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This is what’s happening right now…

666A semi-quick update for ya’ll so you know what’s up: I am just waiting for the remaining guys to finish up their stuff before we can move on to the mixing process this fall. Both J and Dirk’s got 4 songs each left to nail, and the plan is that it will be taken care of during August/September. Vacations and busy schedules is something we have to live with while being musicians, you know. I always said I wanted this album out in late 2014, and I am positive the plans will work out.

As far as completed stuff goes: All the guest parts are there now, all of E‘s vocals are done since a while back, my work is finished as well except for some tiny stuff that might change over the course of completing this beast. The great Marko Saarelainen has handed over the absolute astonishing cover, and once again I am completely floored! It is absolutely massive and my fave cover yet for TPH. The people I get to work with, it is mind-boggling…

Piece by piece everything will be revealed to you until it’s time to unleash this monumental creation. I will speak a lot more about everything that led up to this when the time comes, but for now – just know that this is something way beyond what we have ever created under the TPH banner in the past. It has all come full circle finally.

For now, I just wanna thank Ellinor Asp, Jörgen Sandström, Dirk Verbeuren, Lasse Johansson and Marko Saarelainen the most since they are the biggest part of this creation, music and art wise. And naturally – The Haters, who bring this to life thanx to you making sure we could reach the monetary target. It’s your best spent money ever. You’ll see. And all the other people involved… You are all a part of what’s to come. I thank you so much, and I will thank you many a time again.


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Thank you, Crafton AB!

IbanezThere is really no way for me to express how extremely thankful I am to Magnus Olsson at Crafton AB in Sweden for sending this absolute beauty over to me. My new Ibanez RGD7320Z-BKF plays like a dream and sounds massive. Yep, I now got me a 7-string, something I never thought would happen until I stumbled upon this gem. Thank you so much, Magnus. You truly are spectacular in every shape, way and form.

I also need to extend additional thanx to Johan Berglund at 4Sound, Örebro, for taking some hours out of his busy schedule to modify this beast to my wishes with drilling and whatnot to make that goddamn 0.80 E-string fit perfectly. I appreciate it so much, buddy.

More news will come up shortly… Just hang in there.

Life is good.

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Mr. Verbeuren’s hard at work!

DirkWord is that Mr. Verbeuren‘s about to wrap up the second track and will start working on the third real soon. He’s VERY stoked about the material and says that we have truly outdone ourselves this time around. It feels great to hear that coming from someone as awesome as Dirk. Can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking up drumwise for this masterpiece.

Don’t forget to check out his site at this location.

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More work completed!

Henrik DanhageJust got the solos from Henrik Danhage, and safe to say – I am blown away. I have actually tried to get a hold of Henrik for some of our previous albums, but for some reason it never worked out. Now it did.

This is what he has to say about his work:

“- Hi guys. I am very proud to let you all know that that new TPH album will feature not one but TWO Gothenburg shredding solos by me, Henrik Danhage. Big thanx to my bro Lord K for hooking me up with great music to solo over. Hope you will enjoy it, people!”

Trust me, you fucken will.

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And E is done with her work for the next album!

EThe Prodigy is done with her vocals. DONE! First she did demo vocals for all tracks. Then me and Ms. Asp went back and forth and changed things, improved and rebuilt all kinds of stuff. And then she went into the studio and re-recorded pretty much everything and made it even more phenomenal. I don’t know what to say. I have never collaborated with nor met someone this amazing in this music business thing. You will see. Ellinor has a few words for you all:

“- Done and done! Laid my final hand and vocal on the album. Power and inspiration have been my companions during this half year that has past. Laughter, sweat and tears…Thank You, Lord K Philipson! Tears burn behind my eyes… feels so sad and yet so fantastic! Waiting impatiently for this masterpiece to be mixed by the king. Have a great summer, folks!”

Onwards to victory.

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