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In silence we watch… when you create for us…

The Cadaverous Retaliation AgendaNow with “TCRA” recorded and released there’s not much to report for the time being, seeing the work for our next album will be a gigantic process that will take all the time it needs. So in the meantime we thought we’d check if someone would like to fire up some ideas for future, limited merch. We never had much luck with this in the past, but hey – at least we can ask and that way it looks like we are kind active and whatnot. If you feel you have some over the top images that you can put together, art reeking of blasphemy and the summoning of demons – feel free to fire them up and send them to us at Who knows, maybe some of it will be good enough to make some goddamned merch out of and you can become nicely dressed for church on Sunday – supporting TPH in the process.

I can reveal to you all that I have started to write for the next album, though in very small doses. Ideas are being recorded but it’s not the time just yet to really start to dive into the abyss and conjure those powers. I am in absolutely no rush whatsoever as the grand work that is “TCRA” was just completed. To top this masterpiece of an album will be a monumental task. But I like challenges and will work harder than ever to fire up more diabolical symphonies once again when the time comes. I look forward to it all.

So, are you in the mood to help us out with some eventual shirt designs? Considering the level we are on, expect no payment except for some merch of course. TPH is hardly a money making business, it’s a piece of art destined to enlighten you all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thanx for the tremendous support, Haters.

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“TCRA” on Spotify!

If you wanna listen to the masterpiece that is “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” on Spotify, use this link. And then you can buy the album directly from us by clicking this one.

Spread the word.

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