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First word of the album title revealed…

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Replacements for Mike Wead found.

Yep, it’s nice to know great people and musicians coz this was worked out quite fast. I will reveal later who they are, but I wanna use this post to thank them so much for being absolutely phenomenal and for stepping up to do this insane amount of work that is completing all the solos for the coming album. It will be phenomenal.

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Don’t deny the signs…

They are getting more and more obvious by the second…

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A few things…

Instead of “regular” posts here I have made a few smaller updates (that’s why they aren’t here) over at our forums, so I suggest you go there and absorb them.

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Obstacles are meant to be conquered.

And we will naturally conquer them. It’s very fucken sad, but my personal guitar hero Mike Wead has been forced to step down from the soloing on the coming album. Mike’s been doing solos for us over the last few albums and there’s really no other way to say it than to admit he’s one of the best fucken guitarists ever. So, why isn’t he doing it this time, though that was the plan? It’s not becoz he doesn’t want to, coz he sure does, it’s becoz he’s extremely busy schedule is preventing him from it. I understand it completely. Mike’s been doing this for us for a bunch of years and he’s never gotten a single penny for it. He’s done it becoz he’s the best fucken guy around and he really enjoys what we do with TPH, and he obviously raises the quality of what we do in the process. When you do mixing and mastering, gigs with King Diamond, running your own band etc… It’s quite clear you need to focus on what actually brings some money into the household when your schedule is as busy as his is. I am very fine with it and I support his decision a thousand percent. And to hear Mike say “if you ever need anything from me on another album, just ask, if I have the time you know I will do it gladly” is just awesome. But we’ll have to do without Mike this time.

But fear not. I got back up plans as always, haha…

I am talking to my fellow friends and respected guitarists (you already know the superhero from Candlemass, Lasse Johansson, is on board) to see if they wanna help out here be a part of the greatest moment in TPH history. Be sure there will be guitar solos. And be sure they will be amazing. That’s what we do.

I will now continue to work on the album and wait for the remaining vocals from J and Ruby as well as the completed drums from Dirk. Trust me when I say this shit is on another level. I can’t stress that enough.

You will see.

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