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Order now, dammit!

It’s time to point it out again… Yes, there are STILL physical copies available of the latest masterpiece. Record sales are obviously through the roof these days, huh… And there’s always the downloading (left hand) path if you prefer that. So, here you go as far as ordering instructions go for both versions:


Put your hard-earned 200 SEK (postage and packing included) thru PayPal to and be the proud owner of this gem. As long as I don’t tell you that they are sold out, then there are copies available for your purchase, ok? When they are sold out, they are sold out and no more copies will be printed. As for now, there’s enough of them to build a couple of (small) inverted crosses at least. Make the note with your payment say “DIGIPAK” and PLEASE make sure your name and address is in there too. It’s fascinating how many people miss out on that tiny detail.

Do you prefer the digital way of listening to your shit? Read on…


The digital versions (3 of them even, you can find more info about this to the right) are 150 SEK through PayPal to Make the note say “OCACP DOWNLOAD”. Whichever version you end up buying it’ll be some of your best invested cash ever. Trust me on that. And I ALWAYS confirm your orders, so if you haven’t heard anything from me within 24 hours – contact me immediately coz then something has fucked up and we need to un-fuck it immediately. That’s how I work shit.

Huge thanx to all of you who have bought one version or the other. It means the world to me. Please spread the word too, by the way. That means – share this on your goddamn Facebook page. Or something. Whatever you do in terms of helping TPH out, I appreciate it more than you know.

Until there’s something of significance to report…


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Lyric video for the song “Reign” up on YouTube!

So, this is the lyric video for the song “Reign”, taken from our 2017 masterpiece entitled “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” which was released on Mouth Of Belial Productions earlier this year. And if you want to watch it, just click the fucken thing and enjoy this piece of audio perfection.

And then… if you haven’t already, please buy the digital downloads (3 different versions) of this album here at our site and/or put in your order for a copy of the limited edition digipak. All the ordering information you could ever need is found to the right.

Support the blasphemy. Support true artistry.

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You want this…

OCACPClick me for some pre-production clips from “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, our coming masterpiece to be released in late 2016.

You can also click the link to the right on this very page if you feel like supporting TPH and pre-order the digital release. All information you need is right there.

I thank you guys for your support. It is invaluable to me.

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Order “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”!

“Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” will NOT be sent out to any media outlets whatsoever. It is not important to me anymore. I do not create music for the media, I do not care about reviews and I do not care about exposure that automatically comes with sending your material out to Internet websites, radio stations and paper magazines. It is of no importance to me in any way, shape or form. I create this because I have to. It’s my calling. You guys, through your donations, make it possible to present it in the best way possible.

You can order “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, our 2017 masterpiece, in 2 different formats. Digital and/or physical. Put “OCACP download” or “OCACP digipak” on your order as subject, please.


150 SEK (or the equivalent in US dollars or Euro) over PayPal to And yes, as always you’ll get 3 versions of the album:

  • CD Mix
  • Full Dynamic Mix
  • Full Dynamic Mix (Instrumental)

And here’s some porn for you audiophiles who get off on these things:

  • CD Mix (DR6 – 8.0 dB RMS)
  • Full Dynamic Mix (DR15 -18.4 dB RMS)
  • Full Dynamic Mix (Instrumental) (DR16 -18.4 dB RMS)

Dynamic measurements based on the 16 bit WAV master files.

Once again we have decided to NOT be a part of the shameful “loudness war” with this album, becoz we want to minimize the loss of frequencies and whatnot. So you will experience a more balanced volume with this and will prolly need to crank the volume up a little more than if you’re playing the, f.e, abomination called “Death Magnetic” by Metallica, where shit is distorted, way too loud and sounds like shit. Brick wall mastering is something we wanted no part of with “OF CHAOS AND CARNAL PLEASURES”. We want this monster to breathe, and eventually you will understand why. And you will thank us for it.


200 SEK (or the equivalent in US dollars or Euro) over PayPal to Postage and packing included.

You can see this digipak gem to the right. When they are sold out they are sold out, so make sure to obtain your copy while they are available. Also, always keep an eye on our website and Facebook/Instagram pages for posts about merchandise and whatnot. By getting this album directly from me you’re not only supporting something that’s taken 2 years to complete, you’re also showing that art deserves to be bought. And you’ll have a lifetime of discovering everything that comes with this beast. That will be needed, I guarantee it.

And one last thing, I always reply and confirm your orders, so if you haven’t heard anything from me within 24 hours after placing your order – contact me immediately coz then something is wrong

I thank you for your support.

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TINEIWLUCLICK THIS LINK and behold The Beast in some of its glory. The rest you will experience on December 25th, 2014, if you donated to make the album happen.

Or you can buy it now.

You’ll find the information needed for your purchase if you look to the right on your screen.

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