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In between album updates…

Don’t forget we have a few shirts left for sale.

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Some backing vocals just happened…

A longer update will come in time, but for now I’ll just hand over a part of a picture of this guy who just did some vocals for the album. I haven’t heard the actual thing yet, but we discussed what it was going to be like and if I know this guy right – this will be completely amazing on all accounts.

Stay tuned for more updates, as always.

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J has a few words for ya!

“- Just got home from the studio and I am happy to say that I am all done with my work for this album. I leave it all to you guys to judge my work as usual but I am happy with how smooth everything has been. The recording sessions has been easy. Well.. it has given me headaches but that shit is over within an hour or two so that doesn’t count.

You will probably not see me in here for awhile (on the forums) now as I am sick to my ass with this retarded band.”

J‘s work is done and he’s as cheerful as always, haha… The guy’s pulled off some (once again) completely insane shit. We also had a guest with J in the studio last night, whose name we will reveal later on, but damn… This is some terrific shit going down. Also, the drums have started to drop in so that will be dealt with later today as well as getting around to listen to J’s last tune. Now all that is left is Ruby‘s last 2 songs to do vocals for.

Shit is going excellent.

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Tobben is in the studio – part 6(66). And more…

Yep, Tobben is done with his work in the studio for the coming album. He’s very, very satisfied with what he has accomplished and I can’t wait to get my hands on his drums and hear them in the tunes. If Tobben is satisfied it means he’s pulled off some amazing work. That is one picky drummer, you know. Seems like Big Balls Productions will make sure I have the files today. Oh, the joy.

J is about to nail his last tune tonight at A.R.T. Studios and if everything goes as planned Ruby will do her last 2 songs as well. We are still keeping the deadline we put up for the album so it’s going fantastic, to say the least.

Stay tuned for more information as we go along, hopefully we will have some photos and videos for you as well in a not too distant future.

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Tobben is in the studio – part 5.

As of a few hours ago Tobben finished the 4th track and as far as I know they took a lunch break and then they went at it again. He’s too busy dominating to answer text messages at the moment so I understand he’s fucken tearing shit up in the studio as I type this, working his way thru the 5th tune out of 6 in total. The last one should be finished tomorrow and then Tobben’s work is done. Just amazing.

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