Heading into the mixing of “Death Ritual Covenant”!

Good evening, loyal Haters!

Lemme take this opportunity to tell you that the mixing process of “Death Ritual Covenant” has begun! But hear me out now… Due to extremely busy schedules on all accounts, we’ll give this procedure at least a month or two to make sure everything is perfect when you finally get to hear what we have been working on for the last year and a half or so.

If everything goes well and the planets align, it sure looks like the initial plan of having “Death Ritual Covenant” out in the summer of 2018 will work out. We’ll see, and let’s keep our fingers crossed. if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. But we are aiming for this, for sure.

The amount of work, as mentioned before, involved in the making of this is just absolutely insane. It would be interesting to see the hours I have invested in this beast so far, coz I can assure you; I have never been this addicted and devoted to anything I have ever created with TPH. And that says quite a bit, you know. Luckily, there’s no tool for calculations like that, coz I’d probably go insane if I knew…

But anyways, me and legend Dan Swanö at Unisound AB will now spend some serious amount of time the coming month to find the sound we’re looking for when it comes to represent what “Death Ritual Covenant” is about. In the meantime you won’t get many updates here, but be sure to know that stuff is now building up for this final stage of completing our 12th album. As mentioned though, it’ll probably take a few more months before it’s completely done and ready to be revealed.

Perfection can not be rushed.

Thank you to all of you who heroes who made The TPH Donation Experiment 4 a success.

“Death Ritual Covenant” is becoming the very behemoth you made it possible to be.

Onwards to victory!

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Quick Hate Update!

It’s been a few weeks since last time, Haters, so an update is in order.

We will not start mixing “Death Ritual Covenant” just yet. I have to spend some more time with this before I can deliver it to Mr. Swanö for the gigantic process of wrapping everything up. The work put into this album is seriously insane, and it shows. I simply can’t let it out of my hands until I feel it’s absolutely fucken perfect, and we’re getting closer and closer to that.

But this time I’ll leave you with a short clip from The Dungeon from one of the songs on the album. Becoz you greatly deserve it; you who made the 4th TPH Donation Experiment a success. Enjoy while it lasts!

We’ll talk again as soon as there are some more news to share. Your wait and support will be rewarded.

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Entering the final phase for “Death Ritual Covenant”.

A few things for ya, Haters.

First off, thank you guys for buying the few spare shirts that I listed on our Facebook page a few days ago. Much appreciated and they have now all been sent out.

And now to the actual album news; shortly I am expecting the final stuff from Ms. Asp and Mr. Verbeuren, which means I will now take some time to go thru everything for the album over the coming weeks until it’s time to start mixing “Death Ritual Covenant” with Mr. Swanö at Unisound AB. What I wanna say with that is; don’t expect many/any updates here or at Facebook until the mixing process begins since I won’t have much to report. Smaller TPH related shit will be posted at our Instagram account (@tph666) though, so keep an eye on that page if you’re interested, ok?

Third, once again I wanna extend my deepest gratitude to you people who made the 4th TPH Donation Experiment a success so “DRC” is actually becoming a reality. It truly means the world to me and the album is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic, as planned. Cheers to everyone involved with creating this beast. I am honored.

So, until next time; take good care and thanx for supporting The Hate. Now I will perfect “Death Ritual Covenant” to the maximum of my abilities.

It shall be done.

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“Death Ritual Covenant” recording update!

You who follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram already know about this, but here’s where we are at recording wise:

  • Mr. Sandström has nailed all of his vocal work.
  • Ms. Asp is currently putting her magic into the third tune (out of 6),
  • Mr. Johansson has fired up some incredible guitar leads for all the songs.
  • Mr. Verbeuren is currently recording his drums and is well under way with that.

And me, I am working on everything else for this album on a more or less daily basis to make sure it comes out spectacular when it’s time for it to be unleashed upon the world. Mr. Swanö is waiting in the wings to be able to sink his teeth into this beast and give it a killer production. There’s some ways to go before that happens though. The plan has always been to have “DRC” out in the first half of 2018, and so far that plan seems to hold up.

Also, huge thanx to all of you, Haters, who pre-ordered the new shirt and made it our best selling shirt ever. Very appreciated! No more pre-orders are being taken and these shirts should be sent out within the coming 3 weeks or so. Everything has been delivered to the printers at Hellloil already, so now all we do is wait for them to arrive so I can start packing them and ship them to you all.

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on all the minor updates I am handing out there as far as the new album goes, ok?

Until next time!

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Cover art for “Death Ritual Covenant” and new merch available for pre-ordering!

I know you have waited to see what will grace our 12th album art wise. The amazing Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design has fired up this incredible piece that you can see now. I can’t thank the guy enough for his insane professionalism and dedication towards the TPH vision. His creation perfectly displays everything I want said graphics wise with “DRC”. To put it mildly, if you’re in need of some help with websites, merchandise, album covers or whatnot – contact Seiya right away! Even though the cover is now designed by someone else than our longtime artist Marko Saarelainen, this doesn’t mean Marko’s not involved with this, not at all. Marko will take care of the rest of the packaging that comes with the album. It will be absolutely glorious, trust me on this.

And in celebration of revealing the cover, we also have shirts up for pre-ordering! This design is obviously a variation of the album cover and if I may say so – this is our best looking shirt yet! Once again Seiya’s done some killer work. Just check it out and then read on for all the pre-ordering information you might need.

The shirts then… there will be 4 different versions, as can be seen above (duh) and I’ll take pre-orders for these during the whole of February, meaning they will be printed and delivered during the first half of March if nothing fucks up in the process. I have told you this before, but the reason I do this pre-order thing is – I obviously don’t make much money off of TPH, which prevents me to print a huge batch of shirts in various sizes just to have them laying around unsold at the end of the day. By pre-ordering you make it possible for me to see how many shirts I can order from the manufacturing company without worrying about bankruptcy. Sure, this always makes for some delay in the deliveries between payment and actual shipping, but I simply can’t work it any other way. I’m sure you understand and are ok with this DIY crap I have to deal with. The downside of being a small-time band, I guess, haha…

Here are the technicalities for both the shirt and how to go about to order:
Shirt brand: Fruit Of The Loom (Super Premium). Make sure you are aware of what sizes are available with each color of the shirt. And these are the designs:
BLACK w/WHITE PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
WHITE w/BLACK PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
RED w/BLACK PRINT (available sizes S-3XL)
BLACK w/GREY PRINT (available sizes S-5XL)
Price is 220 SEK/shirt and payment is made thru PayPal. I have raised the price from the usual 200 SEK since postage has gone up and people always forget/don’t give a fuck about PayPal’s fee when they pay. This way their fee is covered and you don’t have to think about it. If you’re in Sweden and want to pay in some other way, you e-mail me at
So, PayPal your money to: and make sure you write your name and address with the payment as well as making sure it says EXACTLY which version(s) of the shirt you want and what size, according to the descriptions above. Your note should look like this:
1 BLACK/WHITE (XL) AND 1 RED/BLACK (M). Send to *name and address*
Also, I ALWAYS confirm your order, so if you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours – something is fucked. Contact me immediately if so, ok? A few more things about these shirts… the print might differ a little bit in size in real life compared to the pictures included here, but we always aim to print as large as possible. Also, the actual shirt colors might not look exactly as shown here, but you prolly already know this.
That should do it for now. Now excuse me, I have an album to complete!

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