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Relaxed and focused.


As always, just becoz you haven’t heard from Hate HQ in a week or so doesn’t mean we’re not working our asses off with the completion of “Death Ritual Covenant”. Certainly not!

As you can see, we’re drinking stuff that makes us relax and focus to make sure what we’re serving up with this coming piece of TPH history surpasses all of our expectations. And safe to say, we’re getting there. Bit by bit, day by day.

Due to busy schedules, injuries, life and whatnot; this mixing process is taking the time it needs to be completed. As mentioned thousands of times – it’s not like I am going to rush this last part of finalizing everything. The plan is still to have it out this summer.

I am currently working with Mr. Swanö of Unisound AB​ fame on a daily basis, but it’ll take yet a little while before you can hear what we have in store. There are so many aspects on this piece that needs surgical precision attention from us to really shine through, more so than ever, and it takes its sweet time to perfect that stuff. Just hang in there. You know it will be worth the wait.

If you feel like pre-ordering “Death Ritual Covenant”, this very site has all the info as for how to do so. Just look for it.

Important question: are you guys possibly interested in digipaks for “Death Ritual Covenant” when the time eventually comes for that? You can use our Facebook page to chip in on this matter.

I feel like checking coz I still got a bunch of digipaks lying around for our last album, “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, so I’m not sure how big the interest in those things is anymore. Ordering info for one of those is also available at our official site if you haven’t got one in your possession already.

If you’re eager for some new music courtesy of myself and TPH vocalist Jörgen Sandström that is not actually TPH, don’t forget to check out the stuff we are releasing right now with our new band Domedagen. You can find the tunes over at our official Facebook page; Domedagen. That should keep you occupied for a bit. Feel free to spread the word.

Anyways, back to work on “DRC”. We’ll talk more when there’s something to say.

Be well, Haters!

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Current status!

So, Haters; this is where we are at concerning the mixing process of “Death Ritual Covenant”.
Hero Dan Swanö of Unisound AB has been hard at work as of late and I can reveal we have mixed approximately 90% of 5 out of 6 songs appearing on the album at this point! And it sounds absolutely massive. Huge props to Dan for the dedication to this, as always. He puts in so many amazing details, things I’d never be able to come up with myself, raising the insanity of the tunes even more. Thank you, Dan! It’s a pleasure to work with you.
What I am doing currently is going through everything using my Cerwin Vega speakers and my 4 pair of headphones, to make sure “Death Ritual Covenant” sounds great in all of them. Coz you know, everything might sound excellent in one of these settings, while you notice you need to make some changes when you use a different one. Not until it sounds great in all of these mediums the work will truly be finished. This way of working is something Dan taught me many years ago, and it really makes a difference. Obviously we still have quite a bit of work left before you can hear what we have summoned this time around, but be sure we’re plowing towards completion day by day.
It’s nice to see that the initial plan of having “DRC” released during the summer of 2018 still holds up, and hopefully nothing fucks that up now during this last stretch. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered the digital versions, feel free to do so. Click this link and scroll down a little for ordering information. I’ll, as always, continue to inform you about how everything is going so continue to keep an eye out on this page as well as at our Instagram (@tph666).
Be well, and we’ll talk soon again when there’s something of relevance to report.

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All work and no play…

Wreaking havoc, mixing audio blasphemy and generally creating a beyond fantastic album once again, that’s what’s up right now.

Me and Mr. Dan Swanö are halfway into the process of completing “Death Ritual Covenant”. 3 songs pretty much done for this round of the session. But there’s still quite some ways to go before it’s officially done. If all goes well, it WILL be out this summer. So, stay tuned for this beast.

Oh, one more thing…

If you wanna pre-order the digital versions (yes, versions) for a mere 150 SEK, you can simply PayPal that sum to and you’ll be on the list for absolute destruction when the time comes.

Not a bad deal at all, huh?

Once again, huge thanx to all of you who have made this album a reality through the TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT 4.

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Charging onwards!

Mr. Swanö tells it like it is. This shit is crushing on all accounts. While he is working his heroic ass off mixing the second track, I am making all the tiny adjustments for the first track and I really couldn’t be happier with what we are creating with “Death Ritual Covenant”.

Still quite some ways to go before we’re finished and you can hear it, but damn are we moving forward!

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Mixing “Death Ritual Covenant”.

During the weekend I got the first taste of what “Death Ritual Covenant” will sound like production wise, and lemme tell ya: Mr. Dan Swanö at Unisound AB has really put together yet another fantastic production! I couldn’t be happier. I had 2 small things I wanted tweaked and it didn’t take long for him to fix that. Truly impressive. That guy is fucken phenomenal!

There’s still a long way to go before this monster of an album is completed and ready to be released, but it sure looks like we’ll be able to reveal it during the summer of 2018, just as planned all along. We’ll see, but it shouldn’t be much later if something fucks shit up and delays it.

By the way, don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms for regular updates on the album itself and other interesting things.

As you understand by now, this is truly shaping up to be spectacular.

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