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Paypal option for ordering our latest album

Now that we have finally have a working Paypal-account it’s more or less reasonable that you should be able to order and pay for “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” using that option too, right? Well, now you can. More details at our forums, link here: Order the goddamned album!

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New shirt

It’s been quite some time since we last did a TPH shirt so we figured it’s about time again. Thanx to forum member Guger for making this fantastic piece:

Design of the new shirt

We are taking orders until the 1st of September and after that we will print them which will take about a week, so you’ll have your shit some week after that. And yes, you can order girlie shirts as well. The brand is Gildan, the best fucken shirt around and the one brand we have used for the Torture Division shirts, in case you own one of those. Nothing but superb quality.

The prices are (including postage and packaging, shipped everywhere):

200 SEK
34 US dollars
22 Euros

How to pay?

UPDATE: Since 16th of August there’s a possibility to pay with Paypal too. The email address to use is theprojecthate (at)

And the old fashioned ways are still valid. So if Paypal ain’t your thing just make a transaction to The Project Hate’s account:

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken: 5690 0243 150
IBAN: SE4850000000056900243150

Or send the money thru snail mail:

Lord K Philipson
Höglundagatan 22
70368 Örebro

When you have done one of those 3, e-mail us at theprojecthate (at) Include your address, size and quantity, and also how you paid. We will confirm your order as it arrives.

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Early August update

Again we have been somewhat silent in here, so we’ll hand over a brief update right now then… After taking the summer off (or something like that) we are now starting to plan the recording of the next album a little more. Jo‘s hard at work on her lyrics and J has but a couple of tunes more to finish up before that chapter is completed.

We have had some label interest over the months but nothing is secured whatsoever just yet. Have in mind we still have our gorgeous promo packages to send out to labels to see if we, for once, can score a deal that won’t suck, haha…

As we have said before, the guest contributions for this coming bastard are starting to drop in and they are ever so impressive. Various guitarists, vocalists, jugglers will be present, doing what they are famous for (in case they are “famous”, and we believe some of them actually are). We wanna thank all the people who seem to take pride in doing something small with us on the coming piece – you guys really dominate. And while we are at it – we wanna thank the ones we have in mind for a guest part though we haven’t approached them yet. Thanx for saying “yes” to our request, whenever you get it, hoho…

Basically now, we are just waiting to see what eventual offers will drop in so we know what kind of budget we have to work with for album 6. It’s hard for us to start booking studios and whatnot until then. Drummer Mojjo is ready to put down his shit as soon as he gets a go. Michael is always ready with his bass. K and Anders are pretty much done with their shit already, you know, and J and Jo look forward to deliver some blasphemy again.

So what it’s all about now is just waiting for the appropriate time to arrive so we can really start to take this beautiful piece to the next phase.

Don’t forget the forums, people. That shit is updated way more often than this page. And if you’d spend some time there you’d also know that our beloved webmaster had recently some pretty fucken goodlooking TPH posters for sale too. Unfortunately they’re more or less sold out already. But let this be another reason why you should stick around at our forums on regular basis with the rest of the Haters.

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