The 4th installment of THE TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT is on!

Update December 11th, 2017: If you wanna follow the progress of how the 4th TPH Donation Experiment is going, tune in to our Facebook or Instagram since updates will be there continuously. Also, you wanna know what the planned 12th album will be entitled? Song titles? Go to those mentioned platforms. Now continue to the original post below.

Phew, the wait is over and here we go again… Time to walk down the quite frustrating path on this journey of seeing if this is possible a fourth time. Really, it’s something that’s been worth waiting for, right? Finally we can all just sit back calmly and see how the hell this is going to turn out. What a luxury.

Before I give you the details I’ll share a few words with ya. Probably more words than needed, but hey… fuck it. Some of you have heard it all before, and some of you haven’t, but to me it’s still some very important stuff. So, bare with me or just skip the next bunch of paragraphs (scroll down to the RED part of the text for the details) and get on with it.

The only reason there’s actually new TPH music coming out nowadays (I say “nowadays” as in “dating back to 2012 and our last 3 albums”) is becoz you people make it happen through your donations which fully finance the recordings. You make it possible for me to actually hire the services of my core crew Jörgen Sandström (male world champion of vocals), Ellinor Asp (female world champion of vocals), Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, world champion of drums), Lasse Johansson (Candlemass, world champion of guitar solos), Marko Saarelainen (world champion of artwork etc) and Dan Swanö (world champion of mixing and mastering). Bottom line, I couldn’t fucken do this if it weren’t for your monetary support and their willingness to contribute.
As said, 3 albums have been done this way up to this point, and it truly is remarkable. It’s three times more than I thought possible. Again, thank you.
Now we’ll see if a 4th album will be a reality.
I am always extremely skeptic when it comes to this, to be honest. It’s a pretty big chunk of cash that needs to be raised and I offer absolutely nothing but the music itself in return, presented in the best way I can possibly present it.
If we do not reach the monetary goal of 10000$ (that’s US dollars), I’ll give whatever money has come in to my local cat shelter – just as I said I would do last time. Or I’ll just wait until we actually reach the goal, even if that means the next album comes out in 2027? One of the two, for sure.
Quick math says that if something like 500 people donate nothing but the fixed sum of 150 SEK we’re home free. I don’t see that happening which makes it even more amazing that “just” 211 people made the last Experiment a success. You people always do way more than expected, obviously. And it’s mind boggling every fucken time.
Enough buttering. Let’s get down to blasphemy!
My wish is to have this recording completed as soon as possible in 2018. I can’t say when exactly, coz it’s out of my hands. My own work is done (except for the endless detail work I always do until the album is actually finished); the songs are completed, my guitars and bass have been recorded… Now I depend on the other people involved to do their magic as soon as they have the time for it. And you know perfection can’t be rushed as well as they have their own schedules to work with. But the truth is, the faster we move towards the 10000$ target, the sooner everyone can be compensated and get started tracking their magnificence when their schedules allow for them to do so.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the details:
1. You donate, via PayPal, the fixed sum of 150 SEK (or whatever sum above you think is reasonable, but 150 SEK (that is short for “150 Swedish Krona”, gets you the album when it’s completed, plain and simple) to Make the note say “DONATION”. Also, make sure you cover PayPal’s fee on top of it, please.
2. If you wanna pay in any other currency, use a reliable online converter and make sure it’s 150 SEK in the end that you’re donating. Again, don’t forget to cover PayPal’s fee.
3. By donating you’ll be getting 3 digital versions (of course a digital booklet etc is included too) to experience, and these are the formats;
– CD Mix as MP3
– Full Dynamic Mix as FLAC
– Full Dynamic Mix (instrumental version) as MP3
As always, this album will be mixed and mastered by the great Dan Swanö at Unisound and it will hold some astonishing 75-80 minutes of audio bliss. That means, for 150 SEK you get almost 4 hours of TPH Domination. What a bargain, no?
4. I always confirm your donation. Make sure you put in the email address you want the album link to be sent to as you donate. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – contact me immediately coz then something fucked up.
5. I will keep you updated on the progress of donations with every 1000$ level we reach, and I will also keep you informed when there’s anything of value to report progress wise.
So… the only question remaining is: will this work again?
We will see.
Thank you for your time and support, Haters!

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Order now, dammit!

It’s time to point it out again… Yes, there are STILL physical copies available of the latest masterpiece. Record sales are obviously through the roof these days, huh… And there’s always the downloading (left hand) path if you prefer that. So, here you go as far as ordering instructions go for both versions:


Put your hard-earned 200 SEK (postage and packing included) thru PayPal to and be the proud owner of this gem. As long as I don’t tell you that they are sold out, then there are copies available for your purchase, ok? When they are sold out, they are sold out and no more copies will be printed. As for now, there’s enough of them to build a couple of (small) inverted crosses at least. Make the note with your payment say “DIGIPAK” and PLEASE make sure your name and address is in there too. It’s fascinating how many people miss out on that tiny detail.

Do you prefer the digital way of listening to your shit? Read on…


The digital versions (3 of them even, you can find more info about this to the right) are 150 SEK through PayPal to Make the note say “OCACP DOWNLOAD”. Whichever version you end up buying it’ll be some of your best invested cash ever. Trust me on that. And I ALWAYS confirm your orders, so if you haven’t heard anything from me within 24 hours – contact me immediately coz then something has fucked up and we need to un-fuck it immediately. That’s how I work shit.

Huge thanx to all of you who have bought one version or the other. It means the world to me. Please spread the word too, by the way. That means – share this on your goddamn Facebook page. Or something. Whatever you do in terms of helping TPH out, I appreciate it more than you know.

Until there’s something of significance to report…


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Lyric video for the song “Reign” up on YouTube!

So, this is the lyric video for the song “Reign”, taken from our 2017 masterpiece entitled “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures” which was released on Mouth Of Belial Productions earlier this year. And if you want to watch it, just click the fucken thing and enjoy this piece of audio perfection.

And then… if you haven’t already, please buy the digital downloads (3 different versions) of this album here at our site and/or put in your order for a copy of the limited edition digipak. All the ordering information you could ever need is found to the right.

Support the blasphemy. Support true artistry.

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They have come alive!

The digipaks are here and they both look and sound fucken amazing. Now this weekend will be busy with packing everything to all of you who have pre-ordered this physical disc and then they’ll be on their way to you by next week. I will let you know when they have been posted, of course.

There are still copies available, so if you wanna be the proud owner of this fantastic album, PayPal 200 SEK (postage and packing included to anywhere in the world) to

If you don’t order it now I don’t wanna hear bitching and moaning in a few years that you missed out on this gem, haha… Pick it up while they’re in stock, goddamnit!

Huge fucken thanx to everyone who supported this album in one way or the other.

You are phenomenal.

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I just got an urgent phone call from the gentlemen who’s responsible for bringing “OCACP” to life in digipak form… Due to circumstances completely out of my and their hands there is a delay for approximately 2 weeks when it comes to the delivery of the albums to me.
This fucken blows on all accounts but there’s absolutely nothing that either of us could foresee nor prevent. They extend their apologies to both you and me and I am all fine with that, of course.
I personally apologize to you for the delay as well. I’ll keep you informed about everything as soon as I have something to share, you know this.
Hope you guys can survive this wait for a tad bit longer. If not, just email me and I’ll return your money. Click this link for more updates as we have them.

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