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Re-constructing The Hate!

tphTPH has not been a “real” band for many, many years, which comes as no surprise to most of you. I have always brought in the people I view as the best for the purpose of creating what I have in mind at the specific time. They are all a huge part of what we have created on each and every album and I thank all of them for the work they have done.

Now it’s time for some changes once again.

After two albums with the magnificent Ruby Roque I have decided to take a different route with the female vocals for this next chapter of TPH, meaning there will be a new woman taking care of those parts on this new album. I wish Ruby nothing but the best and I’m sure you’ll hear from her again in other musical endeavors. There’s no drama about this, it’s just a natural decision for me when I feel it’s time to move forward and bring TPH into new territories. Thanx for the great work, kid.

And another thing: drummer extra-ordinaire Dirk Verbeuren will once again handle the drums for this next piece of TPH-history, for which I am extremely thankful. To have, in my opinion, the best goddamned drummer around doing the drums for TPH is just mindblowing.

Oh, and there might be a few other new people involved as we go along… we’ll see…

Last off, I am working my goddamn ass off on a daily basis with this next beast, and plan to do so for quite some time coz there’s A LOT happening with it, and I have never, ever been so satisfied with anything I have ever created before. This will take the time it needs and deserves. And as mentioned tons of time before – it will be majestic.

Trust me on this.

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Into the Mouth Of Belial…

What do you know… Obviously the right time came faster than expected…

04:00 in the morning – perfect time for orchestrations? On with the hoodie, go into the darkness of The Dungeon, fire up the programs, put on the AKG’s and get to work.

09:00 in the morning – perfect time to consider the 6th song finished for this first stage of said orchestrations.

That’s how you start off your day if you wanna get shit done it seems. Now it’s time to let these tunes rest for a bit and clear my head from the insane amount of work that has been put down with these things, just to return in a bit and check everything… again… again… and again. Until this phase feels perfect. But you already knew this since I pretty much state the same crap with every update I do.

But now the major work with the strings and orchestrations is fucken completed and it feels absolutely majestic.

I will combine the MASSIVE detail work (this is where effects, atmospheres, loops and whatnot comes into the picture) that is about to take place with eventual alterations and finetuning to the orchestras, but now it’s seriously shaping up as I envisioned it and it’s quite a relief coz I have no idea how many goddamn hours have went into this part. These orchestrations are definitely on another level than before, I have put a hell of a lot more time into them than on any other previous album (and it’s not exactly like those are created in 5 seconds either) we’ve done, and it will pay off in the end. One of these days you’ll see what I mean perhaps.

So, don’t expect many updates about the work I will do from now on with the songs coz now it’ll be small bits’n’pieces pretty much every day until it’s done. If something major happens that I believe you’d take interest in knowing, be sure I’ll hand that info out. As always. Some of you seem to give a shit.

Last off, people have asked about when they can donate to finance the recording of this album. I haven’t really had the time to fire any of that up since the music’s been craving all my attention, but I’ll work everything out eventually. There’s no rush and it’s a fucken long way to go before this one is completed, but I’ll try to get it to it asap. The interesting part will see if it works out this second time as well…

Thanx so much for the support, Haters.

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5 down… 1 to go…

tphDid you guys survive the holidays? Have you been celebrating Christ and spread His eternal love? What a shame if so.

Me? I have been doing everything in my power to summon utter darkness and blasphemy in the shape of orchestrations, meaning song number 5 is now completed for this first phase of symphonic elements. Only 1 more song to do before it’s time to go thru everything a couple of hundred times to see what can be added/removed/enhanced etc…

I wanna thank the masters over at Toontrack for their amazing software as well as Native Instruments‘ dito, not to mention the Symphobia heroes and all the rest whose stuff I have been so lucky to be able to use, means helping me to construct this mammoth. Now it’s time for a break and then start the orchestral work for the 6th and final track whenever the time is right.

It’s shaping up, piece by piece, and it sounds absolutely crushing. Maybe one of these days you might get a teaser. Then again – probably not anytime soon, nope…

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