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Quick Hate Update!

It’s been a few weeks since last time, Haters, so an update is in order.

We will not start mixing “Death Ritual Covenant” just yet. I have to spend some more time with this before I can deliver it to Mr. Swanö for the gigantic process of wrapping everything up. The work put into this album is seriously insane, and it shows. I simply can’t let it out of my hands until I feel it’s absolutely fucken perfect, and we’re getting closer and closer to that.

But this time I’ll leave you with a short clip from The Dungeon from one of the songs on the album. Becoz you greatly deserve it; you who made the 4th TPH Donation Experiment a success. Enjoy while it lasts!

We’ll talk again as soon as there are some more news to share. Your wait and support will be rewarded.

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Entering the final phase for “Death Ritual Covenant”.

A few things for ya, Haters.

First off, thank you guys for buying the few spare shirts that I listed on our Facebook page a few days ago. Much appreciated and they have now all been sent out.

And now to the actual album news; shortly I am expecting the final stuff from Ms. Asp and Mr. Verbeuren, which means I will now take some time to go thru everything for the album over the coming weeks until it’s time to start mixing “Death Ritual Covenant” with Mr. Swanö at Unisound AB. What I wanna say with that is; don’t expect many/any updates here or at Facebook until the mixing process begins since I won’t have much to report. Smaller TPH related shit will be posted at our Instagram account (@tph666) though, so keep an eye on that page if you’re interested, ok?

Third, once again I wanna extend my deepest gratitude to you people who made the 4th TPH Donation Experiment a success so “DRC” is actually becoming a reality. It truly means the world to me and the album is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic, as planned. Cheers to everyone involved with creating this beast. I am honored.

So, until next time; take good care and thanx for supporting The Hate. Now I will perfect “Death Ritual Covenant” to the maximum of my abilities.

It shall be done.

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