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And Ruby’s put down another one!

And man, I can’t even describe how I feel about her work. She’s astonishing. Absolutely fantastic work in this tune as well. To hear everything come together is pure bliss and the way J and Ruby sound with each other is just fucken ace. I couldn’t be happier. I take a bow to these people. Now they have but one more song to put down their work on and then the vocals are done!

Also, I am working on the third episode in our series of promo videos. If there’s anything you wanna ask me and perhaps get a reply to in one of those, feel free to do it over at the forums or thru a regular e-mail at I’d be happy to try and answer your inquiries.

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Behold the adversary for it is TPH.

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It’s getting closer… Fifth and second part revealed.

The fifth song title is now revealed. But maybe there’s more to this whole thing than just these words?

And above is the second part out of nine when it comes to the cover.

Soon, people… Soon…

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The first out of nine…

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In the meantime…

While I am waiting for the heroes in this band to finish up their stuff, here’s another song title for you…

The full title of the album is almost revealed now… Just one word left and then you have it in its absolute glory. Wanna take part in the discussion on this topic? Then click me and enter the forums. In related news, Ruby is planning to put down her next tune (2 remaining for The Kid) this week and I can’t wait to hear her real work on it since the demos are outstanding. J just has his last tune to do, and he should wrap his work up shortly. I am doing some fine tuning in the meantime, making sure this is becoming the beast it’s destined to be. Guitar solos are coming in as well, and holy shit – they sound absolutely fantastic, as I knew they would. Don’t forget to click this link to learn what you need to do to be able to hear this recording when it’s done, and stay tuned for more info as we go along…

It has been awaken from its slumber, people…

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J was supposed to nail his last track yesterday, but unfortunately studio owner Jonas called in sick. Too much Hate to handle, you know. They’ll enter the studio as soon as he feels better though, so everything is moving along all fine. Ruby is recovering from a nasty flu and is feeling better so she’s off to the studio asap to nail her last stuff (2 more songs to do for The Kid) as well, and then the vocals are done. Just wonderful. I have spent countless and countless of hours, weeks, months perfecting every little detail and, as mentioned before, I feel pretty much done with my work. I know there will be some new ideas popping up as I work with the last vocals – but those are only icing on the cake. I haven’t gotten any more solos since the last time I talked about that, but I know the guys are on it. What I have received so far sounds astonishing, as expected. Dirk is currently in China doing clinics and has sent me all of his finished tracks except for one, simply becoz he didn’t bring that last tune with him for unfathomable reasons. We blame age. It’s not easy being a drumming phenomenon and remember everything that comes with it, you know. Needless to say, his work on this coming album is just magical. He pulls off stuff I never thought was even possible with one pair of hands and one pair of feet. You will be fucken blown away, trust me on that.

As you can see – we are moving forward and everything is going according to plan. I always wanted this one to be finished in 2012 and as it looks right now – that still stands. If something happens along the way that we can’t foresee, it will be finished in early 2013. Let it be known though that I will not let go off this album until I feel everything is done. I’m not rushing anything. You guys deserve it, and you deserve it becoz you made it happen with your donations and your support. I can never thank you enough for that. I will reward you in spades – all of us who are on this recording will.

And you know when I say so – it is so.

Later this week you will have another song title… and perhaps that one is revealing one more word of what the album is actually called.

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