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Sunday bloody Sunday! $7000 reached!

First and foremost; we’re getting closer to the $10000 goal needed so we can complete our 13th album, which feels absolutely fantastic. A handful of people (6 of them to be exact) have taken us from $6376,81 (which was the last update) to the sum you see today (which is exactly $7009, 23). It’s mind blowing to see quite a bunch of you heroes donate AGAIN each and every month as your paycheck comes in. I can’t thank you enough, as always.

With some digital sales through Bandcamp and CD Baby, a few purchases of the digipak of our 2017 album “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, the sales of the anniversary shirt a few months ago together with you people’s input we are now at this point. Just about $3000 left and our 13th album will be a real thing!

Second; with this being the absolutely slowest Experiment yet, and by far with the fewest contributors, I’m not even sure this formula is working as one would wish anymore. After 20 years of existence we can’t even get more than slightly 200 people (last album had 211 backers if I’m not mistaken) to help us out funding the new album? I know that “likes” on Facebook is in no way (obviously) representative of pretty much anything. I mean, if everyone who actually liked our page donated 2 bucks we would have met the $10000 goal in an instant, dammit. But it doesn’t work like that. These are the times we’re in.

When/if we get to the goal this time I have no idea if I’m up for struggling with this again; printing merch to raise recording funds, nagging about everything going slowly donation wise etc etc… I might change my mind down the line, I might not.

What I will do, though, is create TPH. No matter if it’s music that will stay with me and me only in the future, I have to fucken do this. It’s in my blood. But these thoughts are irrelevant now (and still they had to be shared, haha) coz all that matters at this very moment is to be able to complete our planned next album. It HAS to be completed. It’s necessary.

What reaching this $7000 level means is that now we can continue to record everything as far as we possibly can, and I can pay everyone involved for their efforts and whatnot… What it also means is that we simply can’t finish it and release it without those last $3000. So all we do now is… wait. And see what happens. I might sit here with an almost complete 13th album, just waiting to be mixed and mastered, for a long ass time. Goddamn it.

There’s no bitterness here though. A little frustration, yeah, but no bitterness. Fuck bitterness. I can’t possibly be bitter when fucken close to 200 people have made it possible to raise enough money to be able to at least record the majority of this 13th album, even if it can’t be finalized just yet.

With all this said, I once again wanna hand out a huge “thank you” to all of you who have helped us get this far. Either by donating and/or by purchasing merch/cd’s or whatever. You are keeping the darkness intact.

That’s all. We’ll talk eventually as soon as something important needs to be shared. In the meantime we are all working our asses off with making this recording yet another display of sheer diabolical excellence.

Spread the word if you feel like it!

Be well, Haters.

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