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They are coming!

The limited edition digipak version of “Abominations of the Ageless” is now being manufactured! This process started today and I should have them in my possession within a few weeks.

As soon as they are here, packing will start and then I’ll ship this masterpiece out to all of you who have pre-ordered. You’ll be updated when this goes down, as always.

In the unlikely event of it being sold out before they get here, I’ll make sure you know about that as well. But right now there are still quite a bunch of copies up for grabs.

If you want to own a physical piece of this album, you can click this link for ordering information.

There won’t be much to update you with in the meantime, so until packing starts… you all stay safe, ok?

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These digipaks are available right now, so never mind the “pre-ordering” parts in the post below. The digipaks are manufactured and ready to be sent out as soon as you order it.

Original post as follows:

Here we go!

”Abominations of the Ageless” is now coming full circle with this limited edition digipak version. Roughly 200 copies will be up for grabs and that’s it.

Due to prices for everything being increased globally, as well as printing such a small quantity, these ones will cost a little more than previous digipaks. It is what it is.

Price includes postage and packaging to anywhere in the world.

260 SEK per digipak through PayPal to

Please make sure you have your full name and address included in the payment (marked as “DIGI”). If PayPal won’t let you do that, send me a separate email with those details.

If your postal service is shady, I strongly recommend you pay for registered mail. In this case, contact me and I’ll look up the exact cost for that, coz it differs from country to country.

Also, I always confirm your order as soon as I see it. If you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours after ordering, please contact me, ok?

If you’re in Sweden and wanna pay thru Swish or whatever, shoot me an email and we’ll get it sorted.

Everything will be sent to the CD manufacturer this coming week, and I expect it’ll take some 3-4 weeks for the final product to end up at my house. I will of course keep you updated on the process, so stay tuned to our social media pages.

Remember, this is your only chance to get this album in physical form. Whenever they are sold out…

Yeah, you get it.

Huge thanx to all of you who make this happen.

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To you who bought the “Abominations” shirt!

I thank you so much and also want you to know that I appreciate that you have contacted me as your ordered items have arrived. Next up is digipaks for “Abominations of the Ageless”, so stay tuned for that!

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