All digipaks sent out today!



All digipak orders have been sent out as of today, Friday the 18th of September! It only took 2 full evenings to write custom notes, put addresses on everything, insert cd’s into the parcels and get all of those goddamn stamps on said parcels. Holy shit this rockstar life is haaaaard, I tells ya.

So, as said; everything is sent out and hopefully the postal service will get your stuff to you in a safe manner. Keep in mind that due to the Covid-19 shit there might be minor or major delays in the deliveries, depending on where you live. Even though I am King I can do fuck-all about this. Please let me know at when your package arrive. And pleeeeease let me know if I somehow messed up your order. After all, believe it or not… I am actually human, damnit!

Thanx a hella lot to all of you who ordered a digipak. You people are so awesome.

Getting rid of the remaining discs of this limited edition is now a priority. There’s a bunch left unfortunately, so spread the word if you feel like it. Even though this link is about pre-ordering, just jump to the ordering details to claim one of the remaining copies and I’ll send it asap after getting your order. As long as I don’t say otherwise there are copies available. I’ll let you know when there’s less than 10 left. Again, thanx for the support. It is mindblowing.


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If everyone who have claimed a copy or 2 actually go through with ordering it looks like I can eventually get rid of the 200 limited edition digipaks that are up for grabs now. It amazes me once again to see the kind of support you people show the work of TPH, and let it be known I appreciate it so much. Have in mind now, when these 200 are sold out there are no more copies available, and there won’t be a re-print. That’s what “limited edition” means, you know.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, make sure you check that your country can receive packages from Sweden. And also have in mind that it will most likely take longer than usual for your package to arrive considering the current situation. If you’re in a country that you know is shady with delivering your stuff, I recommend you pay extra for registered mail becoz I can take no responsibility if your ordered item disappears. Contact me at to know what it will cost you, coz it differs from country to country.

That’s all, let’s get to the ordering details, shall we?

Claim your copy/copies by doing the following:

– PayPal 210 SEK per copy to The price includes postage and packing to whatever country you’re in.



– Wait for my confirmation of your order so you know everything went through correctly. I ALWAYS confirm your order within 24 hours, so if you haven’t heard from me within that time frame; contact me immediately coz then something fucked up!

– If you are a fellow Swede and want to use Swish or bank transfer, contact me at and we’ll work out the details, ok?

Everything has been sent to the manufacturing company now so the process of getting the digipaks made can start in a few days. It will take a few weeks until I get them delivered to my house, and as soon as I do I will start packing everything and ship them out to you. You will naturally be updated on the process through our social media platforms. I will also let you know when/if I’m starting to run out of copies. Please feel free to share this post wherever you see fit to do so.

There we go, ladies and gentlemen of Hate! Place your orders and stay safe out there.

We’ll talk again as we go along. Thank you once again for your support. You’re the reason all of this can be done.

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“Purgatory” now available on Bandcamp!

If you wanna order “Purgatory” through Bandcamp for a mere 80 SEK, and miss out on all the bonus digital versions that are available for 150 SEK at this very site, you can do so now by clicking this. Take good care, all of you, and we’ll talk again eventually.

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On April 3rd, 2020, we released “Purgatory”, our 13th album.

I once again wanna thank you people who made it possible through your donations, and I also wanna thank the 50-somethng heroes who have actually bought it after its release when you just as easily could have stolen it off the net. I appreciate it very much.

You can of course still buy the album. Just follow the instructions in the picture. I usually send the download info seconds after you’ve ordered it, but sometimes I actually sleep too, so… if you for some weird reason haven’t heard from me within 24 hours after placing your order – contact me at immediately so we can set shit straight, ok?

Moving on…

I have addressed this numerous time but here we go again; quite a few of you have been asking for digipaks and when they will be available for pre-ordering. At this point, I don’t know, really.

With the state the world is in right now I don’t think buying digipaks (nor downloads, obviously) is of anyone’s priority, which is very understandable. If there’s a demand for digipaks they could be made eventually, but it’s such a dicey process not knowing if I can get rid of them or not, so… yeah. It is what it is. I’ll let you know what happens with this, if anything, as always.

What else…

Yeah, you people who email me asking for a free copy to play on your “Internet Radio Show”, or you who want a free copy to review on your “respected metal blog”… you can stop sending those emails. I do not make music to have you review it.

Don’t get me wrong though; write about it all you want if you feel like it, just don’t ask me to send you free copies for that purpose. I don’t do TPH for you.

I do this for myself, and it’s all possible becoz of you who donate some of your hard-earned cash to the cause of me being able to have everything professionally executed. So obviously it’s also being made for those who enjoy the TPH formula to such an extent they wanna help out financially. That’s all there is to it.

A few more things…

I am obviously not very active on our social media platforms unless I have something of (somewhat) importance to announce, so if you have any questions/comments and you put them on these platforms, do not expect a reply. But feel free to comment if you prefer that over emailing.

If you want to get in touch with me and let me know how much you love/hate “Purgatory”, or if you have any TPH questions in general; send me a mail at and I’ll get back to ya when I can.

It’s time to wrap up this rant…

I’m so proud of “Purgatory” and the fact I once again had the honor of working with all these absolutely amazing people to make my musical vision with “Purgatory” a reality. And I’m extremely lucky to have the support of you guys; The Haters.

Stay safe out there and we’ll talk again eventually.


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“Purgatory” out now, April 3rd, 2020!

Welcome “Purgatory”!

The amount of work that has gone into this album exceeds anything I have done before and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I won’t take up too much of your time now, I just want to get a few choice words out there.

Considering today’s state of the world, hopefully this 80 minute behemoth will help you forget all the shit that is happening right now for a moment or two. Wherever you are, I hope you people are doing ok.

This is our 13th album. That is quite the milestone. And as with the past 4 albums, this one wouldn’t have been possible without the monetary support from you; The Haters. I can never thank you enough, as you know by now. It was an extremely slow process to reach the $10000 budget, but you made it happen once again.

I’ll never take that for granted, and it blows my mind to have this support from you people.

My eternal gratitude goes out to Jörgen Sandström, Ellinor Asp, Dirk Verbeuren, Lasse Johansson, Dan Swanö and Marko Saarelainen for their involvement with this recording. You are all second to none and absolutely invaluable to my concept and vision that is TPH of today. I also raise my glass to Johan Längquist (vocals) & Fredrik Folkare (guitar solo) for their guest contributions. I’m so honored all of you took the time out of your schedules and helped shaping “Purgatory” to what it is.

With that said, let me wrap things up by saying that if you, for some reason, want to get in touch with me and let me know how much you love/hate “Purgatory”; do so by using

I will not be very active on our social media platforms unless I have something of importance to announce, so if you have any questions/comments and you put them on those platforms, do not expect a reply. But feel free to comment if you prefer that over emailing.

If you want to support the insane amount of hours I have spent on this album, please buy the album’s multiple digital versions (CD mix MP3, CD mix FLAC, High Dynamic Resolution Master FLAC 44.1 24 bit and HDR Instrumental FLAC) for a mere 150 SEK by transferring that amount over PayPal to and your download instructions will be sent to you as soon as I see the payment.

Enjoy the 80 minutes of absolute brilliance that “Purgatory” holds, take good care out there and we’ll talk eventually.


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