Re-constructing The Hate!

tphTPH has not been a “real” band for many, many years, which comes as no surprise to most of you. I have always brought in the people I view as the best for the purpose of creating what I have in mind at the specific time. They are all a huge part of what we have created on each and every album and I thank all of them for the work they have done.

Now it’s time for some changes once again.

After two albums with the magnificent Ruby Roque I have decided to take a different route with the female vocals for this next chapter of TPH, meaning there will be a new woman taking care of those parts on this new album. I wish Ruby nothing but the best and I’m sure you’ll hear from her again in other musical endeavors. There’s no drama about this, it’s just a natural decision for me when I feel it’s time to move forward and bring TPH into new territories. Thanx for the great work, kid.

And another thing: drummer extra-ordinaire Dirk Verbeuren will once again handle the drums for this next piece of TPH-history, for which I am extremely thankful. To have, in my opinion, the best goddamned drummer around doing the drums for TPH is just mindblowing.

Oh, and there might be a few other new people involved as we go along… we’ll see…

Last off, I am working my goddamn ass off on a daily basis with this next beast, and plan to do so for quite some time coz there’s A LOT happening with it, and I have never, ever been so satisfied with anything I have ever created before. This will take the time it needs and deserves. And as mentioned tons of time before – it will be majestic.

Trust me on this.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, January 29th, 2014 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.