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Pay 150 SEK through PayPal to and you’ll get this:

– CD MIX – MP3




As soon as you have paid I will send you the download information. Usually this is done within minutes, but sometimes it might take some hours becoz I am actually sleeping. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, something is definitely wrong. Please contact me immediately at if that happens so we can sort the issue, ok?

That’s all.

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Mr. Dan Swanö has a few choice words for you about “Death Ritual Covenant”…

“- What the fuck!!??

Yesterday I found out that the mix could take some 6.6 dB more gain (with the meters showing 6.66 dB RMS a little bit too often) and now, when I thought it would be funny to make some “fun with math” about my long relationship with TPH, I found out that in the 18 years TPH have released (12) albums, I have mixed 10 of them, making it… 0,6666666666666667 albums a year… what the fuck!??

Any how. These “post master delivery reflections” are always fun to write since TPH is one of the very few bands out that write better and better songs and very slowly shape-shift into something I like more and more, yet keeping some very (to others) limiting rules, such as the “Between 10 and 15 minutes” song length K still manage to keep my interest up and before you know it the 9 minutes have passed… always a good sign! In my 29 year long career of “Recording/Mixing for others” I have worked on many 3 minute songs that never seemed to end, so I know what I am talking about 😉

To me, this album is very much a sibling to the two previous ones (Completing the trilogy of a very powerful reboot of the TPH sound) yet I feel it is the best they have done, and knowing K, I will say this about the next one too, because I believe that he won’t let anything less ever leave the gates of his Dungeon… Needless to say, the TPH musicianship is again absolutely world class through out and every guest is adding something unique, that the usual crew isn’t already offering, which I find very refreshing. There’s too many albums where you find out reading the credits that there are guests… but you cannot really tell the difference between the playing (or even the singing) sometimes… making me think the guest appearance is just for the famous name on the sticker!

So… some parts worth mentioning, that made an instant impact on me.

“Death Ritual Covenant” 2:30 – Most likely the most insane heavy and “major-key melody” part ever recorded. 5:16 – Incredibly simple but effective death metal riff with that insane pitch-bending effect. Pure.Fucking.Genius. I love that TPH have this kind of parts nowadays. In the earlier times, when Torture Division was still around, it was more of a doom thing + electronica of all kinds… now there’s elements of Torture Division, God Among Insects (but tuned even deeper!!) and probably a few drops of Misery in there too, because TPH even Thrash it out from time to time… wonderful. And I love that the electronic parts are more on the ambient side.

“The Eating of the Impure Young” 1:12 – There’s no secret that I am A.O.R. maniac that occasionally dabble with brutal music (rather than the opposite that 99% of the world might think) so when there another major-key vocal line during the most sinister backing riff, in a duo with The Jörg Master, two worlds collide and it’s just awesomeness of the third degree! 24:14 is another great spot where a simple, yet diabolical clean guitar cross-fades into distortion and rips open a ferocious blast part (Dirk!!!) I love the dynamics you can work with in a track of this length (almost 15 min.)

Track three “Legions” 3:45 – This is the kind of part I could hear more from in TPH, where K blend the electronica and metal. Mega! Goosebumps alert at 4:40 where Lawrence Mackrory make an amazing guest appearing, showing every other metal singer out there how it’s done! That falsetto!! Hell yeah!

Track four “Through Fire There is Cleansing” 1:29 – As K predicted, yeah, I love the chorus!! I am sure some “No Hardness” comments might show up again, but seriously… this is just super hooky metal stuff, more of this on the next one K! 4:06 – Fucking hell! Strange noise – Balaam! Grind core conference Torture Division style! Lovely!

Five, “Inferno” 9:44 – Lasse’s solo goes into “soaring notes mode” and it’s just magical!

Track six “Solemn” 1:00 until 5:00 or so… really old school TPH here! Really good melodies and the vibe is somber and dark! 11:54 – Really epic and majestic part! Great vocals! The perfect way to end the record!

Already looking forward to the next one 🙂

/ Dan Swanö”

Pre-order/order this masterpiece:

Simply PayPal 150 SEK to and you’ll get the following 4 (yes, FOUR!) versions of this masterpiece when it’s completed:





You saw that? FOUR fucken versions of the album for 150 SEK. Each version is close to 80 minutes of playing time. Kinda fucken worth to put your money into that and support true artistry by doing so.

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Hell is about to be unleashed!

The new masterpiece is done! You guys deserve to hear a few snippets from what the fuck is about to hit you. Enjoy some 3 minutes of “Death Ritual Covenant” by clicking this link. “Death Ritual Covenant” is coming sometime between August 13th and August 19th! Keep an eye on your inboxes…

And please; spread the word as far as pre-ordering/ordering goes.

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“Death Ritual Covenant” is finished!

Yeah, that’s right. And to you who helped funding it, you will have it shortly. We just need to fix some details surrounding the album, as mentioned. Hang in there, the wait is soon over. If you wanna pre-order this beast, you can do so by clicking this link and follow the instructions. Or you can wait until it’s out and order it then.

I thank you for your support.

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It has begun!

Attention, world!

The sign on the entrance to The Dungeon says “Leave me alone” in Swedish today. This is becoz “Death Ritual Covenant” craves my absolute attention as the plans are to fucken finalize it now.

Do not disturb me. Do not call me. Do not text message me. Do not email me (unless you wanna put a pre-order in, then you’re excused). Do not talk to me and do not approach me. Do none of that shit until the sign is taken down and I leave The Dungeon with a smile on my goddamn face.

Before that, I am not your friend. At all.

Let’s do this.

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