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Late June update

We have been a little silent in here, for no good reason, so we thought it’s about time to tell you what’s up. All of you know that there’s been a fucken impossibility to find the latest album “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” if you are not ordering it directly from us, right? We knew that StormVox had very limited resources and all, but never did we expect this small an effort on their part to get it out. Not content with the situation we have now walked away from StormVox, on good terms. We might work with them somewhere down the road, we might not, that’s not important right now though. We will now start looking for a new label and we have the flashiest promo packages around just waiting to be sent out.

This interferes nothing with the new album (at least not right now) at the moment since we have had the plans for album 6 lined up for quite some time. We are still finishing up the lyrics for the remaining songs and Jo is hard at work with her stuff for the songs that are already completed lyricwise.

All the rhythm guitars are completed as of some weeks ago. We have also started to get some of the guest stuff completed and inserted into the songs and it fucken kills. There will be some prominent guest musicians (and some fantastically gifted ones you prolly never heard of) on this one, that’s for sure. There’s going to be quite a bunch of guests and friends chipping in to what will be the darkest and most ferocious album in our career. You know this is true too.

We are planning to have Mojjo put down the drums this fall, we need to chill out this summer, you know. But first we need to secure a record deal so we have a budget to work with. Jörgen will most likely record his vocals in Stockholm and we are definitely planning to record Jo’s with Robban, as we have done on the past 2 studio albums. But that’s not happening just yet, as mentioned.

Just hang in there, we will keep you informed about the label search and recording plans as we go along.

Just so you know, we have never sounded better than what we do now. In time you will experience it first hand.

Cheers, Haters.

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Philipson lands Ibanez endorsement

It’s not a full endorsement as in them giving me free guitars or anything (yet, hoho), but it’s a really fucken great deal to say the least. I’m picking up my next Ibanez Xiphos shortly, which will make a great addition on my wall and in my music together with my other Ibanez Xiphos. I will also take some promotional photos for some eventual catalogues that are Ibanez related.

I wanna thank Crafton (Ibanez’ department in Sweden) and Musikbörsen, Örebro for sorting this for me.

As soon as I laid my hands on my beloved Xiphos I realized this is the guitar I have been looking for. Never did I think anything would outdo my previous fave axe, but the Xiphos did so, and it did so faster than I can say “Xiphos rules!”.

It feels fucken fantastic to see some support from Ibanez when it comes to my playing, something I never got from the former company whose guitars I used to play (as you can see I’m definitely not plugging them by saying their name, though it’s not a secret what I used to play, haha).

So, congratulate me on landing this deal. I fucken deserve it. Thanks again Ibanez and Musikbörsen for working this shit out in my favor.

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