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Sales are shit, but here we go anyways!


On Monday, January 14th, I will send ”Death Ritual Covenant” to the digipak manufacturing company. That means it should take approximately 2 weeks to get them delivered to me, and after that I will start packing them and get them on their way to you guys who have purchased a copy (or even 2).

The sales have been shit, to be honest, and I don’t think I’ll bother with doing digipaks for eventual future TPH albums if nothing changes. It’s just not worth the hassle. It’s quite obvious that physical CD sales isn’t what it once was. Sad but true, but hey – it is what it is.

Around 100 digipaks have been pre-ordered up to this point. Thanx a fucken bunch to you 100 or so people who have bought one! But this means there’s no way I’m printing more than 200 of them now even though I hoped to be able to print 300. There’s just no point in having 150 digipaks unsold in my house, you know.

Conclusion: there are roughly some 50 copies or so left to be pre-ordered after everyone involved with the recording of the album have gotten their personal copies. I’ll let you know when I’m running out of digipaks, if that happens.

So, if you wanna be the owner of the extremely limited digipak version of “Death Ritual Covenant”, feel free to put in your order now:

Pay through PAYPAL: 210 SEK (including PayPal fee, postage and packing) to:

Please make sure your name and address is included in your payment (if you only knew how many fucken people miss out on this quite crucial detail, haha). And if you haven’t received a confirmation from me within 24 hours of purchase – email me immediately so we can fix it! I always confirm your order. If you wanna pay in some other way (like over Swish here in Sweden), just email me at and we’ll sort it out as well, ok?

Once again, please spread this post to your friends and foes. Any help with getting the word out is much appreciated. Also, huge thanx to the mighty Seiya Ogino at Ogino Design for the picture in this post and the invaluable help with everything. Not to forget the astonishing layout for the digipak that hero Marko Saarelainen has created. You guys are amazing.

Keep up the Hate in 2019 and we’ll talk again eventually.

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“Death Ritual Covenant” digipaks coming in 2019!

Hey, Haters!

As mentioned previously – digipaks for “Death Ritual Covenant” are coming and I’ll send everything to the manufacturing company in mid January, meaning they should be at my place ready to be shipped come 1st or 2nd week of February. This picture right here should give you a hint of what they’ll look like (the actual booklet is not included here obviously).

But the main reason for this post is as follows:

Quite a bunch of people have asked for physical digipaks of “Death Ritual Covenant” ever since we released it digitally in August. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the hassle considering CD sales are seriously absolutely shit these days. I still have copies of our 2017 album around the house to no good use, you know.

So my plan was to print 300 copies of “Death Ritual Covenant” and after a week of having this announced it’s clear as day the sales need to pick up or I’ll have to lower the printed quantity.

As of this writing there are less than 100 copies pre-ordered! Impressive, huh? Sure, Christmas just rolled its ass out the door, you spent your hard earned cash on gifts and bla bla… but I’m thinking MAYBE you wanna buy a muthafucken digipak anyways? If that is the case, here’s the ordering information you need:

Pay through PAYPAL: 210 SEK (including PayPal fee, postage and packing) to:

Please make sure your name and address is included in your payment. And if you haven’t received a confirmation from me within 24 hours of purchase – email me immediately so we can fix it! I always confirm your order. If you wanna pay in some other way (like over Swish here in Sweden), just email me and we’ll sort it out as well, ok?

Please, spread this post to your friends and foes. Any help with getting the word out is much appreciated. Also, huge thanx to the mighty Seiya Ogino at Ogino Design for the picture and invaluable help with everything. Not to forget the astonishing lay out for the digipak that hero Marko Saarelainen created. You guys rule all kinds of shit.

There we go. That was all for now. Have a great New Years Eve and thanx again for the help with making “Death Ritual Covenant” come to life in 2018.

We’ll talk again next year.

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Social media will have to do with less of a presence from Your King!

Just bare with me for a sec and I’ll clarify some shit so you can all go back to your normal routines.

Social media is obviously crucial these days for promotion, especially when it comes to smaller (but incredibly genius) acts like TPH. The TPH Donation Experiments would be absolutely impossible without social media. Selling a few shirts, beanies and digipaks every now and then would also be impossible without it, and without you giving a fuck.

But you know what? Social media bores me. But more importantly it takes time away from stuff I value way, way more; such as composing music, being with my wife and so on and so forth.

The last few years I have used our Facebook page pretty much exclusively for “bigger” updates on the activities of TPH. Instagram on the other hand has been used several times a week for quite some time. Now I’ll implement the same procedure on both platforms. So… just because you don’t get informed about everything I do on the same level as before:

Be sure that I am fucken always creating music inside The Dungeon.

All. The. Time.

I live for this. I absolutely love this.

Because I am this.

But take note: as soon as I have something that craves your invaluable attention and/or input, you know I’ll make you aware of it over these mentioned platforms! But as far as small updates every now and then go… I’m taking a break from it and will devote that extra time to create music, among other things. Simply because, as I said, it’s so much more important to me. Who knows, I might feel differently somewhere down the road and get back to the über-interesting (boom!) Instagram posts several times a week. You never know, I guess.

If you wanna ask me something about TPH, just email me at I always reply. Don’t ask any questions on Instagram or Facebook, they will go unseen.

Thanx for your time. We’ll talk again when there’s something of value to share.

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Find out how to purchase this album at the bottom of this post. But first, let’s go through a few things:

– If you already ordered this beast/participated in The TPH Experiment 4 but haven’t gotten an e-mail from me with download instructions by the time you read all this; please contact me so we can work it out. Maybe you changed email address during the time it took to complete this masterpiece and forgot to inform me? Maybe something else fucked up along the way? Just contact me at, send over your PayPal receipt and we’ll fix it as soon as see your email, ok?

– No, I won’t send your webzine or web radio station etc. etc. a free copy for review/air play. Simply becoz I don’t care if you want to cover it in any way, shape or form. I obviously haven’t made this album for that purpose. If you want to review it or play it on the air, purchase a copy and do so. Or you could always be a total cunt and steal if from the Internet. Whatever you think is the right thing to do. So, bottom line: don’t ask me for free copies.

– There’s no need to email me to let me know that someone’s cunty behavior resulted in “Death Ritual Covenant” being leaked for people to illegally download. Let’s just applaud the ones who actually give a shit and buys it.

– A bunch of you have emailed me asking about physical CD’s/digipaks of “Death Ritual Covenant”. If there will be such things made it will be late this year or early 2019. Physical sales aren’t exactly what they used to be and it’s so fucken pointless to have a huge bunch of digipaks gathering dust on a shelf at my place becoz it’s close to impossible to sell, say, 300 copies. We’ll see how this pans out later on. I guess I need some serious feedback on the issue to see if it’s all worthwhile doing it. But we’ll get to that later, I guess, so no need to comment on it at this point in time.

Before I continue I want to extend my deepest goddamn gratitude to the following extra-ordinary people:

Jörgen Sandström (vocals) – The work you have done for me for close to 20 years now with TPH is mindblowing. With every goddamn album we do together you get even better, which is ridiculous considering you were always the best fucken grunter to begin with. And still you top yourself time and time again. Thanx for being my best fucken friend and for being remarkable on all accounts, not only vocal wise. I don’t ever wanna do this without you, kråny.

Ellinor Asp (vocals) – Not only did you storm into TPH territory in 2014, guns blazing. Oh no, you did so with an unmatched voice, otherworldly talent and a striking personality; making it possible for me to bring TPH to levels I never thought possible. Together with Mr. Sandström, Mr. Verbeuren and Mr. Johansson you have made my musical vision complete. Just like with J, I don’t ever wanna do this without you.

Dirk Verbeuren (drums) – You have always been one of my very few fave drummers, and to be able to utilize your services for yet another album without even being able to pay you your worth is beyond me. There is not a single drummer in this world that I want within the music I make for TPH but you, sir. The way you approach the material I hand to you, as well as how you are as a human being, is fucken second to none. I take a bow.

Lasse Johansson (guitar solos) – Since I was but a teenager I have looked up to you as a guitarist, and after quite a few gigs together when I have had the honor of helping your band Candlemass out, not to mention the 4 albums for TPH that you have given your insane solos to, I’m sure you know this quite well by now. You are one of the coolest and most humble muthafuckers around, and one of the best guitarists to ever walk this Earth. It’s truly a privilege to have your solos in my music. Cheers, you hero!

Johan Hegg and Lawrence Mackrory (vocals) – Once again you two have contributed killer fucken vocals for TPH. Not only are you bastards amazingly awesome fellas, your vocals don’t exactly suck either. I raise my glass to you both for being a part of TPH on yet another album. Don’t be surprised if I ask you guys to help out again down the line; I simply like to work with the best.

Dan Swanö (mixtering) – I have known and have had the pleasure of working with you since the early goddamn 90’s! And every time a new collaboration is under way it’s a gigantic pleasure, especially when it comes to TPH. You have helped me so much over the years and the productions you give my music are outstanding. I have no idea how you are going to top the sound you have given us on “Death Ritual Covenant”, but I know you will somehow if it comes to that. I’m very happy to have you by my side while I explore this music thing even further, wherever the fuck it takes us.

Marko Saarelainen (album layout/website) – The things you do for TPH have always been remarkable and you’ll always be a huge part of this entity that is TPH. Thank you once again for creating astonishing graphics and layouts for this album, just like you have been for close to 2 decades. You are fucken phenomenal in every aspect, sis. Always was, always will be. May your penis by a shrine for future generations!

Seiya Ogino (graphics/artwork/website) – The artwork you have created for “Death Ritual Covenant” is fantastic and then some. Not to mention the insane professionalism, dedication and (unpaid) assistance you offer all the time when it comes to TPH; Facebook banners, avatars, ads, Instagram story videos and so on and so forth. I’m speechless. I can never spill enough beer on you for everything you do.

The Haters – Without you, our 4 last albums wouldn’t have been made. I never thought it would be possible to actually get such a fan base. 4 times in a row you have donated cash so I can pay everyone involved and actually record and release my music in the way it deserves to be recorded and released. Quite a few years ago I had it with the record industry and wanted to see if this could be done on my own with the help from you guys… Obviously, it worked out. Again, again, again and again. You have heard it a million times; but TPH wouldn’t exist if as it is today if it weren’t for you. Thank you so fucken much for the incredible support. “Death Ritual Covenant” is your reward.

ATTENTION, WORLD! If you feel like the work I have put into this album is worth something, and think it’s not a ludicrous idea that I actually get paid for the insane amount of hours I have invested in this album and becoz you obviously want my music, well… then:

Order all 4 (yes, FOUR!) digital versions for a mere 150 SEK by PayPal’ing that sum to and you’ll get an email as soon as I see your payment with instructions as for how to download one or all of these 4 versions:

2. CD MIX (MP3)

The money that comes in will be spent on new gear to further enhance my musical vision that is TPH. I think that’s quite fucken reasonable.

Last off – “Death Ritual Covenant” is dedicated to the people who truly value what this is about and made it happen through their donations. And it’s dedicated to YOU who’s buying it now after reading this.

Enjoy it, Haters.

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Mr. Dan Swanö has a few choice words for you about “Death Ritual Covenant”…

“- What the fuck!!??

Yesterday I found out that the mix could take some 6.6 dB more gain (with the meters showing 6.66 dB RMS a little bit too often) and now, when I thought it would be funny to make some “fun with math” about my long relationship with TPH, I found out that in the 18 years TPH have released (12) albums, I have mixed 10 of them, making it… 0,6666666666666667 albums a year… what the fuck!??

Any how. These “post master delivery reflections” are always fun to write since TPH is one of the very few bands out that write better and better songs and very slowly shape-shift into something I like more and more, yet keeping some very (to others) limiting rules, such as the “Between 10 and 15 minutes” song length K still manage to keep my interest up and before you know it the 9 minutes have passed… always a good sign! In my 29 year long career of “Recording/Mixing for others” I have worked on many 3 minute songs that never seemed to end, so I know what I am talking about 😉

To me, this album is very much a sibling to the two previous ones (Completing the trilogy of a very powerful reboot of the TPH sound) yet I feel it is the best they have done, and knowing K, I will say this about the next one too, because I believe that he won’t let anything less ever leave the gates of his Dungeon… Needless to say, the TPH musicianship is again absolutely world class through out and every guest is adding something unique, that the usual crew isn’t already offering, which I find very refreshing. There’s too many albums where you find out reading the credits that there are guests… but you cannot really tell the difference between the playing (or even the singing) sometimes… making me think the guest appearance is just for the famous name on the sticker!

So… some parts worth mentioning, that made an instant impact on me.

“Death Ritual Covenant” 2:30 – Most likely the most insane heavy and “major-key melody” part ever recorded. 5:16 – Incredibly simple but effective death metal riff with that insane pitch-bending effect. Pure.Fucking.Genius. I love that TPH have this kind of parts nowadays. In the earlier times, when Torture Division was still around, it was more of a doom thing + electronica of all kinds… now there’s elements of Torture Division, God Among Insects (but tuned even deeper!!) and probably a few drops of Misery in there too, because TPH even Thrash it out from time to time… wonderful. And I love that the electronic parts are more on the ambient side.

“The Eating of the Impure Young” 1:12 – There’s no secret that I am A.O.R. maniac that occasionally dabble with brutal music (rather than the opposite that 99% of the world might think) so when there another major-key vocal line during the most sinister backing riff, in a duo with The Jörg Master, two worlds collide and it’s just awesomeness of the third degree! 24:14 is another great spot where a simple, yet diabolical clean guitar cross-fades into distortion and rips open a ferocious blast part (Dirk!!!) I love the dynamics you can work with in a track of this length (almost 15 min.)

Track three “Legions” 3:45 – This is the kind of part I could hear more from in TPH, where K blend the electronica and metal. Mega! Goosebumps alert at 4:40 where Lawrence Mackrory make an amazing guest appearing, showing every other metal singer out there how it’s done! That falsetto!! Hell yeah!

Track four “Through Fire There is Cleansing” 1:29 – As K predicted, yeah, I love the chorus!! I am sure some “No Hardness” comments might show up again, but seriously… this is just super hooky metal stuff, more of this on the next one K! 4:06 – Fucking hell! Strange noise – Balaam! Grind core conference Torture Division style! Lovely!

Five, “Inferno” 9:44 – Lasse’s solo goes into “soaring notes mode” and it’s just magical!

Track six “Solemn” 1:00 until 5:00 or so… really old school TPH here! Really good melodies and the vibe is somber and dark! 11:54 – Really epic and majestic part! Great vocals! The perfect way to end the record!

Already looking forward to the next one 🙂

/ Dan Swanö”

Pre-order/order this masterpiece:

Simply PayPal 150 SEK to and you’ll get the following 4 (yes, FOUR!) versions of this masterpiece when it’s completed:





You saw that? FOUR fucken versions of the album for 150 SEK. Each version is close to 80 minutes of playing time. Kinda fucken worth to put your money into that and support true artistry by doing so.

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