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“Bleeding” color shirts. Pre-order now!

Click me for all the information you need.

Also, support The Hate and pre-order the coming masterpiece “Bleeding The New Apocalypse”. Information here.

We thank you so much for your support.

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New color shirt – pre-orders to be taken early 2011.

I can inform you that I’ll do this shirt early next year, with the addition of on the lower back of the shirt. It cost a little more to add that but I think it’s a nice touch. They will be slightly more expensive than the usual black and white shirts since these cost like 50% more to print, but it’ll not be too much. Something like 220 SEK including postage and packaging.

We’ll do pre-orders as always so you guys get the size you want without us running out of them if we do a print in advance.

Keep your eyes open for this to happen in early 2011.

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To you Haters who pre-order!

We were just informed that we’ll be sent the albums around February 10th, which means they will be sent out to you all who ordered a week or so after that if all goes according to plan. As soon as they get here you’ll be the first to know anyways. Also, keep an eye out for the new shirts that will come early 2011. We appreciate the support.

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Would you buy this shirt?

Enter the forums and cast your vote (if you are registered that is).

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Pre-order “BTNA”!

We would really appreciate if you helped us to get rid of the 100 copies we have ordered from Season Of Mist. We should have them late January or early February, but you can put down your order right now and have it overwith already. Spread the word to your friends as well and force them to support The Hate. You really wanna experience this one as it’s supposed to be experienced – in the shape of a physical CD so you can check out the amazing booklet among other things. We have said it before when The TPH Donation Experiment almost had to happen – if we don’t sell any albums, chances are labels won’t give a flying fuck about bands like us in the future.

Click this link for all the pre-ordering information you need.

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