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A call to… whatever the fuck.

All rise! Your King is speaking!

The reason for this update is simple; you all need to be informed where we are at with the recording of our 15th planned album, but more importantly; what the status of The 7th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT is. Coz, you know, I can’t finish this goddamn beast of a platter until I reach the $10000 budget so everyone helping me out can be paid in full for their services.

I know, I know… You hear this shit all the time. Lucky bastards.

But anyways, it’s clear that this round of the Experiment might just be the longest and hardest one yet. I’m not completely surprised considering the state of the world, but I am worried this might take way longer than I initially feared.

We just passed $7300 of the $10000 target.

This means we’re roughly $2700 short of being home free. So, if you ever planned to help us out but haven’t done so yet… Well, please do. The faster we get to $10000, the faster I can wrap everything up and start planning the mix and release.

The pace we’re at right now is pretty much one 200 SEK ($20) donation a week. If that keeps up we’ll reach the goal in ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE WEEKS!

Goddamnit. That would be the longest between 2 TPH albums ever to put it mildly. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that, but if that’s the way shit goes down… well. So be it. At this point I just have to bide my time, haha…

Let me tell you one thing though; the fact that we have reached $7300 is actually downright insane. Why? Becoz “only” 163 of you Haters have actually donated to make this happen (together with a couple of physical digipak sales of “Spewing” and some $100 from Bandcamp since the 7th Experiment was launched back in January). Completely batshit crazy. And, as always, I can NEVER thank you enough.

So, spread the word wherever you see fit, ok? All the info as for how to support The 7th Donation Experiment is found by clicking this link.

That’s what’s up. This DIY thing is overrated. Trust me.

Let’s move over to the recording process and some other things that comes with it:

I initially planned to start mixing by the end of April, which is right now, but since I noticed quite some time ago that the budget certainly wasn’t going to be reached by this time I now hope for us to be able to start mixing when May has passed, earliest. In the meantime, this is where we are at:

– All my work is done since some time back. Guitars, bass, electronics, orchestras, bla bla bla… Done. Finished. Perfected. Sounds glorious. And then some.

– All of Jörgen Sandström’s grunts are completed, as previously reported. He, of course, absolutely destroys any and all competition.

Ellinor Asp’s vocals have been demoed for all songs but 1 and she is putting down her “real” vocals during May. The demos alone sound insane as always, so I know the end result will be absolutely beyond spectacular.

Dirk Verbeuren had put down 4 songs (out of 6) a month or so ago when I last spoke to him, so I expect his stuff to arrive any day now if nothing in his insanely busy schedule delays his progress.

Lasse Johansson will record his solos for all tracks shortly.

– The album art and so on is under construction, once again made by the extremely talented Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design.

– All 6 song titles (total playing time close to 80 minutes) have been revealed on Facebook and Instagram. But here they are in case you hate social media:


And of course, whenever we reach $10000, album art and title will be yours to feast upon.

There you go. Now you know exactly where we are at in this quest of trying to complete the 15th album in our discography.

Once again, massive thanx to you 163 who have raised $7300! You are downright fucken amaze-balls! We’ll talk again when there’s something of value to report.

Be well. Be safe. Belial.

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