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Onwards with determination…

tphAnd the body work for song 4 is close to done now. Guitars and bass have been nailed and I’ll go thru everything closely to see if anything needs to be fixed playing wise as we go along.  Things are going incredibly great, as you may have noticed by now. An insane amount of work left though, but to have created this much in such a short period of time feels majestic.

This will be grand.

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This is what’s up.

tphFor some reason a ton of riffs just poured out of me today, meaning I probably have about half a new tune worth of excellent riffage. Gotta hold those horses a bit and try to organize everything before I end up writing a triple album with a running time of 3 hours.

We are not going to have THAT much fun.

Things are going excellent, to say the least.

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Moving forward…

Over the last couple of weeks the work for track 4 has started. Electronics and everything else will be dealt with as I go along for all the other tunes completed this far. First I need to finish up the body work for everything, then I deal with the details.

It sounds magnificent, just so you know.

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