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The silence means activity.

tphYep, we have been quiet here for a few weeks. Simply becoz there’s nothing to report. I am working on music all the time and there’s really no need to do updates on every little bit of progress, methinks. If you want activity you can head over to our Facebook page where lately we have posted some photos from the past and whatnot. Check it out and leave a comment if you feel like it. It’s always cool to interact with you guys, you who support what we do.

So, bottom line is: do not think nothing is happening becoz we don’t do any updates. There’s always activity in the Hate camp. We’ll just notify you when we have something of value to share.


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Sermon 1 – completed.

Sermon 1There we go. After quite a bit of work the first song for the next planned TPH album is completed as far as stage 1 goes. I have told you before that I always do the “body work” for all music first before going back to it every now and then and fixing details, adding stuff – making it perfect as I go along. This feels absolutely amazing, the tune does. We are a long, long way from having the next album, but I believe it’s nice to keep you guys informed as for what is happening as far as this utter blasphemy goes.

So, stay tuned for updates. As soon as something is happening you will find out about it at this very site.

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Did you download “TCRA” illegally?

tphThen make amends by using PayPal and donate 5, 10 (dollars/Euros) or any other sum you see fit to You’ll unbecome Judas in the process, and that would be nice for you, wouldn’t it? After that you can listen to what we have created without being a thief who’s a part of the process of killing music. If all of you who have been stealing from us do this it means we can buy ourselves new weapons in the war against Christianity. Yeah, something like that.

So, repent! Make amends! Or Satan will certainly reject you at the very gates of Hell when you die.

In other news: the next chapter of TPH’s discography is being written as we speak. It’s a long, long path to walk before it’s finished though, but trust me – we are taking this beast up another level yet again.

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It is on… The process has started…

The demons are gathering and diabolical symphonies are being constructed. Another soundtrack of Armageddon is being created, piece by piece and the first chapter is almost completed in its entirety. Still, quite a few more chapters to be written…

Hellcat obviously approves of the music.



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