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“Death Ritual Covenant” digipaks coming in 2019!

Hey, Haters!

As mentioned previously – digipaks for “Death Ritual Covenant” are coming and I’ll send everything to the manufacturing company in mid January, meaning they should be at my place ready to be shipped come 1st or 2nd week of February. This picture right here should give you a hint of what they’ll look like (the actual booklet is not included here obviously).

But the main reason for this post is as follows:

Quite a bunch of people have asked for physical digipaks of “Death Ritual Covenant” ever since we released it digitally in August. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the hassle considering CD sales are seriously absolutely shit these days. I still have copies of our 2017 album around the house to no good use, you know.

So my plan was to print 300 copies of “Death Ritual Covenant” and after a week of having this announced it’s clear as day the sales need to pick up or I’ll have to lower the printed quantity.

As of this writing there are less than 100 copies pre-ordered! Impressive, huh? Sure, Christmas just rolled its ass out the door, you spent your hard earned cash on gifts and bla bla… but I’m thinking MAYBE you wanna buy a muthafucken digipak anyways? If that is the case, here’s the ordering information you need:

Pay through PAYPAL: 210 SEK (including PayPal fee, postage and packing) to:

Please make sure your name and address is included in your payment. And if you haven’t received a confirmation from me within 24 hours of purchase – email me immediately so we can fix it! I always confirm your order. If you wanna pay in some other way (like over Swish here in Sweden), just email me and we’ll sort it out as well, ok?

Please, spread this post to your friends and foes. Any help with getting the word out is much appreciated. Also, huge thanx to the mighty Seiya Ogino at Ogino Design for the picture and invaluable help with everything. Not to forget the astonishing lay out for the digipak that hero Marko Saarelainen created. You guys rule all kinds of shit.

There we go. That was all for now. Have a great New Years Eve and thanx again for the help with making “Death Ritual Covenant” come to life in 2018.

We’ll talk again next year.

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