Vocals recorded for the new album

And there we go… J nailed all of his vocals in 9 hours this past weekend. Have in mind that he always dub his vocals… That guy is fucken insane. K and Mazza worked real hard with J and we are proud to say that he’s, once again, delivered the best damned vocals in the history of death metal grunts. Just as we knew he would. J is king.

Besides that, a lot of other people contributed with backing vocals and some small lead parts. We have the whole insane crew of J’s other band, Vicious Art, doing some insane shit. The Giant, also known as Rickard Alriksson (The Accidents, ex-Necrony) decided to accept our invitation last Sunday, and he ended up doing stuff all over the place. We last worked with him on “HDCE” and it was pure pleasure to see this monster in the studio. We are not sure he actually did vocals, it’s more like he impersonated a subwoofer. We dig that shit.

Michael is currently doing bass while K is editing the vocals, and so far it sounds just as planned, only better. If everything goes as planned, Michael should have his bass delivered in a week or 6, then we are finally off to mix this thing with Dan Swanö. Poor Mr. D, he has no idea what he’s sunk his teeth into, haha… As soon as we have the time we’ll throw up some photos (and perhaps a video or 2) over at our forums.

Now, leave us alone, we have an album to complete. Later, haters!

Posted by The Hate, March 20th, 2007 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.