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Another goal reached!

Thanx to you, Haters, we have now reached another goal in the TPH Donation Experiment. Some people have even donated twice for this cause, and we can’t thank you guys enough, no matter if you just donated a buck or a thousand. We truly, truly appreciate it and keep our fingers crossed that this will work out so we can give you the best damned album of our career.  Spread the word and make this come alive.

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Donation’s come to a halt?

Are you guys spreading the word about The TPH Donation Experiment? After a great start it seems to have come to a halt. Sure, it’s not crucial that we reach the target now, but we wanna get the word out there as much as possible, and make people aware of what’s going on – slowly making our way to the goal and record this coming masterpiece. We really, really need you guys to spread the Satanic gospel and make this album happen. Post the information on your Facebook page and/or MySpace. Tell your friends what’s in the pipeline and order them to do the same. Make this thing come alive. Show the record labels it can be done without them. Show everyone how determined supporters of a band can be and take pride in what you are a part of by donating as little as a single dime. Click the link above and read the low-down on this whole agenda again.

If you don’t feel like “just” donating, buy a shirt if you feel that’s more reasonable. The money from eventual sales go straight into the funds.

In the meantime, we thank you guys who have donated. You are obviously the true Haters.

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Lurking in the shadows…

Just went thru all the ideas and bits’n’pieces of music I have recorded but not used yet that is to be on the next album, and holy shit there’s some great stuff in there just waiting to be dealt with and put into songs. Can’t wait to move into the new house and get started so I can finish up this coming album in 2012. Good thing is that in the meantime I can play around with my newly purchased Cubase 6, Symphobia 2 and Reason 5 and check out all that shit, perhaps learning some stuff in the process. We have definitely stepped up for this recording. You will see. If we reach the target with donations, that is.

Don’t forget to spread the word about The TPH Donation Experiment and make your contribution.

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Heads up again!

We started this TPH Donation Experiment on September 16th. In a month we have gotten funds from you Haters that tallies up to (at this very moment) 1623 dollars. That’s almost 50 bucks donated per day, which is absolutely amazing. I just wanna thank you so much for the support this far. We still have quite a bit to go before we have the money needed to be able to record this next album, but it looks like we are on to something at least.

Spread the word about this experiment and make sure this album comes to life. You do not wanna miss out on what we have in store, I guarantee it.

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Another goal reached!

Again, we can’t thank you enough. This is truly amazing.

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