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Social media will have to do with less of a presence from Your King!

Just bare with me for a sec and I’ll clarify some shit so you can all go back to your normal routines.

Social media is obviously crucial these days for promotion, especially when it comes to smaller (but incredibly genius) acts like TPH. The TPH Donation Experiments would be absolutely impossible without social media. Selling a few shirts, beanies and digipaks every now and then would also be impossible without it, and without you giving a fuck.

But you know what? Social media bores me. But more importantly it takes time away from stuff I value way, way more; such as composing music, being with my wife and so on and so forth.

The last few years I have used our Facebook page pretty much exclusively for “bigger” updates on the activities of TPH. Instagram on the other hand has been used several times a week for quite some time. Now I’ll implement the same procedure on both platforms. So… just because you don’t get informed about everything I do on the same level as before:

Be sure that I am fucken always creating music inside The Dungeon.

All. The. Time.

I live for this. I absolutely love this.

Because I am this.

But take note: as soon as I have something that craves your invaluable attention and/or input, you know I’ll make you aware of it over these mentioned platforms! But as far as small updates every now and then go… I’m taking a break from it and will devote that extra time to create music, among other things. Simply because, as I said, it’s so much more important to me. Who knows, I might feel differently somewhere down the road and get back to the über-interesting (boom!) Instagram posts several times a week. You never know, I guess.

If you wanna ask me something about TPH, just email me at I always reply. Don’t ask any questions on Instagram or Facebook, they will go unseen.

Thanx for your time. We’ll talk again when there’s something of value to share.

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