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Quick update on album 13’s progress!

I know you’ve waited to hear some good news, so I think it’s time you get some, yeah?
First off, if you don’t follow us on Instagram you might not be in the know at all about the progress, but be sure stuff is happening daily! You just don’t see it here at our official site or over at our Facebook, so bookmark our goddamn Instagram page if you’re interested in smaller updates, ok?
Here you go;
Ms Asp has completed her main work for all the tunes and it sounds as fantastic as you have come to expect. I couldn’t be happier to be able to work with this woman once again. Now she’ll take care of all the small details and changes that I have handed over to her and put everything down as it’s supposed to be put down for the album.
Mr. Sandström’s pretty much wrapped up his work as well. He just has one more song to do and then some small details according to my wishes to take care of. After that he’s done! Safe to say, the World Champion of Death Metal Vocals strikes again.
Mr. Verbeuren is obviously a very, very busy man but is also close to finalize his otherworldly drumming for this recording.
Graphics and artwork phenom Marko Saarelainen is currently putting together everything for the visual packaging. As I have said before; it’s so fucken awesome to have him back doing the complete thing. It looks absolutely majestic. This could quite possibly be my fave TPH album cover.
On my account, I work daily with small details within the music as well as adding some minor guitar harmonies and whatnot where it’s needed while waiting for the remaining work to come in for me to deal with.
The plan is, and always was, to have everything done before the end of the year (depending on people’s schedules and life in general some minor delays might occur, but hey… it is what it is) so I can do the last things before submitting this 13th masterpiece to Mr. Swanö at Unisound for the lengthy and awesome process of mixing and mastering it come early 2020.
That’s where we are at, Haters! We are definitely moving forward big time and I am so insanely satisfied with what we are creating once again.
You’ll be informed here when something of importance happens that I believe you should know about. Until then, keep an eye on that damn Instagram page for smaller, continuous updates on everything, as initially mentioned.
Now, let Baphomet watch over you.

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