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Reading the signs…

Step by step it’s revealing itself now… Don’t forget to enter the forums and follow the process of the signs…

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People ask us questions over Facebook…

And we suggest you stop doing that in case you actually want an answer from us. Why? Simply becoz we don’t really use Facebook. The updates we do here at the site automatically goes up there, but none of us are actually “working” with Facebook’s TPH account. If you wanna ask us something (like how to get t-shirts, how to donate and get the new album, etc…), just drop us an e-mail at or visit us at our forums where we are always around. If you wanna interact with any of the members of the band over that Facebook service -  Jörgen, Ruby and Tobben’s got it. K does not. We gladly interact with you Haters, so feel free to enter the forums and be a part of that instead of asking questions you’ll most-likely never get answers to on Facebook. Or just shoot us an e-mail, as mentioned.

Update about the recording of the new album will come as soon as there’s something new to report.

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The TPH Donation Experiment! And more…

We just wanna say “thank you so much” to the people who have donated already for the cause of recording our next album. We can’t begin to explain how much this means to us, that you guys seem to give a shit. As we have stated before, there’s quite some time left before it will actually be recorded, but we still wanna thank you guys who chipped in your hard-earned dollars towards this band. Maybe this thing will actually work out in the end… We’ll see. We also wanna inform you that of course the album will come with a complete booklet and a cover, etc, etc (as always courtesy of our beloved webmaster/graphics artist Statik Majik). Just becoz we won’t do any physical copies of it doesn’t mean we don’t think you guys deserve the whole experience apart from that. If you don’t know what this experiment is about – click this link, spread the word and show your support, if you feel like it. We will update the sum of the donations by every 200 dollars, so keep checking in to see what’s up. In the meantime, we thank you yet again.

And an update on the writing… Bass is now recorded for the fifth track. Next step are the orchestral parts before this one is wrapped up and we can move on to the next one. So, enough with the updates for today, now we go back to compose for what will be the finest piece of our career.

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Donations update!

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