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There we go! You see those paper bags in the background? It took some goddamn 4 hours to pack everything but now it’s done; the “Death Ritual Covenant” digipaks have been shipped (that happened Thursday, January 31st) to all of you who bought one.

With blood, sweat and tears (and huge assistance from my wife) these beauties will now inherit the apartments and houses of Haters from all over the goddamn world. As you know, I can never thank you people enough for supporting my work by purchasing this limited edition (300 made) gem.

On a side note; I truly hope I managed to sign the digipaks that quite a few of you asked for, but if I fucked that up for some of you; sorry! I think I nailed it though, but I wouldn’t bet my car on it. Anyways, as you also can see in the picture there are digipaks left. Quite a bunch even. If you wanna help me get rid of the remaining 50-60 copies you can do so by throwing 210 SEK over PayPal to That includes postage and everything to any place in the world. Oh, guys and girls; please let me know when your package arrives so I know everything is ok. Just shoot me a mail at to do so.

Also, I raise my glass to the amazing people at Brotherson Media for the always impressive work with manufacturing these digipaks and for their insane professionalism. Can’t recommend these guys enough. Thank you, Andreas and staff! And while we’re at the subject of thanking people; here’s a huge “You da man!” to Mr. Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design for the new look of the very site you’re at right now. Without as much as a word about it it was just updated to my absolute delight. Cheers, buddy!

Last off, I’m definitely not going to be active on any social media platforms as explained in an earlier post a few months ago. I’ll just use it for important updates when needed coz I rather spend my time on creating music and enjoying everyday life in the real world.

Again, thank you all for the support and we’ll talk again eventually.

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