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Ok then…


Unless something out of the ordinary happens today, August 8th, 2018; lightning strikes, earthquakes, power failure, Black Plague, a flood or any other unreasonable event taking place… Then this here is The Throne where your King will spend his royal arsehole all day, finishing up “Death Ritual Covenant”! I can’t fucken wait to get started.

This certainly doesn’t mean today is the day when you will hear it – nope. There’s obviously stuff surrounding this masterpiece that needs to be finalized as well until that happens, but rest assured – your wait is almost over. When you least expect it you’ll have an email from me with instructions as for how to devour this absolute behemoth of an album.

To say that I am extremely satisfied with the songs, every little detail and it’s fantastic production courtesy of legend Dan Swanö at Unisound AB would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. “Death Ritual Covenant” sounds fucken monstrous!

I can, as mentioned a million times before, never thank you guys enough, you who donated money for it to be recorded and realized the way I envisioned it to be. I’m truly one fucken lucky bastard to have that support from you people. Thank you.

If you wanna pre-order the digital downloads, look for ordering info right here. With all the fucken time I have invested in “Death Ritual Covenant”, I deserve some moolah so I can get myself some new gear and… well, perhaps use it for a 13th goddamn TPH album down the road if we ever come to that? Or beer. Yes? Yes.

So… stay tuned. Shit is about to go down big time.

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“Death Ritual Covenant” soon completed!

If you wanna be very up-to-date with the process of completing “Death Ritual Covenant” and everything else that happens in the Hate Camp, then I suggest you keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages at all times. Those are the platforms used to share quick news while this official page is more for “huge” updates. So, if you haven’t kept up with our activities as of late, there’s a ton of stuff for ya to read over at those places. Go there. Now.

Also, you see the quote up there in the picture? If that doesn’t make you wanna fucken pre-order this masterpiece… well… then you’re delusional. We can’t have that, now can we?

So, order the digital versions of this coming beast for a mere 150 SEK, will ya? Simply PayPal that sum to and you’ll get the following 4 (yes, FOUR!) versions of this masterpiece when it’s completed:





The amazing mix is done by the legendary Dan Swanö of Unisound AB and myself.

Until next time!

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Embrace the pending apocalypse!

Since it’s been a week, here’s a quick update on what’s up in the Hate Camp in case you’re wondering. Not any drastic news compared to last time but further progress has been achieved in the ongoing mixing process of “Death Ritual Covenant”.

We are very much nearing completion now which feels fantastic!

Me and Mr. Swanö at Unisound AB are hard at work on pretty much a daily basis in the quest of wrapping this recording up, and as mentioned; we’re soon there. If it continues like this you’ll finally get to experience “DRC” sometime in (late) August. I can’t fucken wait to let you guys hear it…

We have definitely created something spectacular here. “DRC” is very dark with a few glimpses of light. And more darkness on top of that. The stuff that myself, Jörgen, Ellinor, Dirk, Lasse and the guests have provided is absolutely mindblowing. I couldn’t be any happier, really. And the production from Swanö absolutely slays! As mentioned a million times before, to work with these people involved is a fucken gift. I salute all of you for making my musical vision complete, as well as raising my glass to you heroes who made this recording possible. Can’t stress that enough. “DRC” wouldn’t be a real thing without you, bastards.

So, on behalf of one of my Ibanez Xiphoses and myself; thanx a fucken bunch for supporting TPH after almost 2 decades. Now I go back to giving my full attention to “Death Ritual Covenant” and we’ll talk soon again when we’re even closer to the finish line!

Oh, if you wanna pre-order the digital versions of this coming beast for a mere 150 SEK, you can simply PayPal that sum to and you’ll be on the list for absolute destruction when the time comes.

Be well, Haters.

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Working our asses off!

Obviously, this is the look of focus and endless determination. Sitting inside The Dungeon with headphones on, paying attention to every little detail within the music.

There might be a bit of insanity involved as well, I guess.

I can’t even begin to fathom how many hours/days/weeks/months I have spent over the last year looking exactly like this on the journey of creating and completing “Death Ritual Covenant”. And to be able to do this thanx to you guys who made the 4th TPH Donation Experiment a success is invaluable to me. I raise my glass in your honor.

With that out of the way, I just wanna let you Haters know that we are moving forward big time now with this last stretch of finalizing this album. If nothing fucks up I’m positive we will be done with “DRC” by the end of July! This means you’ll get to hear what we have accomplished sometime in (probably late) August since there’s quite a few things to arrange apart from just getting the album ready. You know; proofreading the lyrics in the booklet and accompanying layout texts a couple of hundred times (and still most likely miss out on some typo that we’ll discover a year later, goddamnit!). Minor things like that.

So, keep your fingers crossed things will continue to go as smooth as it has up to this point, ok?

Once again I wanna thank Dan Swanö of Unisound AB for the incredible work he’s done so far. This production easily ranks up among the best we’ve ever had. I truly love working with Dan. The way he approaches the material and enhances it is just second-to-none. Thanx, D! You’re a hero in the flesh.

If you wanna pre-order the digital versions (yes, versions) for a mere 150 SEK, you can simply PayPal that sum to and you’ll be on the list for absolute destruction when the time comes.

Now you know where we’re at. We’ll talk soon again.

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Getting closer to completion…

So, Haters!

This is where we are at. If all goes well, and as it looks right now, “Death Ritual Covenant” will be completed during July, 2018. With all the small additional things that comes with the album’s release, my hopes are for it to be presented to you sometime in August then. It might be later, or it might go according to plan; we’ll simply have to wait and see how everything pans out. Have in mind it’s vacation times and whatnot right now, so…

I am incredibly satisfied with what we are creating and if you ever dug us before, well, you’ll definitely dig this beast.

While we continue to work on completing “DRC”, you guys stay tuned for more news as I have them.

Be well, and huge thanx for the support!

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