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“Summoning majestic war” – Album glimpse available!

Announcement from Season Of Mist:

Says band leader Lord K. Philipson: “So, your first taste of the diabolical inferno that is “Bleeding the New Apocalypse” will now be unleashed upon mankind. The song in question is called “Summoning Majestic War” and is the fourth tune on the coming masterpiece that will be released on February 14th, 2011, thru Season of Mist.

“Why have we chosen this particular track to be your first glimpse of the new album? No reason really, we could have chosen any of them since they all absolutely dominate. We just thought it’d be nice to have Leif Edling somewhat introduce you to what we have created this time around. Yeah, CANDLEMASS bassist/everyday legend Leif Edling contributes some spoken words in this track. You can all start applauding now. But not only that. In this tune you’ll also get some insanely nice vocals from Christian Älvestam (who also sang a line or two on our last album).

“So, that’s a lot of bonus stuff for ya apart from the simple fact that ‘Summoning Majestic War’ is a goddamn phenomenal symphony that represents TPH in every shape, way and form. If you survive these 12+ minutes of pure excellence, pray you’ll survive the remaining five tracks on “Bleeding the New Apocalypse” as well. It will not be an easy task. Domination is a fierce beast. Our work is done – now it’s your turn to purchase the album and help us ship a few copies so we will be able to record another masterpiece with a great label such as SOM backing us up.

“If you consider yourself a fan of music in general and TPH in particular, and do not absolutely love what we have created in this song, as well as the whole album – you are apparently deaf.”

Download: Summoning Majestic War

Not that it’s needed to say, but we’ll do it anyways… The quality of the mp3 is nothing compared to the real deal. Trust us on that. Which means you should really pre-order/order the real thing from us and devour it as it should be experienced in all its glory.

We ask you to. Support The Hate.

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Teaser from the coming album available real soon!

Yes. Keep an eye out on Season Of Mist’s page (which is where they obviously post news first), on our official site and these forums. Sometime (I don’t know exactly when yet) this week you will be able to listen to one of the songs off the coming masterpiece “Bleeding the new apocalypse”, namely the fourth song which is entitled “Summoning majestic war”.

As soon as you find out that this tune is available for your admiration and streaming, put your opinions on it in this topic over at our forums if you feel like it.

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