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And the bass is done!

Yeah, just finished up the bass for the coming monster. Now what’s left is to go thru all the bass that is played and see if anything needs to be fixed before considering it completely done. We are tearing down wall by wall with this recording, now we only have the vocals left. As mentioned, Jo will start doing her stuff next Thursday and it looks like J is actually starting his singing endeavors tomorrow. Things are definitely moving forward, to say the least. Tonight we will finally get all the drums and get them into the songs and swap the programmings for the real deal. That feels great as well. To finally get the tunes with the real drums is always a treat since we have listened to the programmed versions for quite some time now. There’s nothing like flesh and blood when it comes to drums, you know.

So, things are moving forward nicely and within a few weeks Dan Swanö should be able to start mixing this monster if all goes as planned. There is a chance that some videos and whatnot might surface on this site and at our forums given time, you never know.

Stay tuned for more information about the process of this masterpiece, Haters.

Small recording process update!

K is  making huge progress with the bass. There’s like 1 song left or so, then he’ll go back and listen closely for eventual playing fuck-up’s and whatnot. It sounds fucken massive with the bass on this shit, that’s for sure. Ampeg is the muthafucken boss, we tells ya.

We’ll see what kind of sound we end up with in the end but this is definitely what we are aiming for; a lot of fucken “clonk clonk” and brutality. And thanx to  Mr. Dan Swanö for lending K this terrific bass to put down the thunder with:

K with the bass

It seems like J will start doing his vocals this weekend too, so things are progressing nicely.

Stay tuned for more updates as we go along.