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GoatheadIt’s been a while so I thought I should inform you about what’s up. Over the last weeks I have been picking out all the parts where the orchestras are going, and that was quite some work. I have all the places down now so I’m moving on to actually composing everything, which will take even more time. Some parts are already finished, but there’s a ton of stuff left. I plan on spending at least the remainder of the year and the first months of 2014 on this. After that it’s time to work with all the electronics and effects, which is also extremely time consuming. Not to mention picking out all the vocal parts and write lyrics for it.

But this is what I love and what I need to do. To see this come alive and exceed all expectations is my reward. It is my destiny. So, updates won’t be too frequent, as mentioned before. I’ll just let you know when some major work is completed in the grand scheme of things, so you know what’s happening in the Hate camp.

Since I know that I will spend the better part of 2014 (at least) with this, and already know it will cost more than the recording of “The cadaverous retaliation agenda”, I am thinking about firing up the donation thing soon to make sure the funds are there when it’s time to complete everything. Not yet though. It will be interesting to see if it will work a second time or if this material will stay with me, unheard by the masses. Time will tell.

Stay tuned for updates as we go along, as always.

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All digipaks sent out!

TPHAll packages have been sent out as of a few days ago. Hopefully the postal service will treat the packages with care and make sure they all arrive safe and sound to you heroes who made this digipak happen. I thank you all for the amazing support. Now it’s out of my hands.

Now I go back to concentrating on our next album, which I am making sure will be something out of the ordinary on more levels than you can think of.

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We have arrived!

Digipak in the flesh.And they look fucken amazing, as expected. Now hours and hours of signing, numbering, packing and finally shipping starts. They will be sent out to all of you who ordered and made this album come to life as a digipak early next week.

What a glorious day.

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Digipak sold out!

Sold out

I am amazed by the support you guys have shown when it comes to the digipak for “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”. I know I took a chance by printing 200 sine I wasn’t sure at all that I could sell all of them. You guys proved me wrong and I am very happy to announce that the are now completely sold out. I sent the master CD to the manufacturing company this past Friday so they will start bringing the album to digipak life this coming week. It should take some 2 weeks before I get them and after that I will, as promised, handnumber them and sign them for those who wanted them signed. I believe I have taken notes for you guys who wanted them signed, but there is a slight possibility that I might have missed someone. If that happens and your CD is not signed when you get it, we’ll work it out somehow then if you really want my signature destroying the cover, haha…

DSC02833Again, thank you so much for making sure “TCRA” actually made it onto a real CD some 11 months after it’s release. I toast in your honor.

Now if you excuse me, I have a new album here that I need to work on.

Cheers, Haters.

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Next album’s progress…

GearIt’s been a few weeks since I updated you guys on the song writing process. This is becoz I do small parts each and every day and I see no reason to update you that often.

Anyways, I’m hard at work putting down the strings and orchestras for all the tunes now and got like 3 of them pretty much finished. This is just the first part of this whole process coz after doing this I am off to getting all the extra stuff in there that is not orchestral; effects, loops and whatnot. The easy part is writing the songs and get them right, the hard part is going thru this session and getting it all right. It’s an insane amount of work, this. But I am moving forward, always, with a steady vision in mind. There’s many, many hours of work left before I consider the first step of adding layers completed, but hey – this is what I love about this whole process – seeing it all come alive as I have envisioned it.

I can safely say that this is the strongest material I have ever written and I have so many plans for what I wanna do with it before it’s completed to make it something out of the ordinary even for us. I plan on spending the better part of 2014 completing this piece of art, and it will be finished when it is finished. Simple as that. No rush, no deadlines – just the goal of creating something everlasting.

It is simply beautiful.

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