Working my ass off on the fourth tune here and it’s turning out a little different compared to the other completed tunes – all on purpose. It might end up being the closer of the coming album, you never know. Still working on the arrangements, all the guitars are pretty much done, I’ll work on more harmonies and whatnot later on, but for the time being I am concentrating on making it flow very naturally and I am getting there. It’s a cool atmosphere in this one and it might surprise people a little considering some of the stuff included isn’t really what we usually do all too often.

For some reason this tune pretty much wrote itself riff-wise and that’s always cool when it happens. I just took up the guitar and riff after riff just poured out of me as soon as I started playing. Sometimes shit like that happens and it’s a joy when it does, to say the least

After I feel satisfied with the guitar arrangements it’s time to work on the drums and the orchestras and whatnot. Still some massive work to be done, but now you know what’s up song writing-wise.

More than halfway there to complete all the material for album number 7… And I still got shitloads of material unused…


Posted by Lord K Philipson, April 13th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.