Philipson lands Ibanez endorsement

It’s not a full endorsement as in them giving me free guitars or anything (yet, hoho), but it’s a really fucken great deal to say the least. I’m picking up my next Ibanez Xiphos shortly, which will make a great addition on my wall and in my music together with my other Ibanez Xiphos. I will also take some promotional photos for some eventual catalogues that are Ibanez related.

I wanna thank Crafton (Ibanez’ department in Sweden) and Musikbörsen, Örebro for sorting this for me.

As soon as I laid my hands on my beloved Xiphos I realized this is the guitar I have been looking for. Never did I think anything would outdo my previous fave axe, but the Xiphos did so, and it did so faster than I can say “Xiphos rules!”.

It feels fucken fantastic to see some support from Ibanez when it comes to my playing, something I never got from the former company whose guitars I used to play (as you can see I’m definitely not plugging them by saying their name, though it’s not a secret what I used to play, haha).

So, congratulate me on landing this deal. I fucken deserve it. Thanks again Ibanez and Musikbörsen for working this shit out in my favor.

Posted by The Hate, June 18th, 2008 | Filed in News.