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“TCRA” shirts, hoodies and girlies for sale now!

If you want to get one of these items you better hurry the fuck up and place your order. Click this link to get to the topic over at our forums which holds all the information you need. Our beloved webmaster/graphics guru and friend Marko Saarelainen asked for permission (like he needed it…) to print these shirts and hoodies so all the eventual profit will go straight to him since h deserves it, working for us for free during all these years and so on. Support the guy, support TPH and make sure we sell out of these shirts and whatnot so Marko can buy himself something nice for Christmas.

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Some words on the coming shirts…

From our forums, coming from the mouth of our graphics and website artist Marko Saarelainen:

“- Well, this time it’s me printing those shirts instead of K, but it’s naturally done with 110% approval from Teh Lord. I’ve wanted to print something TPH related every since I printed those “In Hora Mortis Nostrae” color shirts back in 2007. I just fell in love with the print quality the shirt printing company provided back then. And the service. So thanks to minor tax refund I finally had a bit cash to invest in a “project” like this, again. And needless to say, neither the service nor the printing quality hasn’t changed during the last five years.

I got these beauties from the printers on friday. So the pic of the shirt above ain’t photoshopped but actually a picture of the real deal. It’s a five (yes, five, not four) color print on Gildan t-shirt. Size range for the t-shirts is from S to XXXL. And believe it or not, there are a bunch of regular hoodies as well as few girlies included in the whole as well. All shirts are Gildan brand. But no longsleeve t’s unfortunately.

Considering what time of the year is now, I’ve been a bit busy at work, so I haven’t had the time to organize the selling of the shirts nor providing you with the details. But gimme a day or two and I’m on it. Like the title of this topic says: Stay tuned. More info WILL follow.”

So, keep on checking in and we’ll keep you updated on these beautifully looking shirts. I also wanna thank each and everyone who has e-mailed me or posted on the forums about the excellence of “TCRA”. I truly appreciate it. Spread the word and make sure your friends get this masterpiece as well. Also, it’s a fucken wonder none of the people who have donated and gotten this album have leaked it yet… Judas has still not shown his ugly face, but we are sure he’s lurking somewhere – waiting to strike.

And death shall rain down on him when it happens.

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Stay tuned…

More information will come…

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You want “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”?

You should. For a lot of reasons. We have updated the picture/link to the right where it says “How can I get the new album?”. We suggest you click it. And before you mail bomb us about you not being able to download the album or unrar it when you have it, make sure you have actually downloaded the whole thing. Also make sure you type the correct passwords and everything you need to be able to get it. The information you get from us is working so if you have any errors, those errors are most likely on your part. If absolutely nothing helps and you can’t get it to work – then you contact us. Not before that.

Show your support to our cause and enjoy The Agenda.

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Wanna see what Judas might look like?

Isn’t it beautiful? Thanx to the Hater who informed me about this. Very appreciated.

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