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These beautiful mornings…

Have been sitting since around 5 this rainy Saturday morning, working in-depth with tons of stuff for the album, like I usually do. Thing is, it’s very hard to explain what we are creating becoz this one is so complex. There’s such a clear vision with this whole package and it’s coming together piece by piece now. To hear the tunes with Jörgen and Ruby is just amazing. It’s one thing to imagine what the vocals will sound like when I plan their sections – it’s a completely new ball game when you actually get to hear them within the songs, the way they work with each other. This is just on a completely different level compared to what we have done in the past. And don’t even get me started on Dirk’s performance on those goddamn drums… You will see.

At the time of creating “BTNA” it was a huge, huge step up compared to previous albums, both composing wise and playing wise. To compare “TCRA” to that one is like taking one huge step up to the top of Mount Everest whereas “BTNA” was walking up a decent sized hill. And fuck knows “BTNA” is no joke in any area. But this one, this beast is just something else. I can’t wait until you experience it first hand.

Since you guys are the ones making this album possible by donating to THE TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT, I always felt I could do more with this album, simply becoz I believe you deserve it. I am almost there now.

There’s still quite some work left before this one will be mixed though, but I am allowing this to take the time it needs. I am not rushing anything. With all the work put in, it would be utterly stupid to settle for anything but the best. It’s been something like 18 months since “BTNA” came out, so it’s not like we are taking a long time to come up with an album like this. You will be amazed with the result. I guarantee it. If not, well – then you never liked us in the first place.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go back to work on this masterpiece. I am on a mission.

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Well, fuck me sideways – things are moving forwards big time!

With a title like that to draw you into reading this I need to have something to deliver too, huh? And I do. Dirk just nailed the last rack for the album, which means his work is fucken DONE! And what a performance he’s put in. You will see. And on top of that, Ruby just handed over her latest tune as well, meaning she’s not far from being done either. Fantastic. That’s how it sounds too – fantastic. And I have been working with quite a bunch of things over the last few weeks and today I went over everything closely in headphones. It all sounds majestic. As I have mentioned before I will continue to work with some details until the very end, making sure I get every single thing as perfect as possible. It’s a beautiful process. I will also continue to work on the promo videos since I have quite some material for it already, but I have no idea when you’ll get to see it. Just hang in there and it will come.

One step at the time, we are nearing completion. If you wanna hear this absolute monster when it’s done – click this link and find out what you need to do.


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Dirk’s got another one down…

And I could go on for hours about how fantastic his work is. Seriously. Dirk is taking this material to heights previously unexplored. I just can’t stop being impressed by this hero. You will see… This means he’s only got one more song to do and then he’s done with the drums. Another big piece of the puzzle is soon completed, which feels amazing. We are surely moving forward big time and I can’t really explain how much I want you guys to hear this beast of TPH perfection. J is outdoing himself, Ruby is outdoing herself, Dirk is outdoing himself, and I can assure you that I have outdone myself in all of the areas I work in.

It’s 5 in the morning here, I don’t have the time to post more coz I need to work away with this masterpiece.

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First off…

Don’t forget to read this.

The signs are definitely building up to reveal the monster we will unleash upon you loyal Haters as soon as it’s completed. You still haven’t supported The TPH Donation Experiment? Do so now by clicking this link and learn how to obtain this masterpiece when it’s done. In related album news, Ruby will hopefully nail her next track this week, meaning that she’s just got a few more to do after that – and then her work is done. Quite some work left though, but hey… J is standing by for studio time, filled with piss’n’vinegar and ready to deliver his best performance yet. Again. I had a nice chat on the phone with both Lasse Johansson and Mike Wead some week ago, and both guys are pumped to deliver their goods to spice this album up. Mike’s been busy with tons of other stuff the past months, but he assured me I shouldn’t doubt him. Like that would happen, haha… As previously mentioned, Dirk’s plan to nail his last 2 songs are on this week. We’ll see if he finds the time to do so, otherwise those last drums will just take a little longer – which is absolutely no problem whatsoever.

Me? I am spending most of my free time working insanely hard on everything else, making sure this album is becoming something else. It’s such a joy to see whats building up in front of my eyes and even at this stage it’s preceding everything I ever hoped for. Never did I think this recording would reach these heights. I pictured it to be grand, but this is a completely different beast. Also, as mentioned before… I will definitely produce more videos for you guys to frown upon when I have the time. It just takes a while to do those and at least make them decent, you know. But they will come. I have quite a bit of material to work with, which is great. It’s just that I feel it’s more important to work on the actual album than the videos.

Stay tuned for more updates, ladies and gentlemen.

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As they have been revealed…

Which obviously leads us to these 4 letters being the first letters of the 4 words that is the album title for our next offering. What they actually mean will be revealed later on… Let the speculations begin. Join us over at our forums and participate in the discussions. Keep these letters in mind as mentioned, for they will purify you.

And this is how you can get the album when it’s completed.

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