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Creating blasphemy.

4The body work for song 3 is finished and guitars and bass have been put down. I am truly satisfied with this one and some parts definitely turned out quite challenging to play. Still all the electronics and orchestras left to arrange for this third tune as well as having about 50% of those to do for the second tune as well.

But goddamn if we aren’t moving forward big time.

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It is rising from the abyss…

TPHThe body work for song 3 is pretty much done. I need to put down bass, create all the orchestras and electronics when the time is right though. And there’s still the additional orchestras to work out for song 2, but that one is real close to being wrapped up.

It looks like the main frame for about half of the next installment of Domination is already in the books.


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Walking through fire…

tphGreat day today. Have had quite a bit of work put down orchestra wise for the second tune. Still a lot of stuff to be created but it’s moving forward. Not only that, but in the middle of working with this all kinds of ideas started pissing down on me, meaning that the work on the third track has started big time. Some really magnificent stuff in this gem as well.

It’s pure joy to see what’s going to be the follow-up to “TCRA” at this early stage. It truly sounds spectacular.

There you go.

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Oh, how beautiful this creation is…

tphThe work with orchestrations and electronics for song number 2 has begun on a bigger scale. Huge process of completing this part of the process, but inspiration is obviously pouring down on me. I once again wanna thank Mattias and for making my life as a musician reach even higher levels than before.

So many ideas to realize for this coming album. So much domination to be revealed. So determined to push the limits once again.

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