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Darkglass FTW!

I want to hand out the hugest thank you possible to Darkglass Electronics’ Chief Operating Officer Marcos Barilatti for bringing me even further into the realms of Darkglass’ magic when it comes to bass tones. Over the last couple of years I have been using the incredible Microtubes B7K Ultra (seen in my right hand) from this very company for my sound. The B7K Ultra is a pedal that will never fucken ever leave my set up and it has brought me the best tone I’ve ever heard.  And now I add the equally as insane ADAM (short for Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine, aka The Green Beast that I hold in my left hand) to my arsenal. I couldn’t be fucken more ecstatic. This goddamn thing is crushing all kinds of shit!

Bass has always been ridiculously important to me when it comes to TPH, which obviously shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who ever listened to what I do. Just ask Mr. Swanö of Unisound AB who’s had the immense pleasure of trying to satisfy me in this department when he’s mixed our albums up until this day. And he sure has done a terrific job with it. Swanö also deserves yet another thank you since he is actually responsible for making me aware of Darkglass Electronics in the first place. Thanx to their products he’s having less of a hard time dealing with me when it comes to mixing my stuff. Smart move, D! You’re the fucken best, dude!

With all that out of the way; let me finish up by saying that I can never show enough gratitude to Mr. Barilatti and Darkglass Electronics for the fantastic support and for getting me the ADAM. I’m truly honored beyond words.

Now if you excuse me, I have some bass playing and tone settings to take care of.

Stay safe, everyone.

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I salute you all!


I wanna hand out the hugest THANK YOU possible to all you heroes who made “Purgatory” come to life in 2020, you who bought the accompanying merchandise and digipak for said album, you who bought the latest beanie and you who purchased “Purgatory” or any other album of ours through Bandcamp or through me directly. I raise my beer in your honor from the outdoor bathtub where I’ll spend New Years Eve with my beloved wife. I hope you guys and gals are safe out there and I wish you all a happy new year.

Thank you for the support, Haters. It is invaluable to me. We’ll talk next year. Trust me, great things are coming.


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All ordered beanies were sent out a few weeks ago!

In case you missed out on this, make sure to always follow our social media accounts as those are more regularly updated with quick updates than this, our official site.

On Monday the 30th of November, all beanies were posted. Now it’s up to the postal service to get your stuff to you safe and sound. Keep in mind that with the Covid situation going about it might take longer than usual for your shit to arrive at your doorstep. Be patient. And no, I can’t send you any tracking number if you didn’t pay for registered mail, so don’t ask me about it. This was made crystal clear when the ordering information was put up initially, you know.

Again, thanx a fucken bunch to all of you who craved some new Hate wear. Much appreciated.

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The Hate Beanies Winter Collection Have Arrived!

The Hate Beanies have arrived and they both look and feel fucken amazing! Seldom has a white beanie looked so fantastic on a human being as in this picture. The other beanie versions look just as awesome, so you know.

Once again huge thanx to Helloil for printing them and another as huge a thanx to Ogino Design for designing them. And last off I raise my glass to you who asked for beanies and also bought one or all them.

Packing everything will go down during the weekend and shipping them goes down Monday, Nov 30th if nothing fucks up. I’ll let you know when they have been delivered to the post office.

Have a great weekend!

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Hate beanie frenzy!

For the millions and millions of Haters around the world, here’s the limited edition winter collection of the brand new Hate beanie that you asked for! Now you can finally be a part of the Serpent Ritual Alliance and look cooler than all your friends. Not a shabby deal, huh?

First off I wanna thank Seiya at Ogino Design for the fantastic design. You nailed it once again, my man!

This is how this will go down; I will take pre-orders for a week and a half, ending midnight Friday the 13th (of course) of November.

So if you want one of these, put in your order right away. As you know by now, I can’t really print a huge bunch to have them collecting dust in my closet, so by pre-ordering you will make it possible for me to print the amount needed (with just a few extra for safety measures) and prevent personal bankruptcy in the process.

On November 13th I will put in the order to the printing firm and after that it should take something like 2 weeks until I can ship your beloved beanie to y’all. And yes, you’ll be updated about everything as we go along. As always.

Also, you have fucken 4 different beanies to choose from! How about that?! I suggest you buy one of each just to be safe. Or, at least get one of them. Any one will do.

The brand is Trendeagle and the model is called “Puder”. It’s approximately 27 cm’s long (which means “oversized”) and it’s made of  92% cotton and 8% spandex.


210 SEK through PayPal to

That includes PayPal’s ridiculous fee as well as packing and shipping to anywhere  in the world. If you’re living in some shady country where the postal service is not to be trusted – PAY FOR REGISTERED MAIL! Contact me for details if you wanna do that.





Your order should look something like this:


King Philipson, Kings Road 666, 666 Kings County, Kingland

As you know, I ALWAYS confirm your order as soon as I see it. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, please contact me so we can see what’s fucked up along the way, ok?

And keep in mind, thanx to Covid-19 there will most likely be delays in your shipment once I’ve posted everything. I can do jack-shit about that. Just stay calm, breathe and be cool, ok?

That’s all for now. Thanx for the support, Haters!

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