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Order the new album from us directly!

But not now, release is still July 6th, you know. But we thought it’d be nice to inform you that we will have a few albums for sale in some months. Save up yer cash and buy it directly from us when the time comes. We have talked to Vic Records about this and we both agreed that alot of people prefer to buy directly from the band so we will have that service for you.

All the information will come when you need it as for how to order this coming masterpiece.

Yet another step closer to finishing up this album…

Just came home from Swanö where we made the last corrections. Now there’s but a few small things left for him to fix before I get the second and supposed to be final mix so I can check everything so closely it’ll drive me insane. This will take but a few days. We came up with some fantastic shit today as well, stuff I have been thinking about for a while and now it fell into place.

Now we are real close to wrapping this bastard up…

On behalf of The Hate /

Getting closer to wrapping it all up!

Mr. Swanö‘s now got his hands full this weekend for the first corrections of the mix that is needed. He’s done an amazing job with the sound but there are some stuff that we are not fully satisfied with that Dan will take care of to try to please our asses. The album sounds absolutely fantastic, that’s for sure. Once again we are very happy that Dan is the man to handle the mixing, making this album everything we want it to be. It looks like this masterpiece will be fully completed within a week or two, then it’s off to Vic Records for printing. Vic’s been awesome to us so far so it feels really great to be on board with them.

Marko Saarelainen is currently working his balls off with the album cover and the booklet, and believe us – not only have we outdone ourselves music-wise, Marko’s been outdoing himself big time with this beautiful package that is coming your way.

As you understand, the album is being very close to be completed now and as soon as we can we will announce the release date and hand you some teasers (perhaps we have some nice surprises up our sleeves until the album is out too).

A huge-ass report on everything will come as soon as as it is all done.

And the last guest vocals are completed!

Just got the final guest vocals and fuck me sideways this is some insane shit. I have the deepest respect for this vocalist and he’s actually been wanting to participate for quite some time, meaning he’s harassed me more often than I have harassed him about doing vocals. And the shit he pulled off… Well, you will get some unexpected shit on this masterpiece, that’s for sure. Both vocal wise and music wise.  Thanx to everyone who chipped in and made this my life’s work. You guys are the best. And no, I won’t reveal any names just yet but be sure you’ll find out in a bit…

Oh, and I worked my way thru the 6th track today (working with all the vocals, that is) and will do the last one tomorrow morning. Fucken unbelievable that all the vocals are now done… Dan will spend the coming few days sorting the mix for everything and I’ll continue with the corrections for a week or so. It’s real close now and I’m fucken ecstatic about this shit.

As should you be…

On behalf of The Hate / K

And Mr. Sandström is done with his vocals!

Yeah, it took some time. Well, it didn’t actually take alot of time to do his vocals, but to find time to do them. Well hey, we are done with them now which means all the main vocals are completed. That’s all the update you get today. More information will follow later on coz now we have some work to do with the best album you ever heard from us (you just don’t know it yet).

You’ll see.