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Jayson: How much input did Dan Swano have with Cyber Sonic Super Christ?

Lord K: None except for mixing it and setting up the recordingstuff at my place. I recorded it all by myself with no input from anyone.

Jayson: What was the reason why he didn’t help out with “When we are done.”?

Lord K: I wanted to record in another studio and I´ll never regret that choice. Comparing the albums productionwise shows I made the right choice. Dan´s production is good but not great. Mieszko´s production on “When we are done” is excellent. Extremely heavy and brutal. I´ll definitely record at that place for the next album. No need to change a winning formula. Mieszko is great to say the least, easy to work with, though I didn´t exactly work with him as I recorded it by myself, but he sorted the sounds and everything. I prefer sitting there by myself when I record, coz I´m so picky about the stuff I play, a engineer would go insane. And I don´t need a fucken wanker there to press play and rec, I fucken know how to do that myself.

Jayson: The new album is actually an old album? This is still confusing as hell. Now’s your chance to clear it up and spill the dirt on how and why the people sucked on the initial recording of it.

Lord K: This album will not happen anymore as Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios called me up one day before we were going to the studio, saying he lost the tapes. Thanx fucken loads, fucken idiot.

Jayson: Are you re-recording all the instruments? Vocals?

Lord K: If this would have happened, the recording, we would only record new vocals from J, that was the whole deal. It´s a shame it´s not happening, it´s a great album, I´ll use parts from it for future TPH-songs anyways…. Mia´s vocals are so damn excellent on that album… What a shame noone will ever hear them. It´s her best work ever.

Jayson: Who is going to handle the production?

Lord K: Skogsberg would have. Now I´m trusting him as far as I can throw a fucken piano. Needless to say, you won´t see me record in that studio anytime soon, you never know if you´ll end up with the tapes or not.

Jayson: Well, with the lose of the Deadmarch master tapes this interview has to change course.

Lord K: I thought so. This is so fucked up. I feel like a fucken serial-killer when this topic comes up.

Jayson: Tell us about that phone call you got one day before you went into the studio. How did that conversation go? What were your feelings? Thoughts?

Lord K: We were supposed to enter the fucken Sunlight Studios on a Tuesday morning, Sunday or Monday I get a phonecall from Tomas Skogsberg saying he can´t find the tapes. I have called him a few times before to make sure he starts to fucken look for the tapes coz I wanted everything to go smoothly. Seeing I have known Tomas over a decade, I knew I had to get on his ass about this some time in advance. Like that helped thank you and fuck you. He says ” Bad news, I can´t find the tapes”. I say “that´s fucken excellent”. He asks me if we got the tapes with us when we were done with the recording back in 1998. I said fuck no becoz then I would have the fucken tapes stored safely. He mixed the album himself at the time which means he was the last one to have his hands on them. I got a Dat-tape sent in the mail, that´s what I have. I can´t fucken believe this. It´s a fucken great shame he lost them/recorded something new over them and doesn´t have the guts to tell me, but there´s nothing I can do. You never fucken EVER record something over older tapes without atleast checking with the band who are on the damn tapes. I´m dissapointed in him, I´m suprised as well… It´s a fucken shame.

Jayson: How many people did you kill after hearing the news?

Lord K: 665 nuns and one priest. I also fucked them up their asses. With Tomas Skogsberg´s head.

Jayson: Is the studio offering any compensation for your lose?

Lord K: He said we could record everything again for the same ammount of cash. That´s fucken great. Let´s go back and record that album once again, I just need to get my old gear back, re-program all the songs, re-play everything, sure, why not? That wasn´t the fucken thing, we wanted to fucken re-do the vocals, that was it. Fucken holy mother of all fucks this pisses me off.

Jayson: Do you have anything left of the Deadmarch session, or is it all lost with the disappearance of the master tapes? And if so, what will you do with it? Will we ever get to hear anything from then?

Lord K: I don´t think you´ll hear any songs from it, but we´ll definitely use parts of it, without a doubt. It´s a great recording. The only copy of it is the dat-tape, that I fortunately have. For no fucken use whatsoever, it´s not like I´ll listen to that one to hear their lack-luster performance within my excellent songs. J´s backingvocals are killer, Mia´s vocals are killer, my playing is killer, eight songs of early domination. Some stuff will end up on the next album. There´s one part on there that we´ll use with hopefully some backingvocalists, that one will turn out excellent. I don´t think we´ll use the song, but definitely that part, I´ll tell you that.

Jayson: Now a new TPH album featuring all new songs is on the way. What is the plan for this new album? What is written/recorded so far?

Lord K: Seeing I have had problems with my old gear and just got the new shit, we are working on stuff now. I think there´s like 3 songs ready, one or 2 half-done, and alot of bits and pieces that we have written while drinking beers and shit. I just need to get this new stuff set up properly and I can start to really work on the songs and make them completed. We have some song-titles and stuff as well as a possible title for the next album, we´ll see what we eventually use for the final title, but it´s not going to be very christian. It´s all along the same lines as always, we know what we do and we are the fucken masters at it.

Jayson: Are there any new inspiration or influences for the new album?

Lord K: I´m not sure it´ll be very obvious on the album, but Dark Funeral and Immortal have had some great impact on me, but we are not exactly going to sound like that. That´s not what TPH is about. It´s just the energy that influences me. The whole complete package of their stuff. We are staying on the path we created for sure, everything you know and love about us is going to be on the next album as far as music goes. But so much stuff inspires me, influences me, whether I know it or not, it´s all in there somewhere, but first and foremost, I concentrate on myself, that´s where the core of the domination is housing.

Jayson: What studio will you be using now?

Lord K: I´m very sure we´ll record with Mieszko in Soundlab Studios again. Can´t say good enough things about him. I enjoy it there, he gets us a killersound, it´s close to my place. I´d say Soundlab for sure.

Jayson: Do you think you’ll get the backing and support that TPH deserves or that you want from the record labels

Lord K: We´ll never get the support we want, that would be impossible. We want everything you know. We´ll make sure everything is ours in time… Alx has lined up some good stuff for us and I have faith in him and what he´ll do. He´s a great fucken guy to say the least. Feels fucken great to be on Threeman.

Now that we have warmed up, let’s move on…

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