the last available copies of the digipak for our 14th beast of an album; “Spewing Venom Into the Eyes of Deities”.

230 SEK to through PayPal and it’ll be sent your way.

If you prefer a digital copy you can get that for 150 SEK, once again paid through PayPal.  That includes FLAC and instrumental versions as well as a digital booklet.

Please, make sure to include your full name, address and country in the payment or it’ll be hard as fuck for me to know where to send it.

Pick your poison. Or rather… pick your venom.

Thanx for the support!

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