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Progress on the new album, late March update


All of you who follow the information in our forums already knows about this, but some of you might have missed it/didn’t care/was drunk/fucked off to a better place, so here’s a fresh rundown on the latest Hate activities.

Michael is putting down the bass as we type this. One song is already completed and he’s about to start working on the second today. Needless to say (but we do it anyways, as always), Michael’s come up with some ridiculously nice elements to the tunes. It’s at times like these that one understand why the hell we brought him on board in the first place. That guys lives and breathes bass, while most people just play it for the sake of playing it.

Swanö and K‘s hooked up (not like that, they both have fiancees. Really.) for a small session tomorrow where they will discuss what possible amps to use for the re-amping of the guitars which will start real soon while Michael is doing his bass. The computer era really makes things a hella lot easier than it used to be when it comes to recording albums, haha… During the last week, K’s been working with the vocals and it’s all coming into place now… The album is really taking form and we can’t wait until Dan and K starts mixing the bitch.

Everything feels so great with this coming album and having Peter Stormare‘s label StormVox believing in what we do is yet another great feeling.

To sum up the content of how this album sounds and feels so far: Diabolic. How cheesy it may sound, that’s the most appropriate word for what we are doing this time. As well. Or something.

If you liked us before, you’ll embrace this like a fag in a cockstore. Hey, and that even rhymed. Kind of.

So, we are working hard with this now and are soon to enter the final stages… We are dying for you guys to hear this piece of christ-loving bonanza as soon as fucken possible. And as soon as we have something completed, you might just get a taste of it.

Until next time, thanx for the kind e-mails and well-wishes with the recording. We appreciate the support so much.

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Vocals recorded for the new album

And there we go… J nailed all of his vocals in 9 hours this past weekend. Have in mind that he always dub his vocals… That guy is fucken insane. K and Mazza worked real hard with J and we are proud to say that he’s, once again, delivered the best damned vocals in the history of death metal grunts. Just as we knew he would. J is king.

Besides that, a lot of other people contributed with backing vocals and some small lead parts. We have the whole insane crew of J’s other band, Vicious Art, doing some insane shit. The Giant, also known as Rickard Alriksson (The Accidents, ex-Necrony) decided to accept our invitation last Sunday, and he ended up doing stuff all over the place. We last worked with him on “HDCE” and it was pure pleasure to see this monster in the studio. We are not sure he actually did vocals, it’s more like he impersonated a subwoofer. We dig that shit.

Michael is currently doing bass while K is editing the vocals, and so far it sounds just as planned, only better. If everything goes as planned, Michael should have his bass delivered in a week or 6, then we are finally off to mix this thing with Dan Swanö. Poor Mr. D, he has no idea what he’s sunk his teeth into, haha… As soon as we have the time we’ll throw up some photos (and perhaps a video or 2) over at our forums.

Now, leave us alone, we have an album to complete. Later, haters!

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Progress on the new album, March update

So, Haters…

We are happy to say that Jo nailed all of her vocals last weekend. 2 days of hard work and everything fell into place. She’s done very good and pulled out some real awesome Billboard hit shit. Maybe. There are some photos from the recording of those vocals available at our forums. Head over there if you wanna drool a little over the only goodlooking element in this band.

Not only did Jo do very fine work, studio owner/vocal coach Robban Eriksson did some cool backing vocal-things, and some of what we did this last weekend is something we never thought we’d have on a TPH album. You’ll see…

Now J is next. If everything goes as planned he will do his vocals this coming weekend. It’ll be nice to see him in action again, working his ass off, delivering the best growls in the world of death metal.

Michael should start recording his bass any day now and we all know what he brought to “Armageddon March Eternal”, so needless to say (but we do it anyways) we are looking forward to his monstrous bass shit.

After J’s vocals and Michael’s bass are completed it’s time to finally start mixing this bitch. But more of that later, of course.

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