And E is done with her work for the next album!

EThe Prodigy is done with her vocals. DONE! First she did demo vocals for all tracks. Then me and Ms. Asp went back and forth and changed things, improved and rebuilt all kinds of stuff. And then she went into the studio and re-recorded pretty much everything and made it even more phenomenal. I don’t know what to say. I have never collaborated with nor met someone this amazing in this music business thing. You will see. Ellinor has a few words for you all:

“- Done and done! Laid my final hand and vocal on the album. Power and inspiration have been my companions during this half year that has past. Laughter, sweat and tears…Thank You, Lord K Philipson! Tears burn behind my eyes… feels so sad and yet so fantastic! Waiting impatiently for this masterpiece to be mixed by the king. Have a great summer, folks!”

Onwards to victory.

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Moving forwards big time!

tphIn case you haven’t been following the progress (at our Facebook page) of completing our new album, then you have been missing out. Jörgen has put down 2 songs with his vocals. Ellinor‘s reworked all the demo vocals and nailed the real ones for 90% of the material, and she’s looking to complete the remaining 10 percent in the next couple of weeks. Dirk Verbeuren‘s recorded one song with drums and will get to work on the rest as soon as time allows for him to do so. Everything is still going according to plan, which feels amazing.  There are still a few guitar solos waiting to happen and I am working small details all the time, making sure this is the epitome of domination when it’s finished. And it will be.

My life’s work, created together with the best fucken people I have ever encountered.

You’ll see.

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Enter our Facebook page for tons of updates!

tphJust click this link. A lot of stuff is happening as far as the work of completing our coming album goes, and we keep you guys updated over at the FB page on a pretty much daily basis. If you have the least interest in what we do, we strongly advice you to bookmark that page and see what’s going on. There are pre-production clips, a few videos, photos and updates from various people involved with the recording procedure over there. Everything you could wish for to keep yourself up-to-date with our activities.

Go there, coz that’s where the… eh… magic is happening.

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Target is reached!

Mission accomplished

As you know by now, you Haters have made sure we have reached the target we set up to cover everything for our coming album. I can NEVER thank you guys enough. You made this happen and I am completely fucken floored. Be sure that this will be our grand opus up to this point. You will see when you get to hear it. Just wait, people… Just wait. You have no idea.

Now when the target is reached there are people asking if they can still get the album… Of course you can. You simply pay the fixed sum (there was a mixed sum installed after discussing it with The Haters, with the option of donating anything above that if you felt like it. This way, when Judas leaks it – he/she had to pay for it just like everyone else) as described in this post. And then you’ll have it even if you didn’t help us reach the target in The Experiment 2. As I have stated before, this one is not being sent out to any media whatsoever, just like the last one wasn’t. It’s created for YOU who make it happen. I give exactly ZERO fucks about reviews, media and everything else that comes with it. No free copies are sent out to anyone. I do this out of the purest passion, becoz it is my calling – and it CAN be done thanks to you, people. You who help me and us to get it all done right with the donated funds.

I will keep you updated with quite a few things as we go along coz I have a bunch of stuff in store for you to keep you on your toes while we complete this album. Always keep an eye on our Facebook where I post stuff on pretty much a daily basis. Also check our forums where I do the same thing. I want you to be involved in the whole process, becoz it’s important to me. It’s important to me to let you know that you are the goddamn reason this album is being done.

I thank you all, all of you who surprised me by making us get to the goal in such a short time.

Prepare for devilry of the finest kind, ladies and gentlemen. Coz that is EXACTLY what we will deliver.

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Mission accomplished

The goal is reached, but this post is being kept so you can get all the information you could ever need if you don’t know what it’s about. If you’re here just to know how to get this coming album even if you didn’t donate to the cause – just click this link and be enlightened. Scroll down to the bottom of the very post you’re reading if you wanna skip to the section as for how to purchase the masterpiece when it’s completed.

Original post:

1. This topic is being update all the time with the current targets reached on our way to the final goal. You can see the progress above.

2. If you’re curious about the process of completing the next album, this is the link to click. I update that topic over at our forums as soon as I have something of value to say and/or when something major has happened that I believe you might give a shit about knowing.

3. Or you could head over to our Facebook where there are updates every now and then, not necessarily posted at our official website. You’ll also find some clips from my home studio of the work in progress as a small reward for every 500$ target we reach after 5000$ or so. You definitely want to hear them.

4. Now over to all the info you need to know about The TPH Donation Experiment 2:

If you don’t know what this is about, please take a few minutes and click the link to get an explanation. Even if that info is a couple of years old, the idea is the same. I even marked out the most crucial information in red to make it easier for ya.

Here we go again then… Over the last few months quite a few mails have been sent to me from people asking when they can start to donate to make the next album happen, just like “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” was brought to life – through the assistance of The Haters. Well, the time has come. Considering we will need a bigger budget than last time we better get this going right away if we’re ever to reach the goal. The plans are to complete this recording sometime during 2014. You who follow the updates know where we are at right now, so keep on checking out our official site, our forums and our Facebook page for the latest info, always. Anyways, the last time we did this Experiment, it worked out. I am eternally grateful for it and it still puzzles me. Can it be done again? Well… I don’t really know to be honest. I’m not taking anything for granted. But I am willing to give it a try. The worst thing that could happen is that your money will be returned and the recording will not come to fruition. Simple as that.

So, this donations thing then… A lot of you guys that I have been talking to the last months seem to think that having a fixed sum for donations (of course with the option of donating more if you feel like doing so) is the way to go, simply becoz of a few reasons:

1. Last time we got a bunch of 1 dollar (and a few less than that, really) donations. Those were obviously made by people who wanted to leak the recording on the Internet and nothing else. I stuck to my word and sent the album to EVERYONE who made a donation, no matter how big or small it was. That’s what I promised to do, and that’s what I did. Only problem was Judas leaked it, as explained.

2. So, in accordance to what you guys think is a great idea – there will be a minimum sum for donations this time if you wanna get the album when it’s done. This way, Judas will at least have to pay what everyone else pay before the vermin can leak it.

Let me explain a few other things before we move on…

1. We need to hit the 10000 US dollar mark to be able to pay for the services of everyone involved. Recording vocals, drums and get the damn thing mixed and mastered (by the mighty Dan Swanö at Unisound as always). Yes, it’s double the amount compared to what we spent on “TCRA”, and this time around it’s needed becoz we’re stepping things up a bit studio/recording wise and I want to make sure that we’re getting the best result we can get on all accounts. It’s not about making a fuck-ton of cash to spend on whiskey and hookers (I’d ask for 25000 dollars if that was the case), it’s for making sure we can do everything humanly possible to get the best goddamn material we have ever done out to you Haters, presented in the best way we can.

2. This 10000 dollar goal is JUST for covering the recording and making sure you guys get a complete album, sounding as fucken awesome as possible. I’m not even thinking about pressing physical CD’s at this point.

3. You’ll, just like last time, get both an instrumental digital version of the album as well as the real deal, in various formats (WAV, MP3′s in high quality – complete with a printable booklet and everything if you wanna do your own CD). Since you already helped us in creating “TCRA”, you already know how this works.

4. This coming album is not recorded for media in any way, shape or form. It’s being brought to life for myself, everyone involved and for YOU who support the cause and make it happen. No one else. I have no interest in media coverage or reviews any longer. It matters not to me. Creating this beast and eventually being able to share it with the ones who give a fuck about TPH is the only thing I care about.

So, do you wanna be a part of making this album see the light of day? Here are the conditions:

1. Donate a fixed sum of 150 SEK, 18 Euros or 25 US dollars (or anything you feel is reasonable above that) through PayPal to

2. Bank transfer:

Account holder: K. Philipson
Account: 8164-6,4 234 547-0
IBAN: SE60 8000 0816 4600 4234 5470

Lekebergs Sparbank
Box 66
716 21 Fjugesta

3. E-mail us (just to be safe) at and let us know about your donation so we can put your e-mail address down as for where to send the download link when the album is completed sometime later this year if everything goes according to plan (shit can always fuck up plans, you know).

I will keep you all updated on every 500 dollar mark we reach until/if we get to the goal of 10000 dollars. And I will naturally keep you updated on the process of completing everything as we go along as well.

So, now we’ll see if this works out once again and if we can get our best effort yet out to you guys. No matter what, I thank you for the support you have shown in the past. You’re the reason we could do “TCRA”, and if this new album becomes a reality – it’s thanx to you and no one else.

Spread the word. Revolutionize the business once again.

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