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Latest heads up!

Working hard now on deciding Ruby‘s and J‘s vocal parts as well as writing the lyrics for the newest track, the 4th. Surprisingly enough the lyrics for this one just pour out of me, fuck knows why – but it feels great. Safe to say we are not exactly walking away from our well-rehearsed concept… Things are moving forward very nicely.

Stay tuned.

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And now all guitars and bass are checked and done for the 4th tune. Also added some neat samples and shit to increase the wicked atmosphere even more. Nothing else to add – only some small details to take care of before I can leave this one and start with the 5th song for album 7, but first I will take a break coz I have fucken lived and breathed this tune for some weeks now or so.

Damn. More than half of the album now completed music-wise… Stay tuned for more updates as we go along, as always.

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We’ll be damned…

Since yesterday I have re-arranged some orchestrations, put down guitars and bass and generally played around a little with a few things in the newest track. This one feels 99% complete now music-wise, all that is left is to go thru the guitars and bass closely and see if anything needs re-playing. I will spend a few more days with this tune and then take a break until it’s time to start working on the 5th. I, ofcourse, also need to decide where J and Ruby are supposed to sing, etc… And write the lyrics… But that’s the easy part.

Shit feels awesome.

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Creation march eternal…

Posted this over at our forums a little while ago and thought I might as well do it here since it’s the official site and all… Eh…

I know some of you appreciate these small updates so I guess I’ll just continue to do those for the ones who give a shit. Went up a few hours ago with some inspiration for orchestrating since I have some of that left for track 4. I am almost finished with all of that now as well as getting in all the loops and whatnot, which means the complete backbone of this tune is pretty much done. I still have a few small sections where I haven’t decided if they need strings or not – it sounds pretty fucken heavy as it is actually so I might just leave them out in those sections.

Having this new, amazing orchestra program Symphobia really makes a fucken difference. You can check out some of the shit its capable of on YouTube if you feel like it. I understand why Hollywood producers and whatnot use this for their scores.

I will prolly start putting down the guitars and bass for this tune as soon as I feel pretty much fully content with the other stuff in this track. And as always i will go back every now and then and change things, but the main work is pretty much done and that’s the hardest part, as well as the funniest and most frustrating.

I even think I managed to get some Kylie Minogue vibes into this one.

I win.

And a picture of a piano section de luxe (I have this feeling I actually posted a pic of the piano section of this song before, but I can’t find that one so… fuck it – it’s not like you get all too many exciting photos anyways):

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Working my ass off on the fourth tune here and it’s turning out a little different compared to the other completed tunes – all on purpose. It might end up being the closer of the coming album, you never know. Still working on the arrangements, all the guitars are pretty much done, I’ll work on more harmonies and whatnot later on, but for the time being I am concentrating on making it flow very naturally and I am getting there. It’s a cool atmosphere in this one and it might surprise people a little considering some of the stuff included isn’t really what we usually do all too often.

For some reason this tune pretty much wrote itself riff-wise and that’s always cool when it happens. I just took up the guitar and riff after riff just poured out of me as soon as I started playing. Sometimes shit like that happens and it’s a joy when it does, to say the least

After I feel satisfied with the guitar arrangements it’s time to work on the drums and the orchestras and whatnot. Still some massive work to be done, but now you know what’s up song writing-wise.

More than halfway there to complete all the material for album number 7… And I still got shitloads of material unused…


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