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I salute you all!


I wanna hand out the hugest THANK YOU possible to all you heroes who made “Purgatory” come to life in 2020, you who bought the accompanying merchandise and digipak for said album, you who bought the latest beanie and you who purchased “Purgatory” or any other album of ours through Bandcamp or through me directly. I raise my beer in your honor from the outdoor bathtub where I’ll spend New Years Eve with my beloved wife. I hope you guys and gals are safe out there and I wish you all a happy new year.

Thank you for the support, Haters. It is invaluable to me. We’ll talk next year. Trust me, great things are coming.


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All ordered beanies were sent out a few weeks ago!

In case you missed out on this, make sure to always follow our social media accounts as those are more regularly updated with quick updates than this, our official site.

On Monday the 30th of November, all beanies were posted. Now it’s up to the postal service to get your stuff to you safe and sound. Keep in mind that with the Covid situation going about it might take longer than usual for your shit to arrive at your doorstep. Be patient. And no, I can’t send you any tracking number if you didn’t pay for registered mail, so don’t ask me about it. This was made crystal clear when the ordering information was put up initially, you know.

Again, thanx a fucken bunch to all of you who craved some new Hate wear. Much appreciated.

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